The Wildflower Center takes a multipronged approach to conserve native plants. Through partnerships, information sharing, seed collection and banking, rare plant monitoring and research, botanical expertise, and citizen science, we have become a recognized leader in plant conservation in the state of Texas.

Our conservation staff works with partners and stakeholders to address the most pressing plant conservation needs in Texas. These needs include:

  • Rare plant and invasive species monitoring and research
  • Collecting and banking seeds for conservation and restoration
  • Comprehensive documentation and mapping of the state’s flora
  • Dissemination of information
  • Developing a network of citizen scientists to monitor invasive species and rare plants
  • Educating landowners and the public about the importance of conserving Texas’ natural heritage and biodiversity.

The Wildflower Center is a cornerstone of plant conservation activities in Texas.

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Parks and Resuscitation

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2016 Texas Plant Conservation Conference

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Minnette Marr

Minnette Marr

Plant Conservationist