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The Research Literature database was created and funded by the Florida Wildflower Foundation. Use the search features below to find scientific articles on native wildflowers that are commercially available or used in restoration projects.

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title & author journal Article Topic(s) Research Setting(s) plants referenced
Attractiveness of Michigan native plants to arthropod natural enemies and herbivores
A. K. Fiedler and D. A. Landis
Environmental EntomologyPathologyAgricultural, FieldAquilegia canadensis (Eastern red columbine)
Asclepias tuberosa (Butterflyweed)
Coreopsis lanceolata (Lanceleaf coreopsis)
Eupatorium perfoliatum (Common boneset)
Auxin application to stem cuttings of selected woody landscape plants by incorporation into a stabilized organic rooting substrate
E. K. Blythe, J. L. Sibley, K. M. Tilt, J. M. Ruters
Journal of Environmental HorticulturePlant growth regulator, PropagationGreenhouseIlex glabra (Inkberry)
Avian Seed Dispersal on Virginia Barrier Islands: Potential Influence on Vegetation Community Structure and Patch Dynamics
S. A. Shiflett and D. R. Young
American Midland NaturalistSeed collecting,GerminationForestCallicarpa americana (American beautyberry )
Avoidance mechanism in plants against automobile exhaust pollution
R. K. Sarkar
Indian Journal of Plant PhysiologyDisturbanceRoadMikania scandens (Climbing hempvine)
Awareness of and interest in native wildflowers among college students in plant-related disciplines: A case study from Florida
H. E. Perez, C. R. Adams, M. E. Kane, J. G. Norcini, G. Acomb and C. Larsen
Horttechnology Human UseNone specified ()
Axial Rotation of Erythrina herbacea Leaflets
T. J. Herbert
American Journal of BotanyLight,MorphologyForestErythrina herbacea (Coralbean)
Balansia pilulaeformis, an Epiphytic Species
K. Clay and I. C. Frentz
MycologiaFungiLaboratoryChasmanthium laxum (Slender woodoats)
Base temperatures for seedling growth and their correlation with chilling sensitivity for warm-season grasses
I. C. Madakadze, K. A. Stewart, R. M. Madakadze and D. L. Smith
Crop ScienceEstablishment methodsLaboratoryAndropogon gerardii (Big bluestem)
Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass)
Baseline floristic assessment and classification of pine barrens vernal ponds
J. T. Bried and G. J. Edinger
Journal of the Torrey Botanical SocietyFloristicsForest,WetlandCephalanthus occidentalis (Common buttonbush)
Beaver herbivory on aquatic plants
J. D. Parker, C. C. Caudill and M. E. Hay
OecologiaDisturbance, RestorationWetlandSaururus cernuus (Lizard's tail)
Bees substitute birds in pollination of ornitogamous climber Campsis radicans (L.) Seem. in Poland
I. Kolodziejska-Degorska and M. Zych
Acta Societatis Botanicorum PoloniaePollinationFieldCampsis radicans (Trumpet creeper)
Berlandin and subacaulin, two new guaianolides from Berlandiera subacaulis
W. Herz, S. V. Bhat and Srinivas.A
Journal of Organic ChemistryChemistryLaboratoryBerlandiera subacaulis (Florida greeneyes)
beta-galactosidase in immobilized cells of Amsonia tabernaemontana
J. Poor, V. Blanarikova and A. Klimecky
BiologiaSeed storageLaboratoryAmsonia tabernaemontana (Eastern bluestar)
Big bluestem and switchgrass establishment as influenced by seed priming
J. J. Beckman, L. E. Moser, K. Kubik and S. S. Waller
Agronomy JournalEstablishment methods, GerminationField, GreenhouseAndropogon gerardii (Big bluestem)
Biltmore Botanical Studies - A Journal of Botany Embracing Papers by the Director and Associates of the Biltmore Herbarium
Biltmore Herbarium
A Journal of Botany Issued at Irregular IntervalsGardenCrataegus ancisa (Mississippi hawthorn)
Crataegus contrita (Southern hawthorn)
Crataegus impar (Redclay hawthorn)
Crataegus inanis (Oldmaid hawthorn)
Crataegus limata (Warm springs hawthorn)
Crataegus penita (Great smoky mountain hawthorn)
Crataegus valida (Rockmart hawthorn)
Crataegus vulsa (Alabama hawthorn)
Biology and control of tall ironweed (Vernonia altissima)
Mann, Richard K.; Rosser, Steven W.; Witt, William W.
