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Special Collections

Wildflower Center Herbarium

The Wildflower Center's herbarium is a collection of preserved plant specimens from seed collecting expeditions, research projects and representative from the Wildflower Center's grounds.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Nekemias arboreaPeppervine
Nemastylis geminifloraPrairie Celestials
Prairie Pleatleaf
Nerisyrenia linearifoliaWhite Sands Fanmustard
Nelumbo luteaAmerican Lotus
Yellow Water Lotus
Yellow Lotus
Neptunia luteaYellow Sensitive Briar
Yellow Puff
Nemophila maculataFivespot
Nemophila menziesiiBaby Blue Eyes
Menzies Baby Blue Eyes
Nemophila phacelioidesTexas Baby Blue Eyes
Large-flower Baby-blue-eyes
Baby Blue-eyes
Flannel Breeches
Nemastylis tenuisSouthwestern Pleatleaf
Nicotiana repandaFiddleleaf Tobacco
Fiddle-leaf Tobacco
Nothoscordum bivalveCrowpoison
False Garlic
Crow Poison
Nolina lindheimerianaDevil's Shoestring
Ribbon Grass
Nolina texanaTexas Sacahuista
Texas Beargrass
Basket Grass
Texas Bear-grass
Nuttallanthus canadensisCanada Toadflax
Blue Toadflax
Old-field Toadflax
Nuphar luteaYellow Pond Lily
Yellow Cow Lily
Cow Lily
Spatter Dock
Nuttallanthus texanusTexas Toadflax
Texas Toad-flax
Nymphaea odorataAmerican White Water-lily
Fragrant White Water-lily
Fragrant Water-lily
White Water-lily
Sweet-scented White Water-lily
Sweet-scented Water-lily
Beaver Root
Oenothera biennisCommon Evening-primrose
King's Cure-all
Common Evening Primrose
Oenothera elata ssp. hookeriHooker's Evening-primrose
Giant Evening-primrose
Oenothera filiformisLongflower Beeblossom
Longflower Gaura
Large-flowered Gaura
Kearney Gaura
Tall Gaura
Oenothera lindheimeriWhite Gaura
Butterfly Gaura
Lindheimer's Beeblossom
Lindheimer's Gaura
Oenothera macrocarpa ssp. macrocarpaBigfruit Evening-primrose
Missouri Evening Primrose
Oenothera speciosaPink Evening Primrose
Showy Evening Primrose
Mexican Evening Primrose
Showy Primrose
Pink Ladies
Pink Buttercups
Oenothera suffrutescensScarlet Beeblossom
Scarlet Gaura
Oenothera suffultaKisses
Wild Honeysuckle
Roadside Gaura
Oligoneuron rigidum var. rigidumStiff Goldenrod
Onosmodium helleriHeller's Marbleseed
Opuntia engelmannii var. lindheimeriTexas Prickly Pear
Lindheimer's Prickly Pear
Lindheimer Prickly Pear
Opuntia strigilMarblefruit Pricklypear
Marblefruit Prickly Pear
Orbexilum pedunculatumSampson's Snakeroot
Osmunda cinnamomeaCinnamon Fern
Oxalis dilleniiSlender Yellow Wood Sorrel
Yellow Wood Sorrel
Yellow Woodsorrel
Oxalis drummondiiDrummond's Wood-sorrel
Large-leaf Wood-sorrel
Drummond's Woodsorrel
Oxalis strictaCommon Yellow Oxalis
Yellow Wood-sorrel
Upright Yellow Wood-sorrel
Yellow Woodsorrel
Parkinsonia aculeataRetama
Mexican Paloverde
Jerusalem Thorn
Lluvia De Oro
Passiflora affinisBracted Passionflower
Passion Flower
Palafoxia callosaSmall Palafox
Small Palafoxia
Paspalum distichumKnotgrass
Paspalum floridanumFlorida Paspalum
Paspalidium geminatumEgyptian Panicgrass
Panicum halliiHall's Panicgrass
Hall's Panic Grass
Parthenocissus heptaphyllaSevenleaf Creeper
Seven-leaf Creeper
Palafoxia hookerianaSand Palafox
Showy Palafox
Hooker Palafoxia
Sand Palafoxia
Hooker's Palafoxia
Pavonia lasiopetalaRock Rose
Rose Pavonia
Rose Mallow
Paronychia lindheimeriForked Nailwort
Passiflora luteaYellow Passionflower
Yellow Passion Vine
Yellow Passion-flower
Packera millelobataUinta Ragwort
Panicum obtusumVine Mesquite
Packera obovataGolden Groundsel
Roundleaf Groundsel
Roundleaf Ragwort
Parietaria pensylvanicaPennsylvania Pellitory
Pennsylvania Cucumber Plant
Parthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia Creeper
Packera tampicanaYellowtop
Great Plains Ragwort
Parkinsonia texanaTexas Paloverde
Border Paloverde
Retama China
Passiflora tenuilobaBirdwing Passionflower
Slender-lobe Passionflower
Spread Lobe Passionflower
Bird Wing Passionflower
Pappophorum vaginatumWhiplash Pappusgrass
Panicum virgatumSwitchgrass
Wand Panic Grass
Penstemon albidusWhite Penstemon
White Beardtongue
Red-line Penstemon
Red-line Beardtongue
Penstemon baccharifoliusRock Penstemon
Rock Beardtongue
Cut-leaf Penstemon
Cut-leaf Beardtongue
Baccharis-leaf Penstemon
Baccharis-leaf Beardtongue
Penstemon cobaeaPrairie Penstemon
Prairie Beardtongue
Foxglove Penstemon
Foxglove Beardtongue
False Foxglove
Large-flowered Penstemon
Large-flowered Beardtongue
Cobaea Penstemon
Cobaea Beardtongue
Wild Foxglove
Penstemon dasyphyllusCochise Penstemon
Cochise Beardtongue
Penstemon havardiiHavard Penstemon
Havard Beardtongue
Big Bend Penstemon
Big Bend Beardtongue
Havard's Penstemon
Havard's Beardtongue
Peganum mexicanumGarbancillo
Penstemon murrayanusScarlet Penstemon
Scarlet Beardtongue
Red Penstemon
Red Beardtongue
Cupleaf Penstemon
Cupleaf Beardtongue
Peritoma serrulataRocky Mountain Bee-plant
Bee Spiderflower
Navajo Spinach
Pink Cleome
Toothed Spiderflower
Penstemon strictusRocky Mountain Penstemon
Rocky Mountain Beardtongue
Perityle vaseyiVasey's Rockdaisy
Phaseolus acutifoliusTepary Bean
Phytolacca americanaAmerican Pokeweed
Great Pokeweed
Red Ink Plant
Physalis angulataCutleaf Groundcherry
Phacelia bipinnatifidaFernleaf Phacelia
Fernleaf Scorpion Weed
Spotted Phacelia
Loose-flowered Phacelia
Phlox carolinaCarolina Phlox
Summer Phlox
Thickleaf Phlox
Phacelia campanulariaDesert Bells
Desert Canterbury Bells
Desert Bluebells
Phalaris carolinianaCarolina Canarygrass
Phacelia congestaCaterpillars
Blue Curls
Phlox divaricataWild Blue Phlox
Louisiana Phlox
Blue Woodland Phlox
Sweet William
Wild Sweet William
Phlox drummondiiAnnual Phlox
Drummond Phlox
Texas Pride
Phlox drummondii ssp. drummondiiAnnual Phlox
Phacelia integrifoliaGypsum Phacelia
Gyp Blue-curls
Physostegia intermediaSpring Obedient Plant
Marsh Obedient Plant
Slender False Dragonhead
Intermediate False Dragonhead
Phryma leptostachyaAmerican Lopseed
Phaseolus maculatusSpotted Bean
Metcalf Bean
Phyla nodifloraTexas Frogfruit
Turkey Tangle Fogfruit
Phlox pilosaDowny Phlox
Prairie Phlox
Fragrant Phlox
Phyllanthus polygonoidesSmartweed Leaf-flower
Knotweed Leafflower
Phlox roemerianaGoldeneye Phlox
Golden-eye Phlox
Phacelia rupestrisRock Phacelia
Phacelia tanacetifoliaLacy Phacelia
Lacy Scorpion-weed
Piptochaetium avenaceumBlackseed Speargrass
Pinus cembroidesMexican Pinyon
Mexican Pinyon Pine
Nut Pine
Border Pinyon
Pityopsis graminifoliaNarrowleaf Silkgrass
Golden Aster
Pinaropappus roseusWhite Rocklettuce
White Dandelion
Pink Dandelion
White Rock Lettuce
Plantago aristataLargebracted Plantain
Platanthera ciliarisOrange Fringed Orchid
Yellow Fringed Orchid
Orange Plume
Pluchea foetidaStinking Camphorweed
Plantago helleriHeller's Plantain
Cedar Plantain
Plantago hookerianaCalifornia Plantain
Tallow Weed
Platanus occidentalisAmerican Sycamore
Eastern Sycamore
American Plane Tree
Plane Tree
Buttonball Tree
Pluchea odorataSweetscent
Saltmarsh Fleabane
Pluchea odorata var. odorataSweetscent
Marsh Fleabane
Southern Marsh Fleabane
Plantago rhodospermaRedseed Plantain
Red-seeded Plantain
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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855 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention