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Our Best Buds - A quick guide to our favorite flowers-in-training
Perks for Pollinators - Some plants go above and beyond to reward pollination
Garden Giving Grows Here - Plants and seeds are a natural fit for barter economies
Cultivating Community - A village for those overcoming homelessness has gardens at its heart
Go Big Red - Fans rally to conserve a rare sage
Not Cutting It - Why No Mow May isn't enough to change Texas lawn culture
Horticultural Heroes - Saving native plants from the bulldozer
Diversity in Nature - Cultivating an Instagrammable garden
The Draw of Nature - How the act of creating fosters community
Nature Heals Grief - A mother finds peace and solace in nature
A Place and a Promise - Reflections on our past, present and future
Two biologists survey a newly discovered cave 60 feet underground. The Underworld of Aquatic Arteries - The crucial life and livelihood of what lies beneath
A small bee pollinates the center of a sunflower, a large mountain looming in the distance. Buzzworthy - Bigger isn’t always better — especially if you’re a bee trying to survive climate change
A native plant with small leaves potted in a golden planter and hung on a stone wall. Beauty on the Balcony - Apartment dwellers can plant Texas natives, too
A group of women wearing helmets and harnesses are scaling trees in a thicket. Don’t Look Down - Women arborists are scaling new heights
An extreme close-up of the firewheel flower. Plant Picks – Blankets of Color - A roundup of some of our favorite blanketflower blooms
A linocut print of the firewheel flower that includes its scientific name. What’s in a Name? - On blankets, firewheels and "Indians"
Snow-on-the-prairie and a paper wasp; because it's a UVIVF image, the centers of the flowers stand out in blue against a plant that looks purple, and clumps of pollen shine bright white. A Different Light - Seeing wildflowers in a new way — thanks to pollinators and inventive photographers
Big white bluestem prickly poppy blooms above purple blooms of prairie verbena along a concrete path. Grounded - On being in place and acknowledging what came before
The white seed of a stiff goldenrod hangs delicately from a spent flower which is also white and fluffy with brown parts in the center. Travel Agents - How seeds drop, fly, ride and float their way to new soils
A collage of two images celebrating Black Botanists week, with each person holding up a native plant specimen. Reflections and Reclamation - Black Botanists Week recognizes a long legacy — and embraces a growing future
Illustration of compound leaves and round yellow flowers goldenball lead tree (Leucaena retusa) Legume Room - A quick guide to some easy-to-confuse members of the pea family
Two young children with dark curly hair peaking between two boards of a treehouse. In the Canopies - Treehouses facilitate play, creativity and connection to nature
A very large, but dead, huisache tree is lt up by the setting sun. It is in the Wildflower Center's courtyard next to the Little House and a pergola. Centered: Fall/Winter 2021 - The latest on our gardens and our work
A cross-section of a sunflower seedling sprouting up from the dirt. The tiny roots reach further into the soil. The Life Below - The unseen and very important work of plant roots
A round cactus pad is crowned with magenta fruit along the top edge. Pull It or Plant It: Prickly Pear - A lively debate about Texas' state plant
Maximilian sunflower, Helianthus maximiliani For the Love of Sunflowers - The many reasons sunflowers are a native garden must-have
A close-up of a tree cross section in grayscale clearly shows tree rings and some cracks and wear. Reading the Rings - What dendrochronology can tell us about sunspots, jet streams, pirates and gardening
In a pair of black-and-white photos, two mature Black women stand in their yards; the woman on the left has a natural broom and wears mostly white, including a hat; the woman on the right wears a dotted dress and stands in front of a wall of containers. The Influencers - Acknowledging the impact of Black women on American horticulture
A man stands in blue jeans and white T-shirt on a bridge over a creek in a wooded area. There is a small sign with a Blue Index logo on the bridge rail to his right. To Witness Water - How self-care could impact urban design and water conservation
Four common owls in Texas, from left to right: barred (white with black eyes), burrowing (short with white eyebrows and yellow eyes), great horned (the largest, prominent ear tufts and yellow eyes), and eastern screech (smallest, light gray, yellow eyes). Owls About Texas - A quick guide to some common Texas owls
A solitary deer gazing out toward the rising sun in a field of Texas bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis). An Urban Getaway - Discovering the unexpected joy of wandering in lockdown
A close-up of a single bluebonnet on a white background. Old Brides’ Tales - Debunking a popular myth about our state flower
A close-up purple passionflower bloom with lots of intricate, long spindly internal flower parts and green leaves around the base. Pull It or Plant It: Passionflower - A spirited (internal) debate about passionflowers
Four stock tanks in a planned garden, the largest has water and yellow waterlilies in it; the others are filled with green plants. Tanks-giving - Stock tank water gardens are oases for wildlife — and you!