Weed Science ()
Biomass and seed yields of big bluestem, switchgrass, and intermediate wheatgrass in response to manure and harvest timing at two topographic positions
D. Lee, V. N. Owens, A. Boe and B. C. Koo
Global Change Biology BioenergyFertilizer,Seed increase,Seed collecting,NutrientsField,AgriculturalAndropogon gerardii (Big bluestem)
Biomass reallocation and the mobilization of leaf resources support dune plant growth after sand burial
M. E. Gilbert and B. S. Ripley
Physiologia PlantarumDisturbanceCoastalScaevola plumieri (Gullfeed)
Biometric Evidence of Natural Selection in Asclepias tuberosa
R. E. Woodson
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaMorphology, TaxonomyLaboratoryAsclepias tuberosa (Butterflyweed)
Biophysical and morphological leaf adaptations to drought and salinity in salt marsh grasses
B. R. Maricle, D. R. Cobos, C. S. Campbell
Environmental and Experimental BotanyMorphology, StressGreenhouse, WetlandSpartina bakeri (Sand cordgrass)
Biosolid residues as soilless media for growing wildflower sod
B. R. Roberts, H. F. Decker, K. J. Bagstad and K. A. Peterson
HorttechnologyEstablishment methods, Fertilizer, Nutrients, PropagationGreenhouseAchillea millefolium (Common yarrow)
Rudbeckia hirta (Black-eyed susan)
Schizachyrium scoparium (Little bluestem)
Biosystematics of Aletris Lutea Small, Aletris obovata Nash, and Natural Hybrids (Liliaceae)
V. I. Sullivan
BrittoniaGenetics, SystematicsUrban,RoadAletris lutea (Yellow colicroot)
Biosystematics of the Phacelia ranunculacea Complex (Hydrophyllaceae)
Matt Sewell
CastaneaPhacelia ranunculacea (Oceanblue phacelia)
Biparental Inbreeding Depression in the Self-Incompatible Annual Plant Gaillardia pulchella (Asteraceae)
J. S. Heywood
American Journal of BotanyPollination,Genetics,Seed increaseGreenhouseGaillardia pulchella (Indian blanket)
Biparental inbreeding depression in the self-incompatible annual plant Gaillardia pulchella (Asteraceae)
Heywood, J. S.
80 ()
Blackland tallgrass prairie vegetation dynamics following cessation of herbicide application
K. R. Hickman and J. D. Derner
Rangeland Ecology & ManagementHerbicide,Community level survey,Succession,RestorationTallgrass prairieGaillardia pulchella (Indian blanket)
Blending dry seeds clean
Scianna, J.D.
5 ()
Botrychium alaskense, a new moonwort from the interior of Alaska
Warren Herb Wagner, Jr. and Jason R. Grant
American Fern JournalBotrychium alaskense (Alaska moonwort)
Bottom-up and top-down effects on insect herbivores do not vary among sites of different salinity
M. T. Albarracin and P. Stiling
EcologyStress, WaterCoastal, WetlandBorrichia frutescens (Bushy seaside tansy)
Bottomland hardwood forest species responses to flooding regimes along an urbanization gradient
M. E. Simmons, X. B. Wu and S. G. Whisenant
Ecological EngineeringDisturbance,WaterNursery,UrbanCephalanthus occidentalis (Common buttonbush)
Breaking seed dormancy of Kalmia hirsuta with high temperatures
R. A. Jaynes
EcologyGermination, Seed storageLaboratoryKalmia hirsuta (Hairy mountainlaurel)
Breeding structure of a Yucca filamentosa (Agavaceae) population
L. K. Massey and J. L. Hamrick
EvolutionPollination,GeneticsLaboratoryYucca filamentosa (Adam's needle)
Breeding system and pollen limitation in two supergeneralist alien plants invading Mediterranean shrublands
I. Bartomeus and M. Vila
Australian Journal of BotanyInvasive species, PollinationFieldOpuntia stricta (Erect pricklypear)
Breeding Systems in Asclepias incarnata L., A. syriaca L., and A. verticillata L.
