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Two biologists survey a newly discovered cave 60 feet underground. The Underworld of Aquatic Arteries - The crucial life and livelihood of what lies beneath
A small bee pollinates the center of a sunflower, a large mountain looming in the distance. Buzzworthy - Bigger isn’t always better — especially if you’re a bee trying to survive climate change
A man stands in blue jeans and white T-shirt on a bridge over a creek in a wooded area. There is a small sign with a Blue Index logo on the bridge rail to his right. To Witness Water - How self-care could impact urban design and water conservation
A close-up of the pitcher sage plant in a roadside prairie. A blurry highway can be seen in the background. Pet Prairies - Searching for native prairie remnants could be your new favorite pastime
Two researchers crouch in a field of wildflowers, inspecting the native plants close to their feet. Crowdsourcing Conservation - How one determined botanist is teaming up and heading out
John Hart Asher at Mission Reach, San Antonio Novel Ideas - Center Environmental Designer John Hart Asher weighs in on Emma Marris’ “Rambunctious Garden”
Monarch butterfly on shrubby boneset, , Nymphalidae danaus plexippus, by Val Bugh It Takes a Landscape - Fall nectar plants could save monarchs
Participants from the Wildflower Center and the National Park Service paddle to Lake Bayou in Big Thicket National Preserve in search of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and giant and common salvinia (Salvinia spp.) — all invasive species. Photo: Hans Landel Parks and Resuscitation - The battle against invasive plant species goes mobile and high-tech.
Arborist Andrew McNeil-Marshall collects acorns on a recent trip to West Texas to collect oak species for the Texas Arboretum. Photo by: Lacey Collins Sowing Oaks - Wildflower Center experts collect acorns to plant in the Texas Arboretum
Milkweed and monarch Wild About Monarchs - Center supports migrating butterflies by growing and sharing milkweed.
Lady Bird Johnson stands in a field of wildflowers alongside a Texas state highway. The first lady inspired the Highway Beautification Act of 1965, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this October. Doing so set in motion a number of roadside-related initiatives that endure to this day. Photo by Unknown/Wildflower Center Archives Texas Roadsides Deserve Better - A Wildflower Center director urges us to respect and reinforce “Lady Bird’s Bill."
<?php the_title(); ?> Striking the First Blow - Plant experts help remove a toxic invasive.
<?php the_title(); ?> Dining With the Enemy - If you can't beat invasive species, eat 'em.
<?php the_title(); ?> For the Birds - Winter is hard on birds, but there is much we can do to help.
<?php the_title(); ?> Royal Blues - Monarch decline and what you can do about it.
<?php the_title(); ?> Get Those Pests - Citizen scientists tackle invasive species.
<?php the_title(); ?> From the Ashes - Landowners in the fire-destroyed area of Bastrop, Texas, get hope from a local partnership.
<?php the_title(); ?> Room to Grow - Center conservationists look after their Texas neighbors: native endangered plant species.
<?php the_title(); ?> Botany by Canoe - Center botanists survey the Rio Grande.
<?php the_title(); ?> All ABuzz - Why should we care about bees? If their vital role in the survival of wildflowers isn't a compelling reason, consider breakfast. Without bees, we wouldn't have coffee, orange juice or berries, to name just a few of our favorites. And that's just the beginning.
<?php the_title(); ?> Waiting Game - The Center hosts new endangered plants in need of homes.
<?php the_title(); ?> In The Line of Fire - Center conservationists survey island vegetation despite looming wildfire.
<?php the_title(); ?> Tree Seedlings Prepped for Bastrop Residents - How a UT grad student helped restore the Lost Pines of Bastrop.
<?php the_title(); ?> Protecting Ash Trees - Center conservationists work to save ash tree seeds and assist in detecting pests.
<?php the_title(); ?> Invasive Procedure - Three authors share their experiences about exotic invasive plants.
<?php the_title(); ?> Hope for Lost Pines - How the Wildflower Center nursery helped restore pines after local wildfires.
<?php the_title(); ?> Food for Thought - Could native and well-adapted perennial crops be the answer to food shortage?
<?php the_title(); ?> A Site Plan - Ecologically sustainable landscapes protect scarce and sensitive resources.
<?php the_title(); ?> Global Warning - How invasive plants behave in a warming world.
<?php the_title(); ?> Saving Texas Landscapes - Collecting seeds becomes an obsession for some conservationists.
<?php the_title(); ?> Collecting Seeds Across Texas - Join our nursery and natural spaces managers on a seed-collecting trip across Texas.
<?php the_title(); ?> Family Tree - Historic trees offer important links to local history.
<?php the_title(); ?> The Butterfly Effect - Luring butterflies to your yard is fun and easy with native plants.
<?php the_title(); ?> Saving the Snowbell - Private landowners work to recover an endangered Texas plant.
<?php the_title(); ?> Sustainable Development - Crafting a better environmental inheritance for our grandchildren.
<?php the_title(); ?> Razing Cane - Restoring Louisiana's coastal habitat in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
<?php the_title(); ?> Chemical Reaction - Across the country, citizens are advocating alternatives to chemical methods of pest- and weed-control in private yards and community green spaces.
<?php the_title(); ?> The Spice of Life - Before the settlers came, waist-high grasses and diverse, colorful prairie wildflowers bloomed in the moist, sandy soil along the Indiana-Illinois border.
<?php the_title(); ?> Ephemeral Beauty - Spring ephemerals must grow, bloom and set seed within a two-month period after last frost and before trees block the sun.
<?php the_title(); ?> Urban Renewal - Perhaps the most compelling reason to use native plants in urban restoration projects is to bring nature back into America's cities.
<?php the_title(); ?> Water Foul - The only naturally formed lake in Texas, Caddo Lake is everything people think Texas is not. Spanish moss-draped cypress trees tower over a maze of bayous, sloughs and channels.
<?php the_title(); ?> America the Beautiful - Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the passage into law of the Highway Beautification Act.
<?php the_title(); ?> Banking on Seeds - Seeds are a matter of life and death.
<?php the_title(); ?> Natural History - Twenty years ago, a few people gathered in a dusty hayfield and looked into the future. They envisioned a country where people valued and protected the native plants that were disappearing day by day.


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