Be Like Lady Bird

by | Jul 20, 2016 | People

Lady Bird Johnson at Padre Island National Seashore. Photo by Robert Knudsen, courtesy of the LBJ Library

Lady Bird Johnson at Padre Island National Seashore. PHOTO Robert Knudsen/LBJ Library


MRS. JOHNSON WAS AN INSPIRING WOMAN. Take a look at our list of Lady Bird attributes and think about how you can be more like Lady Bird.

Be bold: Know what’s important to you and speak it, live it, share it. Set your fears aside. Be you and be proud. Take action.

Be compassionate: Listen to those around you. Practice empathy. Be selfless.

Be visionary: Imagine a better world. What can you do to realize that vision?

Be adventurous: Take a trip someplace you’ve always wanted to go. Try learning a new skill. Take a chance. Explore. Believe in yourself and go out on a limb!

Be generous: Contribute to an organization you believe in. Generosity takes many forms, including giving time and effort as a volunteer and/or contributing in the form of a donation. Mrs. Johnson said you can make a difference by giving “just one iota.”

Be an environmentalist: Believe in the power of healthy landscapes to transform lives. Plant a native flower or tree in your yard or window box; pick up the next piece of trash you see; take a walk, look around and appreciate the landscape you inhabit.

Learn more about Mrs. Johnson here and use the hashtag #BeLikeLadyBird to show your Lady Bird spirit on InstagramTwitter and Facebook! Need inspiration? Check these out.