Drooping saxifrage (Saxifraga cernua), a small flowering plant with white flowers, reddish stems, and low green foliage, blooms in front of an out-of-focus rocky background. Alpine Inspiration - A love letter to a small native plant that thrives in high, icy places
Four staff members stand at an iron structure in a field; the structure has a raised floor lined with binders, showing all the data collected in the area. Centered: Spring/Summer 2021 - The latest on our gardens and our work
A black-capped vireo (Vireo atricapilla) in a cedar elm (Ulmus crassifolia) tree along the Mission Reach. A Natural Calling - Native plants in mosaic habitats bring birds to the Mission Reach
Illustration of a woman watering items made from natural rubber (gloves, erasers, boots, balloons) growing in rows like crops Plant Some Rubber - An unassuming native shrub could change the future
Lace hedgehog cacti (Echinocereus reichenbachii) thriving in a rock outcropping Born to Rock - Lithophilic plants don’t need no stinking soil, and don’t call them cute either
Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater surrounded by plants and trees Falling Water, Thriving Plants - A famous Frank Lloyd Wright site embraces native landscapes
Sweat bee on flowering partridge pea. The Bees’ Needs - Creating habitat for native bees is as easy as one, two, three
Illustration of pawpaw (Asimina triloba) and a fly Bloom, Set, Match - What draws certain pollinators to particular plants
Antelope-horns milkweed Burns Into Boons - The phoenixlike adaptations of native plants
Detailed illustration of single bloom and stem of a common sunflower (Helianthus annuus) in black and white Planted - The challenge of finding one’s place and growing in it
Green seed heads of inland sea oats, against a blurred green background. Pull It or Plant It: Inland Sea Oats - A lively debate about inland sea oats
Pink sunset and clouds reflected in a stock tank pond in the Wildflower Center's Theme Gardens. Centered: Fall/Winter 2020 - Center news that's close to home
Green roof on a building on South First Street in Austin. Off-Center: Fall/Winter 2020 - News from outside the garden gate
A photographic collage of redbud leaves on rice paper, light streaming through the transparent leaves. Field Guided - Native plants and the local landscape in Texas art
Horsemint (Monarda citriodora) blooms at Hatton Spring Prairie, another name for Houston resident Jaime González’s front yard; he posts interpretive signage and encourages neighbors to learn about the area’s historic land use. Living Space - Native habitat gardens provide for birds, pollinators and people
A graphite illustration of a leaf in the center of a ripple in a pond. Still Life - Drawing nature to soothe the inflamed mind
Smiling man standing behind an array of plants in white pots and a red watering can. Plant and Parcel - Get growing with a versatile, portable container garden
A large agave plant in the foreground is covered in dew. There are more agave plants behind it as well. Pull It or Plant It: American Century Plant - A lively debate about American century plant
A close-up of the pitcher sage plant in a roadside prairie. A blurry highway can be seen in the background. Pet Prairies - Searching for native prairie remnants could be your new favorite pastime
Two tall skyscrapers emerge from a canopy of trees, silhouetted against a cloudy blue sky. A city full of smaller buildings stretches out behind them. A Sensory Journey - The joy of a green urban oasis and the invitation to explore
A woman mid-sentence explains a concept to a viewer past the camera, the background of trees behind her is slightly blurry. Science Spotlight: Dr. Suzanne Simard - Unearthing the wood wide web
This still from the film “Fantastic Fungi” shows an embellished underground view of branching mycelium threads, known as hyphae. IMAGE Courtesy of “Fantastic Fungi” Magic Mushrooms - Exploring a beautiful, million-years-long relationship
A group of workers and researchers gather under a wooden trail structure that has been contructed in the middle of a prairie trail. Centered: Spring/Summer 2020 - Center news that's close to home
Jessica Stockholder's “Save on Select Landscape & Outdoor Lighting: Song to Mind Uncouples,” an art installation on a walking path. Off-Center: Spring/Summer 2020 - News from outside the garden gate
An illustration of the gulf coast toad as viewed from the side, covered in brown spots and brighter stripes along its back. Familiar Frogs and a Quotidian Toad - Meet four common members of the order Anura
The peyote plant in bloom in a conservation study site. Higher Ground - Texas is home to a treasured, psychotropic native plant
A painted lady butterfly lands on a bloom in a crowded field of maximilian sunflowers (Helianthus maximiliani). Sunflower Squad Goals - Teamwork among Helianthus species gives hope for the future
An illustration of a woman approaching a compass rose that is surrounded by larger-than-life native Texas plants. By Land and Leaf - Wayfinding the old-fashioned way
Two researchers crouch in a field of wildflowers, inspecting the native plants close to their feet. Crowdsourcing Conservation - How one determined botanist is teaming up and heading out