S. R. Kephart
American Journal of BotanyPollination,GeneticsGreenhouseAsclepias incarnata (Swamp milkweed)
Breeding systems of Ardisia Sw (Myrsinaceae)
J. B. Pascarella
BrittoniaGenetics, PollinationForest, UplandArdisia escallonioides (Island marlberry)
Bud growth and dormancy in Andropogon gerardii, Panicum virgatum and Eragrostis curvula
J. P. O'Connor
Dissertation Abstracts International, BPropagationLaboratoryAndropogon gerardii (Big bluestem)
Buffalo clovers in Kentucky (Trifolium stoloniferum and Trifolium reflexum) - Historical records, presettlement environment, rediscovery, endangered status, cultivation and chromosome number
J. J. N. Campbell, M. Evans, M. E. Medley and N. L. Taylor
RhodoraGenetics, Propagation, Rare plantsForest, Grassland, RoadTrifolium reflexum (Buffalo clover)
Bulk alginate encapsulation of Hibiscus moscheutos nodal segments
T. P. West and J. E. Preece
Plant Cell Tissue and Organ CulturePropagationLaboratoryHibiscus moscheutos (Crimson-eyed rose-mallow)
Bullying the bullies: The selective control of an exotic, invasive annual (Rapistrum rugosum) by oversowing with a competitive native species (Gaillardia pulchella)
M. T. Simmons
Restoration EcologyCompetition,Invasive species,Establishment methodsFieldGaillardia pulchella (Indian blanket)
Bullying the bullies: The selective control of an exotic, invasive annual (Rapistrum rugosum) by oversowing with a competitive native species (Gaillardia pulchella)
Simmons, M. T.
13 ()
Burning and grazing to promote persistence of warm-season grasses sown into a cool-season pasture
E. L. Bouressa, J. E. Doll, R. L. Cates, Jr. and R. D. Jackson
Ecological RestorationDisturbance,Establishment methods,RestorationPrairieAndropogon gerardii (Big bluestem)
Sorghastrum nutans (Indiangrass)
Burning influences on wiregrass (Aristida beyrichiana) restoration plantings: Natural seedling recruitment and survival
M. K. Mulligan and L. K. Kirkman
Restoration EcologyDisturbance,Establishment methods,RestorationLongleaf pineAristida beyrichiana (Beyrich threeawn)
Butterflyweed Re-Revisited - Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Leaf Shape Variation in Asclepias tuberosa
R. Wyatt and J. Antonovics
EvolutionEcotype, Genetics, MorphologyField, ForestAsclepias tuberosa (Butterflyweed)
C3 woody plant expansion in a C4 grassland: Are grasses and shrubs functionally distinct
J. K. McCarron and A. K. Knapp
American Journal of BotanyCompetition,WaterTallgrass prairie,SavannaPrunus americana (American plum)
Callus culture from hypocotyls of Kosteletzkya virginica (L) seedlings - Its growth, salt tolerance and response to abscisic acid
E. Hasson and A. PoljakoffMayber
Plant Cell Tissue and Organ CultureStress,Propagation,Plant growth regulatorLaboratoryKosteletzkya virginica (Virginia saltmarsh mallow)
Callus development and plant regeneration from different explants of six wild species of sunflower (Helianthus L.)
M. S. Punia and N. E. Bohorova
Plant SciencePropagation,Plant growth regulatorLaboratoryHelianthus debilis (Cucumberleaf sunflower)
Callus induction and plant regeneration from embryonic axes of Kosteletzkya virginica
C. J. Ruan, X. Zheng, J. A. T. da Silva and P. Qin
Scientia HorticulturaePropagation,Plant growth regulatorLaboratoryKosteletzkya virginica (Virginia saltmarsh mallow)
Calycanthus floridus (Calycanthaceae) - a Nomenclatural Note.
D. E. Boufford and S. A. Spongberg
Journal of the Arnold ArboretumTaxonomyLaboratoryCalycanthus floridus var. floridus (Eastern sweetshrub)
Can inconspicuous legumes facilitate alien grass invasions? Partridge peas and fountain grass in Hawai'i
D. A. Carino and C. C. Daehler
EcographyCompetition,Invasive species,Nutrients,WaterField,GreenhouseChamaecrista nictitans (Sensitive partridge pea)
Can solid matrix priming with GA(3) break seed dormancy in eastern gamagrass?
