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The Research Literature database was created and funded by the Florida Wildflower Foundation. Use the search features below to find scientific articles on native wildflowers that are commercially available or used in restoration projects.

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title & author journal Article Topic(s) Research Setting(s) plants referenced
Analysis of arsenic uptake by plant species selected for growth in northwest Ohio by inductively coupled plasma - Optical emission spectroscopy
J. R. Rofkar, D. F. Dwyer and J. M. Frantz
Communications in Soil Science and Plant AnalysisRestorationBrownfield, GreenhouseCoreopsis lanceolata (Lanceleaf coreopsis)
Helenium autumnale (Common sneezeweed)
Analysis of Longleaf Pine Sandhill Vegetation in Northwest Florida
H. LeRoy Rodgers and Louis Provencher
CastaneaCommunity level survey, Disturbance, Floristics, SuccessionLongleaf pine, SandhillAgeratina aromatica (Lesser snakeroot)
Aristida beyrichiana (Beyrich threeawn)
Panicum virgatum (Switchgrass)
Schizachyrium scoparium (Little bluestem)
Analysis of the population dynamics of Acacia trees in the Negev desert, Israel with a spatially-explicit computer simulation model
K. Wiegand, F. Jeltsch and D. Ward
Ecological ModellingConservation assessment, Germination, Population viability analysisLaboratoryVachellia farnesiana (Huisache)
Analysis of the spatial genetic structure of Passiflora incarnata in recently disturbed sites
R. T. Tague and S. A. Fore
Canadian Journal of Botany-Revue Canadienne De BotaniqueDisturbance, GeneticsForestPassiflora incarnata (Maypop)
Anatomical changes in Rudbeckia hirta L during transition to flowering
R. L. Harkess and R. E. Lyons
Journal of the American Society for Horticultural ScienceLight, PhenologyGreenhouse, LaboratoryRudbeckia hirta (Black-eyed susan)
Anatomical structures of the VA mycorrhiza in the Apocynaceae (Gentianales)
H. C. Weber, A. Klahr and M. MarronHeimbuch
Botanica ActaMycorrhizaeAmsonia tabernaemontana (Eastern bluestar)
Andromonoecy and Variation in Phenotypic Gender of Passiflora incarnata (Passifloraceae)
P. G. May and E. E. Spears
American Journal of BotanyPollination,Seed increase,Seed collectingFieldPassiflora incarnata (Maypop)
Angular leaf spot disease of Saururus caused by Phaeoramularia saururi comb. nov
P. W. Crous, N. E. El-Gholl, S. E. Walker and T. S. Schubert
MycotaxonFungi, PathologyLaboratory, WetlandSaururus cernuus (Lizard's tail)
Homer D. House
New York State Museum Bulletin ()
Annual cycles of Frankliniella spp. (Thysanoptera : Thripidae) thrips abundance on North Florida uncultivated reproductive hosts: Predicting possible sources of pest outbreaks
T. D. Northfield, D. R. Paini, J. E. Funderburk and S. R. Reitz
Annals of the Entomological Society of AmericaPathologyAgricultural, FieldSolidago canadensis (Canada goldenrod)
Annual species abundance in a tidal freshwater marsh: Germination and survival across an elevational gradient
K. N. Hopfensperger and K. A. M. Engelhardt
WetlandsEstablishment methods,Water,Seed storage,Succession,GerminationWetland,CoastalBidens laevis (Smooth beggartick)
Another Nothospecies in the Appalachian Asplenium Complex
Warren H. Wagner, Jr. and Florence S. Wagner
American Fern JournalAsplenium ×morganii (Morgan's spleenwort)
Antagonistic interactions between competition and insect herbivory on plant growth
J. J. Haag, M. D. Coupe and J. F. Cahill
Journal of EcologyCompetition, Disturbance, HerbicideFieldCoreopsis tinctoria (Plains coreopsis)
Anthocyanins present in selected tropical fruits: Acerola, jambolao, jussara, and guajiru
E. S. De Brito, M. C. P. De Araujo, R. E. Alves, C. Carkeet, B. A. Clevidence and J. A. Novotny
Journal of Agricultural and Food ChemistryChemistryLaboratoryChrysobalanus icaco (Icaco coco plum)
Anthracnose of Florida beggarweed (Desmodium tortuosum) caused by Colletotrichum truncatum
J. Cardina, R. H. Littrell and R. T. Hanlin
Weed SciencePathologyGreenhouse,LaboratoryDesmodium tortuosum (Dixie ticktrefoil)
Antibacterial Constituents from the Roots of Erythrina herbacea against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
H. Tanaka, M. Sudo, T. Kawamura, M. Sato, R. Yamaguchi, T. Fukai, E. Sakai and N. Tanaka
Planta MedicaHuman Use, Medicinal chemistryLaboratoryErythrina herbacea (Coralbean)
Antimycobacterial activity of chemically defined natural substances from the Caribbean flora in Guadeloupe
N. Rastogi, J. Abaul, K. S. Goh, A. Devallois, E. Philogene and P. Bourgeois
Fems Immunology and Medical MicrobiologyMedicinal chemistryLaboratoryAmyris elemifera (Sea torchwood)
Antimycobacterial natural products: synthesis and preliminary biological evaluation of the oxazole-containing alkaloid texaline
A. C. Giddens, H. I. M. Boshoff, S. G. Franzblau, C. E. Barry and B. R. Copp
Tetrahedron LettersMedicinal chemistryLaboratoryAmyris elemifera (Sea torchwood)
Antioxidant Activities of Fractions Obtained from Flowers of Coreopsis tinctoria Nutt
J. H. Woo, H. S. Jeong, Y. D. Chang, S. L. Shin and C. H. Lee
Korean Journal of Horticultural Science & TechnologyHuman Use, Medicinal chemistryLaboratoryCoreopsis tinctoria (Plains coreopsis)
Antioxidant activity of lignans from fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus L.)