A collage of pink bluebonnet, yellow paintbrush, and white Texas mountain laurel. Blooms of a Different Hue - When nature gets novel, we pay attention
A mass of crickets lines the ceiling of a dark cave in Central Texas. The Cricket Connection - Native plants and crickets are essential to healthy cave ecosystems
The view looking up from the base of the General Sherman tree, a giant sequoia in California. Giants Among Us - The magnitude and peace of a big, big tree
A bunch of common sunflowers crop up in the middle of a housing development construction site. Developmental Danger - Dissecting the "urban" in disturbance
An aerial view of a frostweed plant blossoming. Pull It or Plant It: Frostweed - A friendly (but opinionated!) debate about frostweed
An unsuspecting ant roves the back of a plains sunflower (Helianthus petiolaris) while a crab spider lurks just beyond the petals. Here There Be Dangers - How flowers set the table for certain creatures
An illustration of a green envelope is centered in the image, with the words "Love Letters" featured on the front in a sweeping script. In the background, there is a faint gray pattern of plant branches. Love Letters - A group of conservation biologists is spreading the plant love
Large tree trunks invite climbing and sitting and can also provide places of refuge. Grounds for Play - Nature play lets parents chill and kids lead
An illustration by artist Hallie Rose Taylor of a New Mexican arroyo at dawn. Walking Nearby Waters - Restoring watersheds and, in the process, people
A close-up of four Mexican hat wildflowers, with varying amounts of the seedhead intact. The background is extremely blurred behind them. You Only Bloom Once … Or Twice … Or More - The lives and times of annual and perennial plants
A black-and-white image of two donkeys pulling a cart. A woman in a long dress and a sunhat stands behind them. With Botany and Two Burros - An intrepid, early botanist still inspires today
Two women stand in a patch of land while collecting plant specimens in Blanco, Texas. New Plant on the Block - The saga of an uncommon morning-glory
A close-up of the greenbriar plant, featuring a mottled green leaf along a vine with thorns. Pull It or Plant It: Greenbriar - A friendly (but opinionated!) debate about greenbriar
A woman takes a photo of the Black Lace elderberry at the High Line in New York City. Walking the Rails - Connecting over plants and photography on the High Line
An illustration of the eastern spotted whiptail lizard sitting in the sand, facing sideways. Lounging Lizards - A quick guide to three common Central Texas lizards
An illustration of the poison ivy plant, with one red leaf highlighted against the rest of the green leaves. Poison Ivy … or Not? - A hands-off poison ivy primer
Mistletoe, Phoradendron leucarpum PHOTO Robert L. Stone Plant a Kiss - Fun facts and historical lore about mistletoe
Sebastian Casarez PHOTO Sandra Casarez The Go-Getters - This clutch of inspirational young people is acting with the future in mind
ILLUSTRATION Samantha N. Peters Natural Partners - Texas native plants and their animal compadres
ILLUSTRATION Lisa Spangler Fetching Foliage - The science behind autumnal beauty
Moments after embarkation, Jimmie dips a paddle into the Brazos. PHOTO Amy McCullough Naked and Nameless - A trip down the Brazos River under some good advice
A person kneels in the garden and tends a small green plant Taming the Wild - The why and how of cutting back perennial plants
Native plants flourish to the delight of humans and pollinators at Fort Hood. PHOTO Jackelyn Ferrer-Perez Fort Hood’s Native Plant Brigade - A tale of people (and pollinators) connecting over plants
Children learning about nature at the Prairie Project (before the author’s time). PHOTOS courtesy of Native American Seed In the Doing of It - What we can learn from the love and loss of a landscape
Mustang grape PHOTO Joseph Marcus Pull It or Plant It: Mustang Grape - A hilarious debate about mustang grape
Hellstrip PHOTO Pam Penick Heavenly Hellstrips - Liven up urban verges with tough-as-nails native plants
Simple illustrations of four types of native grasses, each with different heights against a white background. Stay Grassy - A quick guide to four common native grasses
The sun still shines on Buffalo Bayou Park in downtown Houston. Home, Regrown - The plant side of Houston's Hurricane Harvey story
Cenizo (Leucophyllum frutescens) brightens the uplands at Lake Amistad. PHOTO Jack G. Johnson/National Park Service Botanizing on the Banks - Spring fieldwork along the Texas border
Horsemint, Monarda citiodora PHOTO Wildflower Center Hello, My Name Is Monarda - Get to know five species of this noteworthy native plant
Grand Canyon Sketch ILLUSTRATION Joe Feliciano Nature Redux - It’s never too late to become a Junior Ranger
Horseherb, Calyptocarpus vialis PHOTO Melody Lytle Pull It or Plant It: Horseherb - A friendly (but opinionated) debate about horseherb
Fruits-drupe-featured Collene Sweeney Befuddling Fruits - Drupes, achenes, nuts and follicles — what the heck’s the difference?
Comal Headwaters RENDERING Lake|Flato Architects Open Swim - Endangered species of the Comal get a habitat makeover
McAllen Mayor Jim Darling plants lantana with a young girl. PHOTO Quinta Mazatlan A String of Pearls - Little pieces of urban monarch habitat add up to a lot
Under the Same Moon - Finding home in landscape
Anna Sabochick PHOTO Sarah Lim In the Flesh - Meet eight people who've made a lifelong commitment to native plants
An unlikely “ship” sits among waves of land in the not-so-salty Guadalupe Mountains. PHOTO Michelle Bright Adrift on a Desert Sea - A trip to Texas’ Guadalupe Mountains takes us back — and forward — in time
Mexican free-tailed bats in flight near Braken Cave. PHOTO Adam Barbe A Cave Called Home - Bats belong in Texas Hill Country
Benito Treviño proudly shows off a star cactus (Astrophytum asterias), one of the endangered species he’s propagated at Rancho Lomitas Native Plant Nursery. Survival Guide - Rancho Lomitas’ Benito Treviño gives new meaning to living off the land
The University of Texas at El Paso is just one of many Tree Campuses in Texas, where university tree canopies are used as opportunities for education and public service. PHOTO Adam Barbe Living Proof - Trees on university campuses across Texas offer oases for people and wildlife
Hackberry PHOTO islavicek Shutterstock Pull It or Plant It: Hackberry - A friendly (but opinionated) debate about hackberries
This home in Austin limited its lawn space in favor of native plants such as silver ponyfoot (Dichondra argentea) and Salvia sp. PHOTO and design Native Edge Landscape Sway Your HOA - Follow this advice and increase sustainability in your own neighborhood
Only a hawkmoth’s lengthy proboscis can reach the nectar jimsonweed has to offer. PHOTO Kiley Riffell Photography/Henry Art Gallery Business Is Blooming - All about nectar — nature's sweetest sales pitch
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) on horsetail (Equisetum hyemale) Dragons and Damsels - A handy guide to telling these lacy-winged fliers apart
Central Texans have long had their sights set on cedar. PHOTO Elizabeth McGreevy Public Enemy - Get to know cedar (Ashe juniper) as more than something to loathe
Sunrising on the Texas Arboretum Trail, PHOTO Bruce Leander Get Centered - The Wildflower Center has plenty of options to start your new year off right
Winter Snow 2017_Bruce Leander Under a Winter Spell - Winter came and went just in time for the opening night of Luminations
Oak acorns Querc-y Characters - A quick guide to four common Central Texas oaks
Cows at the Dixon Water Foundation take a break from landscape restoration to mug for the camera. PHOTO Sarah Wilson America’s Next Top Model - The future of native grasslands — and water — depends on emulating the past
Ocelot at night The Dispossessed - For ocelots in Texas, native shrubland is the stuff dreams are made of
coming home jarman Coming Home - One man learns to see nature for the first time, again
Fasciated black-eyed Susan, Rudebeckia hirta, by Jon Merz Beautiful Mutants - Fasciation is a beautiful and oft-coveted genetic abnormality
A lone pinyon pine (Pinus sp.) stands at the edge of an escarpment in the Sierra Diablo Wildlife Management Area, part of the Chihuahuan Desert ecoregion. PHOTO Laurence Parent Natural Accents - Texas ecoregions speak in terms of amazing diversity
Leporid illustration by Beatrix Potter Bluebells and Bunnies - A beloved artist and author shared her favorite native plants with the world
Prickly pear paddles with spines on them and bright pink tunas (fruits) are cut out against a white background. Don’t Fear the Reaping - Prickly pears’ versatile spoils are worth the effort
Macheros Mexico A Vast Domain - A sacred butterfly connects land and people across a border
Royal Blue Grocery parklet Plant Priority - Parklets provide unexpected space for native plants in cities
Monarch vs queen Monarch vs. Queen - A few tips for discerning between the look-alike caterpillars and adults of monarchs and queens
