Savanna Meadow Trail

The Savanna Meadow Trail provides great views of the Central Complex archicture as it meanders through several wildflower meadows, lush with Indian paintbrush and bluebonnets in the spring and early summer, featuring beautiful prairie grasses year round. Take a short side trip to see the Wildflower Cave, where the soluble limestone has slowly eroded over thousands of years. Water flowing through the cave and small sinkholes dotting the Savanna Meadow filter into the Edwards Aquifer, a major source of water for the region.

What You’ll See on This Trail

  • The beautiful “Cecille’s Arch” between great oak trees, where couples often pose for perfect wedding photos or join hands to say their vows
  • A shaded nook with benches, perfect for quietly observing the activities of pollinators and listening for bird sounds
  • An ephemeral creek bed, which flows with water only briefly after heavy rains
  • Photo spots for taking pictures among the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush during their seasons
  • The Wildflower Cave, a limestone feature where rainwater filters into the aquifer
  • Beautiful prairie landscapes that have been managed with prescribed fire
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Savanna Meadow


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