C. Rogis, L. R. Gibson, A. D. Knapp and R. Horton
Journal of Range ManagementGermination,Seed storage,Plant growth regulatorLaboratoryTripsacum dactyloides (Eastern gamagrass)
Captan treatment on rangegrass germinations
L. J. Prentice
Newsletter of the Association of Official Seed AnalystsFungi,Pathology,GerminationLaboratoryAndropogon gerardii (Big bluestem)
Schizachyrium scoparium (Little bluestem)
Capturing genetic variation during ecological restorations: An example from Kankakee Sands in Indiana
R. W. Dolan, D. L. Marr and A. Schnabel
Restoration EcologyGenetics,RestorationForestAsclepias incarnata (Swamp milkweed)
Carbohydrate storage in five resprouting Florida scrub plants across a fire chronosequence
J. M. Olano, E. S. Menges, E. Martinez
New PhytologistDisturbanceScrubLicania michauxii (Gopher-apple)
Palafoxia feayi (Feay's palafox)
Bruce A. Sorrie, Patrick D. McMillan, Brian van Eerden, Richard J. LeBlond, Philip E. Hyatt, Loran C. Anderson
Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of TexasCarex austrodeflexa (Canebrake sedge)
PhytoneuronCarex ×cayouettei (Cayouette's sedge)
Caryopsis Size and Germination of Andropogon gerardii Pedicellate and Sessile Spikelets
T. L. Springer
Seed Science and TechnologyGermination, Morphology, Seed collectingLaboratoryAndropogon gerardii (Big bluestem)
Cassowary dispersal of the invasive pond apple in a tropical rainforest: the contribution of subordinate dispersal modes in invasion
D. A. Westcott, M. Setter, M. G. Bradford, A. McKeown and S. Setter
Diversity and DistributionsGermination, Invasive speciesForest,WetlandAnnona glabra (Pond apple)
Castanea pumila (L) Mill - an Underused Native Nut Tree
J. A. Payne, G. Miller, G. P. Johnson and S. D. Senter
HortscienceHuman Use,Morphology,Taxonomy,EthnobotanyLaboratoryCastanea pumila (Allegheny chinquapin)
PhytoneuronCastilleja kerryana (Kerry's indian paintbrush)
Cell shape and cell volume relations in the pith of Eupatorium perfoliatum L
J. W. Marvin
American Journal of BotanyMorphologyLaboratoryEupatorium perfoliatum (Common boneset)
Cell-suspension culture of Amsonia-tabernaemontana Walter - Growth, organogenesis and alkaloid production
M. Furmanowa and L. Rapczewska
Acta Societatis Botanicorum PoloniaePropagation,ChemistryLaboratoryAmsonia tabernaemontana (Eastern bluestar)
Centennial Beans: A Miscellany of American Fabales
Barneby, Rupert C.
BrittoniaAstragalus,Fabaceae,floristics,legumes,systematics,Arizona Astragalus cremnophylax var. hevronii (Hevron's milkvetch)
Cercospora omphakodes infection and disease development in Phlox divaricata
R. W. Judd, J. L. Peterson
PhytopathologyPathologyLaboratoryPhlox divaricata (Wild blue phlox)
Chalazal regulation of seed coat imposed dormancy in Sida species
S. Seal, K. Gupta
Journal of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant SciencesGermination, Seed storageLaboratorySida rhombifolia (Cuban jute)
Challenges associated with micropropagation of Zephyranthes and Hippesatrum sp (Amaryllidaceae)
R. H. Smith, J. Burrows and K. Kurten
In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-PlantGermination, PropagationLaboratory ()
Changes in community composition and biomass in Juncus roemerianus scheele and Spartina bakeri Merr. marshes one year after a fire