American basketflower Time for a Close-up - Looking closer at nature reaps great rewards
John Hart Asher at Mission Reach, San Antonio Novel Ideas - Center Environmental Designer John Hart Asher weighs in on Emma Marris’ “Rambunctious Garden”
Virginia saltmarsh mallow Mad About Mallows - We’re head over heels (or blossoms over roots) for mallows
Natural Disaster Illustration Nash Natural Disaster - Sometimes it’s the little things (we dislike) that bring us together
Violet Crown Trail Connect the Plots - The 30-mile Violet Crown Trail will lead to the Wildflower Center and beyond
Frostweed The Frost Below - With nicknames inspired by the comestible to the architectural, one thing is sure: Frostweed fascinates
American beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) American Beauty - This purple-berried shrub is really popular. Here’s why.
Prairie flameleaf sumac Just the Thicket - Suckering shrubs may be the best garden friend you didn't know you had
Bare branches make bold silhouettes against milky winter skies. Photo: Wildflower Center. Wild Winterland - Winter is one of the most subtly beautiful times to visit the Wildflower Center
rooster tail brooms Deep Sweep - Native plants still play an important part in American broom making
Devil's claw Find Your Roots (and Eat Them!) - Delve into the place-making power of edible native plants.
López with his daughters in the Cathedral Oaks portion of our Texas Arboretum. Photo: Joanna Wojtkowiak Nature Speaks Universally - Being in tune with nature makes the human experience complete
Witchery in the Garden Witchery in the Garden - Explore the cultural connections between botany and sorcery
Texas Prickly Pear (Opuntia engelmannii var. lindheimeri) Illustration: Samantha N. Peters Texas’ Flagship Flora - Join us in celebrating the plants that spell T-E-X-A-S in stems, blooms, fruit, paddles and spines!
Author David Todd (left) and cartographer Jonathan Ogren (right). Photo: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon A Labor of Landscapes - An author and cartographer mash maps and stories to create a unique Texas conservation history
What’s the Buzz - An assistant professor reflects on a life's work inspired by pollinators and plants
Sowing the seeds of love? Maybe, maybe not. “Native” seed packets don’t always live up to their labels. Illustrations: Caitlin B. Alexander Meet Your Seeds - Consumer awareness extends to the gardening aisle
Monarch butterfly on shrubby boneset, , Nymphalidae danaus plexippus, by Val Bugh It Takes a Landscape - Fall nectar plants could save monarchs
Nebraska prairie Wildflower Uprising - Prairie managers (and natural processes) help root for the underdog
dell medical green roof The Green Goes Up - From a living wall to green roofs aplenty, urban flora in and around Austin is getting high
American wisteria on pergola Making the Shade - Vines add romance to a garden and are practical workhorses too.
Jesse Griffiths. Photo: Jodi Horton Edible Kingdom - Hyper-local food is Chef Jesse Griffiths' jam.
American basket-flower (Centaurea americana). Photo: Steven Schwartzman Fried and Joy - Don't let botanical browns get you down; there's a lot to celebrate in the late-summer garden.
Sonoran Desert saguaro Some Like It Hot - Desert plants find ingenious ways to adapt to their harsh environment.
Participants from the Wildflower Center and the National Park Service paddle to Lake Bayou in Big Thicket National Preserve in search of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and giant and common salvinia (Salvinia spp.) — all invasive species. Photo: Hans Landel Parks and Resuscitation - The battle against invasive plant species goes mobile and high-tech.
Lady Bird Johnson at Padre Island National Seashore. Photo by Robert Knudsen, courtesy of the LBJ Library Be Like Lady Bird - Mrs. Johnson was an inspiring woman. Learn how you can be more like her.
