General Photography Guidelines

  • Please be courteous and polite to the general public and visitors. Do not block paths or restrict access to the grounds. No public area may be closed to visitor access during a photo shoot.
  • Stay on the paths. Please do not leave the path or public areas to step into the gardens. Fire ants, poison ivy and snakes are probable in this natural environment.
  • With the exception of service animals, no dogs or pets are allowed in the Center.
  • No smoking (including e-cigarettes) or tobacco use is permitted on the grounds at any time.
  • Use utmost care and caution around all landscaping.
  • Digging or planting of any plant material on the grounds is strictly prohibited. Absolutely no cutting of any plant material is permitted.
  • Plant tags or signs are not to be moved or removed for any reason.
  • Under no circumstances will nudity be permitted on the grounds of the Center. You and your guests must be properly attired at all times while on site.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the grounds and if observed will result in immediate cancellation of the shoot without refund of fees.
  • Props or equipment belonging to the Wildflower Center may not be used in photo shoots.
  • NOTE about DRONES: The use of drones on Wildflower Center property is prohibited by The University of Texas at Austin without explicit permission. Read more about the policy here.


Formal Photography

From senior portraits and family photos to bridal or engagement photos, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is a naturally beautiful location for your next photo session.

Register and Apply With the Wildflower Center

  • All professional/commercial/wedding photographers wishing to shoot at the Wildflower Center are required to register through the event coordinator.
  • Wedding clients of the Center receive a complimentary 2-hour photo session which must be scheduled in advance to ensure there is not a conflict in reservation time.
  • All applications and fees must be filed, paid for and approved before the photo shoot may be scheduled.

Photography Fees

  • Photographers may pay a $500 annual location fee for a full year of seasonal backdrop beauty or $100 per day. Admission to the gardens for photographer and session participants is included in the fees.
  • The fee for catalog, television and movie shoots as well as most forms of commercial photography will be negotiated through the event coordinator in collaboration with the Wildflower Center Communications Department.
  • Photographers working with a Wildflower Center wedding client are exempt from the fees as long as their work is limited to wedding activities.
  • No fees are assessed to official media photographers.

Getting Started

Both a signed photography agreement and photo session application must be completed and submitted to the event coordinator to confirm a reservation.


Media Wishing to Cover the Wildflower Center

Please contact the Communications Department to obtain assistance before conducting interviews or creating audiovisual content on-site related to the Center. We can help you obtain access and select an ideal location. We can also provide hi-res images of the Center and its activities for use by the news media. Please contact for further information.


Looking for photos of native plants?

If your print or digital publication is in need of photos of native plants, landscapes or the Wildflower Center, visit our Image Gallery for rates and to obtain permission.


TV, Film & Video

The Center can accommodate videos and photography for TV programs, student films, educational documentaries and the like. All such requests are handled by The University of Texas at Austin’s filming office and adhere to the university’s pricing and insurance requirements. To make a request and learn more, see The University of Texas at Austin’s Filming Guidelines.

Note: Photos and videos of the Wildflower Center (which is part of The University of Texas at Austin), cannot be used for commercial purposes, including for advertisements, stock video and merchandise promotion.