The Savanna Meadow skirts a gorgeous native grassland dotted with trees. It’s a great place to botanize and spot wildlife during all seasons.


What You’ll Find:

  • A 1/4-mile trail wrapping around the meadow
  • An explanation of karst landscapes and the Edwards Aquifer (look for signs that say “The Water Below”)
  • Cecille’s Arch, a limestone gateway under giant live oaks
  • An ephemeral creek that comes and goes with rainfall (even when it’s dry, you can often see evidence of previous water, such as recumbent grasses).


Click on the areas below to view the gardens and spaces before you arrive

Central Complex

Central Complex

Iconic buildings nestled among gardens welcome visitors and evoke a sense of place

Theme Gardens at sunrise

Central Gardens

Our original core gardens display native plants from across Texas in a variety of styles

Family garden watering hole

Family Garden

Connecting families with nature through interactive features

Texas Arboretum trees

Texas Arboretum

A classic arboretum featuring a diversity of Texas trees

Restoration Trail

Savanna Meadow

Take a hike and learn about karst landscapes and the Edwards Aquifer

Hill Country Trails

Seventy acres devoted to land management research