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Pineywoods Native Plant Center

The mission of the Pineywoods Native Plant Center at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, is to promote the education, conservation and use of native plants of the Southern Forest. The Center maintains a protected 40-acre woodland (including the restored Tucker House) in the center of Nacogdoches as well the 119-acre Mill Wood Garden natural area six miles east of the University.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Prunus carolinianaCherry laurel
Carolina cherry laurel
Laurel cherry
Carolina laurel cherry
Prunus mexicanaMexican plum
Bigtree plum
Prunus serotinaBlack cherry
Rum cherry
Prunella vulgarisCommon selfheal
Pteridium aquilinumWestern bracken fern
Bracken fern
Western bracken
Quercus albaWhite oak
Northern white oak
Stave Oak
Ridge White Oak
Forked-leaf White Oak
Quercus falcataSouthern red oak
Spanish oak
Quercus marilandicaBlackjack oak
Barren oak
Black oak
Jack oak
Quercus michauxiiSwamp chestnut oak
Basket oak
Cow oak
Quercus nigraWater oak
Quercus phellosWillow oak
Quercus shumardiiShumard oak
Shumard's oak
Shumard red oak
Southern red oak
Quercus stellataPost oak
Rhus aromaticaFragrant sumac
Aromatic sumac
Lemon sumac
Polecat bush
Rhus glabraSmooth sumac
Ruellia humilisFringeleaf wild petunia
Hairy ruellia
Low wild Petunia
Low ruellia
Rubus trivialisDewberry
Southern dewberry
Rudbeckia trilobaBrowneyed Susan
Thin-leaved coneflower
Three-lobed Rudbeckia
Sassafras albidumSassafras
Sanguinaria canadensisBloodroot
Sanicula canadensisCanadian blacksnakeroot
Black Snakeroot
Sabal minorDwarf palmetto
Bush palmetto
Salix nigraBlack willow
Gulf black willow
Sida rhombifoliaCuban jute
Smilax bona-noxSaw greenbrier
Smilax laurifoliaLaurel greenbrier
Laurel greenbriar
Smilax rotundifoliaRoundleaf greenbrier
Solanum carolinenseCarolina horse-nettle
Carolina horsenettle
Taxodium distichumBald cypress
Common bald cypress
Southern bald cypress
Deciduous cypress
Taraxacum officinaleCommon dandelion
Tilia americanaAmerican basswood
American linden
Lime tree
Bee tree
Tridens flavusPurpletop tridens
Redtop tridens
Tall redtop tridens
Tall redtop
Tradescantia hirsutifloraHairyflower spiderwort
Triodanis perfoliataClasping Venus' looking-glass
Ulmus americanaAmerican elm
White elm
Ulmus crassifoliaCedar elm
Fall elm
Ulmus rubraSlippery elm
Red elm
Urtica chamaedryoidesHeartleaf nettle
Stinging nettle
Vaccinium arboreumFarkleberry
Tree sparkleberry
Valerianella radiataBeaked cornsalad
Woods corn-salad
Verbesina virginicaFrostweed
White crownbeard
Virginia crownbeard
Indian tobacco
Viola affinisSand violet
Pale early violet
Vicia carolinianaCarolina vetch
Vicia ludovicianaLouisiana vetch
Deer Pea Vetch
Vitis mustangensisMustang grape
Vitis rotundifoliaMuscadine
Scuppernong grape
Viburnum rufidulumRusty blackhaw viburnum
Rusty blackhaw
Southern blackhaw
Downy viburnum
Viola walteriWalter's violet
Prostrate blue violet
Woodsia obtusaBluntlobe cliff fern
Yucca louisianensisGulf Coast yucca
Zanthoxylum clava-herculisHercules' club
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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