I. Gulcin, R. Elias, A. Gepdiremen and L. Boyer
European Food Research and TechnologyHuman Use,Medicinal chemistryLaboratoryChionanthus virginicus (White fringetree)
Antioxidant secoiridoids from fringe tree (Chionanthus virginicus L.)
I. Gulcin, R. Elias, A. Gepdiremen, K. Taoubi and E. Koksal
Wood Science and TechnologyHuman Use,Medicinal chemistryLaboratoryChionanthus virginicus (White fringetree)
Antitumor agents I: Angustibalin, a new cytotoxic sesquiterpene lactone from Balduina angustifolia (Pursh.) Robins
K. H. Lee, D. C. Anuforo, E. S. Huang and Piantado.C
Journal of Pharmaceutical SciencesMedicinal chemistryLaboratoryBalduina angustifolia (Coastal plain honeycombhead)
Ants, Extrafloral Nectaries and Herbivory on the Passion Vine, Passiflora incarnata
D. K. McLain
American Midland NaturalistDisturbance,Seed increase,Seed collectingOld fieldPassiflora incarnata (Maypop)
Aphid Infestation of Decorative Perennials
B. Wilkaniec and H. Piekarska-Boniecka
Acta Scientiarum Polonorum-Hortorum CultusDisturbance, PathologyGreenhouseYucca filamentosa (Adam's needle)
Appearance of first generation larvae of the sunflower moth, Homoeosoma electellum (Hulst)(Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), in the central United States
V. H. Beregovoy
Journal of the Kansas Entomological SocietyDisturbance, WildlifeAgricultural, FieldCoreopsis linifolia (Texas tickseed)
Coreopsis tinctoria (Plains coreopsis)
Arbuscular mycorrhizae in a tropical sand dune ecosystem on the Gulf of Mexico .2. Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the growth of species distributed in different early successional stages
L. Corkidi and E. Rincon
MycorrhizaMycorrhizaeLaboratoryIpomoea pes-caprae (Railroad vine)
Arbuscular mycorrhizae in sand dune plants of the north Atlantic Coast of the US: Field and greenhouse inoculation and presence of mycorrhizae in planting stock
J. N. Gemma, R. E. Koske
Journal of Environmental ManagementEstablishment methods, MycorrhizaeGreenhouse, CoastalSolidago sempervirens (Seaside goldenrod)
Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi promote growth and phosphorus uptake in Zamia, a native Florida cycad
J. B. Fisher, K. Jayachandran
Florida ScientistMycorrhizae, NutrientsForest, Longleaf pine, Pine, Pine rocklandZamia pumila (Coontie)
Arbuscular mycorrhizas in coastal sand dunes of the Paraguana Peninsula, Venezuela
C. Alarcon and G. Cuenca
MycorrhizaMycorrhizaeLaboratoryScaevola plumieri (Gullfeed)
Arceuthobium abietinum Subspecies Wiensii , a New Subspecies of Fir Dwarf Mistletoe (Viscaceae) from Northern California and Southern Oregon
Mathiasen, Robert L and Daugherty, Carolyn M.
Madroņo; a West American journal of botanyArceuthobium abietinum ssp. wiensii (Fir dwarf mistletoe)
Are competitive effect and response two sides of the same coin, or fundamentally different?
P. Wang, T. Stieglitz, D. W. Zhou and J. F. Cahill
Functional EcologyCompetition, NutrientsGreenhouseAchillea millefolium (Common yarrow)
Are rare species less shade tolerant than common species in fire-prone environments? A test with seven Amorpha (Fabaceae) species
R. M. Marchin, R. K. Bhandari, W. A. Wall, M. G. Hohmann, J. B. Gray and W. A. Hoffmann
Plant EcologyConservation assessment, Propagation, Rare plants, Restoration, LightForest, Greenhouse, PrairieAmorpha fruticosa (Indigo bush)
Amorpha herbacea (Clusterspike false indigo)
Are roads and railroads barriers to bumblebee movement in a temperate suburban conservation area?