Boys at Watering Hole Helping Plants Handle Summer Heat - Watering wisely helps greenery handle high temperatures.
ducklings Wildflower Center Makes Way for Ducklings - Watch nine black-bellied whistling ducklings on an adorable journey.
Goldsmith Hall green wall Walls Alive! UT Austin’s First Living Wall - The University of Texas at Austin debuts its first "living wall."
A restored stream runs through the Bluestem Park prairie among native grasses, trees and wildflowers. Photo: Joanna Wojtkowiak. The Proof Is in the Prairie - Developers design with the environment in mind.
Restoration Trail by Michelle Bertelsen On the Restoration Research Trail - Discover how prescribed fire and mowing affect Wildflower Center landscapes.
The trail meadow in all its glory. On the Woodland Trail - The Woodland Trail offers variety and beauty, a sense of awe and a sense of peace.
John Barr Trail Day On the John Barr Trail - Explore how seeds are naturally spread in their environment.
The Savanna Meadow Trail. Photo: Amy McCullough On the Savanna Meadow Trail - A bit of trail-inspired poetry for National Trails Day.
On the Arboretum Trail - Getting outside on a trail is like medicine. It’s not a luxury; it’s a requirement.
Dwarf lake iris (Iris lacustris). Photo: Doug Sherman. Flowers to the People - A roundup of state wildflowers in honor of National Wildflower Week.
Bigtooth maple (Acer grandidentatum). Photo: Lee Page. A Life in Trees - In honor of Earth Day, an autobiographical ode to trees.
Life after bluebonnets Life After Bluebonnets - If you need a little help getting over bluebonnets, look no further.
Woman photographing roadside from the car. Honey Stop the Car: Wildflower Drives In Texas - Hit the road for wildflower shows
The terrain at Badlands National Park, where bison and other wildlife enjoy thousands of acres of mixed-grass prairie. Photo: Jonathan Garner Bettering Badlands - Helping to create a landscape master plan at Badlands National Park.
An allee of American hornbeams (Carpinus caroliniana) makes for a strikingly minimalist formal landscape in this Pittsburgh, PA garden designed by Jonathan Dreher. The gravel yard is a rainwater collection and storage system. Photo: Karen Bussolini Thinking Outside the Box(wood) - Well-chosen natives shine in formal designs too.
Spring coralroot orchid Coralroot Blooms in the Courtyard - Spring coralroot doesn’t have big showy blooms like its orchid relatives, but this fascinating plant is still worth a look.
Nanette Whitten. Photo: Jo Ann Santangelo Native Texan Puts Down More Roots - Nanette Whitten and her (literal) grass roots movement.
Ball Moss Having A Ball - William Niendorff sees a big future for ball moss.
Pennsylvania sedge (Carex pensylvanica) fills in cracks between rocks in a dry New York garden. Photo: Karen Bussolini Versatile Sedges - Adaptable sedges are a natural fit in sustainable landscapes.
Pedestrians will be able to get up close and personal with the restored Waller Creek ecosystem. Rendering of Palm Park by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates Waller Creek Rising - An urban creek in Austin preps for a facelift.
Where the San Antonio River was once a drainage ditch, paddlers can now enjoy a restored river and riparian ecosystem in the urban core of San Antonio, the nation’s 7th largest city. Photo: SARA Mission Possible - An update on San Antonio's Mission Reach restoration project.
Gaines green roof skygarden sun rise Installing a Sky Garden - A sky garden grows atop a bathing pavilion in John Gaines Park.
In the designed urban ecosystem at the George W. Presidential Center in Dallas, a bridge flanked by native plants extends over a bioswale that funnels rainwater into a cistern used for irrigation. Photo: John W. Clark Can Cities Save Nature? - Explore the opportunities and challenges of urban environmental design.
Taste of Place: Chile Pequin-Citrus Turkey - Native plants add zest to a tried-and-true holiday bird.
Fresh cranberries, cinnamon and orange zest about to meet a Texas native: prickly pear. Photo: Amy McCullough Taste of Place: Prickly Pear Cranberry Sauce - A holiday classic gets reinvented by way of native cactus.
Pecans with pizazz! Photo: Lee Clippard Taste of Place: Spiced Pecans - Texas' state tree provides an edible bounty that goes beyond pie.
