Did you know more than 80% of flowering plants rely on pollinators (Ollerton et al. 2011)? You can help ensure our gardens continue blooming for years to come by symbolically adopting one (or all six) of these incredible creatures by May 31. With each adoption, you’ll receive an electronic certificate and downloadable wallpaper to beautify your smartphone screen!

Make your adoption by clicking an image below: 

PHOTO Val Bugh

Monarch Butterfly
(Danaus plexippus)

Known for their stained-glass wings and annual journey from Mexico to Canada and back again, monarchs are true icons.

PHOTO Julie Shaw

American Bumblebee
(Bombus pensylvanicus)

A lover of wide-open spaces, the American bumblebee spends much of its time in farmlands and fields.

PHOTO Julie Shaw

Longhorn Beetle
(Batyle ignicollis)

Spot this pollinator lounging on sunflowers (Helianthus sp.) around the start of college football season. Hook ‘em!

PHOTO Bill J. Boyd

Black-chinned Hummingbird
(Archilochus alexandri)

Want more hummingbirds in your garden? Fill it with tubular red blooms – they can’t get enough!

PHOTO Merlin Tuttle

Mexican Long-nosed Bat
(Leptonycteris nivalis)

This bat’s elongated muzzle isn’t just adorable – it’s extremely useful for feeding on nectar and protein-rich pollen.

PHOTO Julie Shaw

Bee Fly
(Exoprosopa iota)

How do you tell the difference between a bee and a bee fly? Count the wings! Bees have four. Bee flies have two.