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Horticultural Heroes - Saving native plants from the bulldozer
Diversity in Nature - Cultivating an Instagrammable garden
The Draw of Nature - How the act of creating fosters community
Nature Heals Grief - A mother finds peace and solace in nature
A small bee pollinates the center of a sunflower, a large mountain looming in the distance. Buzzworthy - Bigger isn’t always better — especially if you’re a bee trying to survive climate change
A group of women wearing helmets and harnesses are scaling trees in a thicket. Don’t Look Down - Women arborists are scaling new heights
A linocut print of the firewheel flower that includes its scientific name. What’s in a Name? - On blankets, firewheels and "Indians"
A collage of two images celebrating Black Botanists week, with each person holding up a native plant specimen. Reflections and Reclamation - Black Botanists Week recognizes a long legacy — and embraces a growing future
A close-up of a tree cross section in grayscale clearly shows tree rings and some cracks and wear. Reading the Rings - What dendrochronology can tell us about sunspots, jet streams, pirates and gardening
In a pair of black-and-white photos, two mature Black women stand in their yards; the woman on the left has a natural broom and wears mostly white, including a hat; the woman on the right wears a dotted dress and stands in front of a wall of containers. The Influencers - Acknowledging the impact of Black women on American horticulture
A man stands in blue jeans and white T-shirt on a bridge over a creek in a wooded area. There is a small sign with a Blue Index logo on the bridge rail to his right. To Witness Water - How self-care could impact urban design and water conservation
Detailed illustration of single bloom and stem of a common sunflower (Helianthus annuus) in black and white Planted - The challenge of finding one’s place and growing in it
A photographic collage of redbud leaves on rice paper, light streaming through the transparent leaves. Field Guided - Native plants and the local landscape in Texas art
A graphite illustration of a leaf in the center of a ripple in a pond. Still Life - Drawing nature to soothe the inflamed mind
A woman mid-sentence explains a concept to a viewer past the camera, the background of trees behind her is slightly blurry. Science Spotlight: Dr. Suzanne Simard - Unearthing the wood wide web
Two researchers crouch in a field of wildflowers, inspecting the native plants close to their feet. Crowdsourcing Conservation - How one determined botanist is teaming up and heading out
An illustration of a green envelope is centered in the image, with the words "Love Letters" featured on the front in a sweeping script. In the background, there is a faint gray pattern of plant branches. Love Letters - A group of conservation biologists is spreading the plant love
Large tree trunks invite climbing and sitting and can also provide places of refuge. Grounds for Play - Nature play lets parents chill and kids lead
A black-and-white image of two donkeys pulling a cart. A woman in a long dress and a sunhat stands behind them. With Botany and Two Burros - An intrepid, early botanist still inspires today
Sebastian Casarez PHOTO Sandra Casarez The Go-Getters - This clutch of inspirational young people is acting with the future in mind
Native plants flourish to the delight of humans and pollinators at Fort Hood. PHOTO Jackelyn Ferrer-Perez Fort Hood’s Native Plant Brigade - A tale of people (and pollinators) connecting over plants
Children learning about nature at the Prairie Project (before the author’s time). PHOTOS courtesy of Native American Seed In the Doing of It - What we can learn from the love and loss of a landscape
Grand Canyon Sketch ILLUSTRATION Joe Feliciano Nature Redux - It’s never too late to become a Junior Ranger
Anna Sabochick PHOTO Sarah Lim In the Flesh - Meet eight people who've made a lifelong commitment to native plants
Benito Treviño proudly shows off a star cactus (Astrophytum asterias), one of the endangered species he’s propagated at Rancho Lomitas Native Plant Nursery. Survival Guide - Rancho Lomitas’ Benito Treviño gives new meaning to living off the land
coming home jarman Coming Home - One man learns to see nature for the first time, again
Leporid illustration by Beatrix Potter Bluebells and Bunnies - A beloved artist and author shared her favorite native plants with the world
Natural Disaster Illustration Nash Natural Disaster - Sometimes it’s the little things (we dislike) that bring us together
López with his daughters in the Cathedral Oaks portion of our Texas Arboretum. Photo: Joanna Wojtkowiak Nature Speaks Universally - Being in tune with nature makes the human experience complete
What’s the Buzz - An assistant professor reflects on a life's work inspired by pollinators and plants
Jesse Griffiths. Photo: Jodi Horton Edible Kingdom - Hyper-local food is Chef Jesse Griffiths' jam.
Lady Bird Johnson at Padre Island National Seashore. Photo by Robert Knudsen, courtesy of the LBJ Library Be Like Lady Bird - Mrs. Johnson was an inspiring woman. Learn how you can be more like her.
Nanette Whitten. Photo: Jo Ann Santangelo Native Texan Puts Down More Roots - Nanette Whitten and her (literal) grass roots movement.
Lady Bird Johnson stands in a field of wildflowers alongside a Texas state highway. The first lady inspired the Highway Beautification Act of 1965, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this October. Doing so set in motion a number of roadside-related initiatives that endure to this day. Photo by Unknown/Wildflower Center Archives Acts of Beauty - Mrs. Johnson is widely remembered as the environmental first lady for good reason.
<?php the_title(); ?> What’s in a Name? - Uncover the fearless explorers behind many of our favorite native plants.
<?php the_title(); ?> Baubles and Botanicals - Botanical jewelry showcases the beauty of native plants in a new way.
<?php the_title(); ?> Natural Wonder - Centennial celebrations honor Lady Bird.
<?php the_title(); ?> Stamp of Approval - A new postal stamp honors Lady Bird Johnson.
<?php the_title(); ?> The Lady Bird We Knew … - Remembering Mrs. Johnson on the one-hundredth anniversary of her birth.
<?php the_title(); ?> People Power - Tangible results and a sense of community drive volunteer work.
Lady Bird Johnson and Helen Hayes A Word About Our Co-Founder - It is easy for people to assume that Lady Bird was the only founder of the Wildflower Center. Not true.
<?php the_title(); ?> Portrait of a Lady - All her life, Mrs. Johnson brought beauty to her sprawling family, to the Texas Hill Country she loved and to the nation that loved her.
<?php the_title(); ?> Environmental First Lady - Lady Bird Johnson's sense of place came from being close to the land as a child, and its impact never left her.
<?php the_title(); ?> Q&A: Gary Smith - Gary Smith likes to share success stories that help him espouse the virtues of designing with native plants. Among them is a story of how a mass planting of Rhododendron austrinums at an Eastern U.S. garden profoundly impacted one visitor.
<?php the_title(); ?> Q&A: Carol Franklin - Since 1975, Philadelphia-based landscape architecture firm Andropogon Associates has been a pioneer in the area of ecological planning and design.


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