M. Bhattacharya, R. B. Primack and J. Gerwein
Biological ConservationDisturbance, PollinationFieldCephalanthus occidentalis (Common buttonbush)
Aristolochia tomentosa Sims established at two western Massachusetts sites
C. J. Burk
RhodoraPhenology,Rare plantsForestAristolochia tomentosa (Woolly dutchman's pipe)
Arrowleaf sida (Sida rhombifolia) and prickly sida (Sida spinosa): germination and emergence
C. A. Smith, D. R. Shaw, L. J. Newsom
Weed ResearchGermination, LightGreenhouse, LaboratorySida rhombifolia (Cuban jute)
Asclepiadaceae Milkweed Family
Eric Sundell
Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science, Vascular Plants of Arizona: Part 2Asclepias, MilkweedAsclepias elata (Nodding milkweed)
Ascorbate: A biomarker of herbicide stress in wetland plants
T. F. Lytle and J. S. Lytle
Phytoremediation of Soil and Water ContaminantsHerbicide,RestorationWetland,GreenhouseHibiscus moscheutos (Crimson-eyed rose-mallow)
Aspects of the Germination Ecology and Biomass Production of Eastern Gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides L.)
R. C. Anderson
Botanical GazetteGermination, Seed collectingAgricultural, LaboratoryTripsacum dactyloides (Eastern gamagrass)
Assessing genetic diversity in a sugarcane germplasm collection using an automated AFLP analysis
P. Besse, G. Taylor, B. Carroll, N. Berding, D. Burner, C. L. Mcintyre
GeneticaGeneticsLaboratorySaccharum giganteum (Sugarcane plumegrass)
Assessing pollen-mediated gene flow from Coreopsis tinctoria to Coreopsis leavenworthii using morphological markers
S. Smith, Z. A. Deng, D. G. Clark and J. G. Norcini
HortscienceGenetics, Morphology, PollinationFieldCoreopsis leavenworthii (Leavenworth's tickseed)
Assessing viability of prevariety germplasm of native Coreopsis species
J. G. Norcini and J. H. Aldrich
HortscienceGermination, Seed storageLaboratoryCoreopsis basalis (Goldenmane tickseed)
Coreopsis lanceolata (Lanceleaf coreopsis)
Assessment of a natural wetland for use in wastewater remediation
H. W. Jeng and Y. J. Hong
Environmental Monitoring and AssessmentDisturbance,Stress,WaterWetlandIva frutescens (Jesuit's bark)
Assessment of genetic diversity among and within Achillea species using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP)
M. Rahimmalek, B. E. S. Tabatabaei, A. Arzani and N. Etemadi
Biochemical Systematics and EcologyGenetics, Provenance, Seed source, Ecotype, Taxonomy, SystematicsLaboratoryAchillea millefolium (Common yarrow)
Assessment of heat-expanded slate and fertility requirements in green roof substrates
D. B. Rowe, M. A. Monterusso and C. L. Rugh
HorttechnologyEstablishment methods, FertilizerUrbanMonarda punctata (Spotted beebalm)
Solidago speciosa (Showy goldenrod)
Assimilation of Cd and Cu by the Carnivorous Plant Sarracenia leucophylla Raf. fed Contaminated Prey
C. Moody and I. D. Green
Environmental Science & TechnologyStressLaboratorySarracenia leucophylla (Crimson pitcherplant)
Association of Alleles with Chromosomal Complexes in the Permanent Translocation Heterozygote, Oenothera laciniata
N. C. Ellstrand and D. A. Levin
HeredityGeneticsLaboratoryOenothera laciniata (Cutleaf evening-primrose)
Associations between allozyme frequencies and soil characteristics in Gaillardia pulchella (Compositae)
J. S. Heywood and D. A. Levin
EvolutionEcotype,Genetics,NutrientsFieldGaillardia pulchella (Indian blanket)
Howard C. Stutz, Mildred R. Stutz and Stewart C. Sanderson
Madroņo; a West American journal of botanyAtriplex robusta (Robust saltbush)
Attaining inter-subgeneric hybrids in fragrant azalea breeding and the inheritance of organelle DNA
N. Kobayashi, D. Mizuta, A. Nakatsuka and M. Akabane
EuphyticaGeneticsLaboratoryRhododendron viscosum (Swamp azalea)
Attempts to move the blooming period of three species of summer-blooming bee forage into the fall nectar dearth period through cutting
A. Wells and G. S. Ayers
American Bee JournalDisturbance, PhenologyNurseryAsclepias incarnata (Swamp milkweed)
title & author journal Article Topic(s) Research Setting(s) plants referenced

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2,212 Results:   10  25 50 100 per page