P. A. Schmalzer, C. R. Hinkle, J. L. Mailander.
WetlandsCommunity level survey, DisturbanceWetlandSpartina bakeri (Sand cordgrass)
Changes in hardwood forest understory plant communities in response to European earthworm invasions
C. M. Hale, L. E. Frelich and P. B. Reich
EcologyInvasive species,DisturbanceForestArisaema triphyllum (Jack in the pulpit)
Changes in understory vegetation and soil characteristics following silvicultural activities in a southeastern mixed pine forest
J. K. Archer, D. L. Miller and G. W. Tanner
Journal of the Torrey Botanical SocietyCommunity level survey, Floristics, Disturbance, Invasive species, Nutrients, SuccessionForest, Savanna, Upland,PineAndropogon ternarius (Splitbeard bluestem)
Andropogon virginicus (Broomsedge)
Pityopsis graminifolia (Narrowleaf silkgrass)
Changing sugar partitioning in FBPase-manipulated plants
A. J. Serrato, J. D. Barajas-Lopez, A. Chueca and M. Sahrawy
Journal of Experimental BotanyChemistryLaboratoryFlaveria linearis (Narrowleaf yellowtops)
Chapter 901:5-27 Testing of Seed: Flower seed minimum germination standards
Characterization of 12 polymorphic microsatellite markers for Georgia false indigo (Amorpha georgiana Wilbur var. georgiana), an endangered species, and their utility in other dwarf Amorpha L. species
S. C. K. Straub, S. M. Bogdanowicz and J. J. Doyle
Molecular Ecology ResourcesConservation assessment, Genetics, Rare plantsLaboratoryAmorpha herbacea (Clusterspike false indigo)
Characterization of leaf surface, wax composition, and control of redvine and trumpetcreeper with glyphosate
D. Chachalis, K. N. Reddy and C. D. Elmore
Weed ScienceHerbicideGreenhouse,LaboratoryCampsis radicans (Trumpet creeper)
Characterization of physiological and morphological variability in buffalo clover germplasm
K. H. Quesenberry, J. M. Mullaney, A. R. Blount, R. S. Kalmbacher and J. G. Norcini
Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida ProceedingsEcotype, Morphology, Phenology, ProvenanceField, GreenhouseTrifolium reflexum (Buffalo clover)
Characterization of Rhizobium from root nodules of leguminous trees growing in alkaline soils
S. Surange, A. G. Wollum, N. Kumar and C. S. Nautiyal
Canadian Journal of MicrobiologyNutrients, StressForest,SavannaVachellia farnesiana (Huisache)
Characterization of wild plum (Ximenia americana L. var. americana; Olacaceae) fruit growing at Tepexi de Rodriguez, Puebla, Mexico
V. H. F. Mora, O. Franco-Mora, J. A. Lopez-Sandoval, D. D. Perez-Lopez and A. Balbuena-Melgarejo
Genetic Resources and Crop EvolutionChemistry,Ethnobotany,Human UseLaboratory,LandscapeXimenia americana (Tallow wood)
Characterizing the interaction between the bogus yucca moth and yuccas: do bogus yucca moths impact yucca reproductive success?
D. M. Althoff, K. A. Segraves and J. P. Sparks
OecologiaDisturbance, PollinationScrubYucca filamentosa (Adam's needle)
Chemical analyses of seeds II: oil and protein content of 759 species
Jones, Quentin; Earle, F. R.
20 ()
Chemical analyses of seeds III: oil and protein content of 1253 Species
Barclay, A. S.; Earle, F. R.
Economic Botany ()
Chemical analyses of seeds III: oil and protein content of 1253 Species
Barclay, A. S.; Earle, F. R.