Cornbread batter gets the native treatment. Photo: Danielle Pieranunzi Taste of Place: Wild Onion and Chile Pequin Cornbread - Native chilies and wild onions make for a spicy, savory cornbread.
Party on a cutting board: prickly pear syrup and your standard margarita components. Photo: Amy McCullough Taste of Place: Prickly Pear Margaritas - Brilliant pink prickly pear syrup adds color and tang to the well-known margarita.
A ripe Texas persimmon. Photo: Sally and Andy Wasowski Taste of Place: Persimmon Dessert Bars - Persimmons add an earthy twist to more familiar dessert recipes.
Chile pequin peppers are ripe and reading for the picking when they’ve turned red, like most of these. Photo: Sally and Andy Wasowski Taste of Place: Chile Pequin Vinegar - Chile pequin vinegar adds tangy spice and a touch of Texas to meals.
Eat me. (I dare you.) Photo: K. Angel Horne Taste of Place: Vegan Wild Onion and Tuber Stew(s) - We boldly went where very few chefs have gone before ... to the table with winecup tubers.
A male American goldfinch feeding atop a coneflower in the genus Echinacea. Foraging wild birds benefit the most from access to native plants. Photo by: Chad Horwedel Skip the Bird Feeder - Studies show that birds prefer native plants over bird feeders.
Arborist Andrew McNeil-Marshall collects acorns on a recent trip to West Texas to collect oak species for the Texas Arboretum. Photo by: Lacey Collins Sowing Oaks - Wildflower Center experts collect acorns to plant in the Texas Arboretum
Milkweed and monarch Wild About Monarchs - Center supports migrating butterflies by growing and sharing milkweed.
Lady Bird Johnson stands in a field of wildflowers alongside a Texas state highway. The first lady inspired the Highway Beautification Act of 1965, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this October. Doing so set in motion a number of roadside-related initiatives that endure to this day. Photo by Unknown/Wildflower Center Archives Acts of Beauty - Mrs. Johnson is widely remembered as the environmental first lady for good reason.
Wildflower Center ecologist Michelle Bertelsen (foreground) harvests seeds with volunteers. Photo by John Hart Asher Seeds of Change - Center volunteers and ecologists conserve seeds for a Central Austin development.
Lady Bird Johnson stands in a field of wildflowers alongside a Texas state highway. The first lady inspired the Highway Beautification Act of 1965, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this October. Doing so set in motion a number of roadside-related initiatives that endure to this day. Photo by Unknown/Wildflower Center Archives Texas Roadsides Deserve Better - A Wildflower Center director urges us to respect and reinforce “Lady Bird’s Bill."
<?php the_title(); ?> The Scenic Route - Roadsides provide critical habitat for pollinators.
Close up of a common sunflower (Helianthus annuus) with bottom petals cropped out of the shot Sunny Days - Sunflowers light up landscapes and provide for wildlife
<?php the_title(); ?> How Succulent! - Succulents are naturals in the native dry garden.
<?php the_title(); ?> Striking the First Blow - Plant experts help remove a toxic invasive.
<?php the_title(); ?> Growing Dry - Dry gardens can be surprisingly lush. Learn how.
<?php the_title(); ?> Six Powerhouse Native Grasses - Don't overlook our beautiful and ecologically important North American native grasses.
Pickled devil's claw Taste of Place: Pickling Devil’s Claw - Embrace the taste of summer in Central Texas; get into a pickle with devil's claw.
<?php the_title(); ?> Join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge - Are you up to the challenge?
Center ecologists restored beauty to an area that is now Bluestem park at alliance town Center in Fort Worth. Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia hirta), purple horsemint (Monarda citriodora), Maximilian sunflower (Helianthus maximiliani) and standing cypress (Ipomopsis rubra) put on a show there this spring. Photo: John Hart Asher Forging a Prairie Alliance - A new prairie park in Fort Worth demonstrates the power of native plants and teamwork.
<?php the_title(); ?> Flower Power - Silphiums are hardy plants of the prairie and gardens.
<?php the_title(); ?> Getting the Wildflower Show on the Road - Collene Sweeney and the Texas license plate she illustrated in support of wildflowers.
<?php the_title(); ?> 10 Wildflowers That Wow - Ten wildflowers that wow in celebration of National Wildflower Week.
<?php the_title(); ?> Dining With the Enemy - If you can't beat invasive species, eat 'em.
pocket prairie john hart asher Make a Pocket Prairie - Tips on how to make a small prairie in your garden.


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