Economic Botany ()
Chemical control of wild Allium species
W. S. Hardcastle
Agronomy JournalHerbicideFieldAllium canadense (Meadow garlic)
Chemical height control of containerized seashore mallow
K. R. Hilgers, C. Haynes and W. R. Graves
HorttechnologyPlant growth regulator,PropagationGreenhouseKosteletzkya virginica (Virginia saltmarsh mallow)
Chemical inhibition of fire-prone grasses by fire-sensitive shrub,Conradina canescens
G. B. Williamson, N. H. Fischer, D. R. Richardson and A. Delapena
Journal of Chemical EcologyAllelopathy, Chemistry, GerminationLaboratory, Scrub, SandhillConradina canescens (False rosemary)
Chionanthus (Oleaceae), a new host genus for the powdery mildew Phyllactinia fraxini (Erysiphaceae)
M. Piatek
Nova HedwigiaFungi,PathologyGardenChionanthus virginicus (White fringetree)
Chloroplast DNA Haplotype Variation within and among Populations of Coreopsis grandiflora (Asteraceae)
R. J. Masongamer, K. E. Holsinger and R. K. Jansen
Molecular Biology and EvolutionGeneticsLaboratoryCoreopsis grandiflora (Largeflower tickseed)
Chromosome differences between some species of the genera Sophora L. and Styphnolobium Schott
G. Palomino, P. Martinez, C. Bernal and M. Sousa
Annals of the Missouri Botanical GardenGenetics,TaxonomyLaboratorySophora tomentosa var. truncata (Yellow necklacepod)
Chromosome numbers in the compositae. I. Meiotic chromosome counts for 25 species of Texas Compositae including 6 new generic reports
B. L. Turner, W. L. Ellison
Texas Journal of ScienceGeneticsLaboratoryEupatorium rotundifolium (Roundleaf thoroughwort)
Chromosome Races of Gaillardia pulchella (Asteraceae)
W. Stoutamire
BrittoniaEcotype, Genetics, MorphologyLaboratoryGaillardia pulchella (Indian blanket)
Circumnutation behavior of an exotic honeysuckle vine and its native congener: Influence on clonal mobility
K. C. Larson
American Journal of BotanyInvasive species,MorphologyGardenLonicera sempervirens (Coral honeysuckle)
Clinal variation associated with edaphic ecotones in hybrid populations of Gaillardia pulchella
J. S. Heywood
EvolutionEcotype,Genetics,NutrientsLaboratory,RoadGaillardia pulchella (Indian blanket)
Clonal Biology of the Temperate, Caespitose, Graminoid Schizachyrium scoparium - a Synthesis with Reference to Climate Change
J. M. Welker and D. D. Briske
OikosClimate change, MorphologyFieldSchizachyrium scoparium (Little bluestem)
Clonal Structure of Wild Populations and Origins of Horticultural Stocks of Illicium parviflorum (Illiciaceae)
D. L. Newell and A. B. Morris
American Journal of BotanyGenetics,Ecotype,Provenance,Seed collectingLaboratoryIllicium parviflorum (Yellow anisetree)
Coastal prairie plant growers' handbook
Gonzalez, J.; Allain, L; Solomon, T; Hannha, F
Coexistence of mutualists and antagonists: exploring the impact of cheaters on the yucca - yucca moth mutualism
D. L. Marr, M. T. Brock and O. Pellmyr
OecologiaDisturbance, PollinationCedar GladesYucca filamentosa (Adam's needle)
Cold hardiness of floral buds of deciduous azaleas: Dehardening, rehardening, and endodormancy in late winter
S. R. Kalberer, R. Arora, N. Leyva-Estrada and S. L. Krebs
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural SciencePhenologyLaboratoryRhododendron canescens (Mountain azalea)
Cold Hardiness of Various Provenances of Flame, Roseshell, and Swamp Azaleas
N. E. Pellett, N. Rowan and J. Aleong
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural ScienceProvenance,Climate changeLaboratoryRhododendron viscosum (Swamp azalea)
Collection Records and First Adult Host Record for Phydanis bicolor Horn (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae: Alticini), An Uncommonly Encountered Texas Flea Beetle
Riley, Edward G., and Quinn, Michael A.
Coleopterists BulletinDisturbance,MorphologyDyschoriste linearis (Snake herb)
Collections Towards a Flora of the Territory of Arkansas
Nuttall, Thomas
Transactions of the American Philosophical SocietyPhacelia glabra (Smooth phacelia)
Colonization of old fields by trees vs. shrubs: seed dispersal and seedling establishment
S. Gardescu and P. L. Marks
Journal of the Torrey Botanical SocietyEstablishment methods,CompetitionOld fieldViburnum dentatum (Southern arrowwood)
Combining Ability for Canopy Growth and Gas-Exchange of Interspecific Blueberries under Moderate Water Deficit
W. A. Erb, A. D. Draper and H. J. Swartz
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural ScienceStress,WaterGreenhouseVaccinium darrowii (Darrow's blueberry)
Combining Ability for Seedling Root Systems Size and Shoot Vigor in Interspecific Blueberry Progenies
W. A. Erb, A. D. Draper and H. J. Swartz
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural ScienceStress,WaterGreenhouseVaccinium corymbosum (Highbush blueberry)
Vaccinium darrowii (Darrow's blueberry)
title & author journal Article Topic(s) Research Setting(s) plants referenced

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