The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s Native Plant Image Gallery is not designed for commercial use or publication. A variety of organizations and individuals have contributed photographs to the Image Gallery and these contributors maintain copyright and dictate use of their images.

The images contained within the Native Plant Image Gallery are made available on our website under the conditions outlined in this policy. By accessing or downloading images contained in the gallery, the user acknowledges they have read this policy and agrees to abide by the conditions of the Image Use Policy.

Questions about this policy should be directed to the Plant Information Program Coordinator.

News Media

News media may download, reproduce and use Wildflower Center images and associated captions in news reporting or documentaries on Center projects and programs. Express permission for such use is not required.

Restricted/Unrestricted Images

Restrictions for image use are posted under Image Information on each image’s detail page. Images designated as restricted are only available for use by the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Those images designated as unrestricted (by far the majority) are available for the uses defined below. With few exceptions, Wildflower Center images may not be reproduced online. For clarification on any proposed use, contact the Plant Information Program Coordinator.

Educational Use

Educational institutions may download, reproduce and use unrestricted images and associated captions in the preparation of course or instructional materials by teachers or students for non-profit educational activities. Express permission for such use is not required.

Scientific Use

Center images are released in response to public interest in native plants. Please use caution if using these images for scientific research. Many images have not yet been validated, and may contain errors which would compromise their use for scientific purposes. The text captions of Wildflower Center images are not peer reviewed scientific literature, and should not be treated as such. Image caption text is not to be used without permission from the Wildflower Center.

Personal Use

Individuals may download, reproduce and use unrestricted Wildflower Center images and associated captions for personal, noncommercial purposes, such as presentations. Express permission for such use is not required. Please credit the photographer and Wildflower Center (See “Image Credit” below).

Commercial Use

Permission to download, reproduce, use and distribute Wildflower Center images for commercial purposes, other than news reporting as described above, must be requested using the Image Request Form.

Image Credit

All Image Gallery images used must credit both the photographer(s) and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Most publishers use the format: “Courtesy Photographer’s Name, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.”

Special Note For Websites

You may link to images from the Native Plant Image Gallery, but you may not collect images or text from the Image Gallery and publish them on your website. If you would like to link to multiple images in the gallery, please see the section “How to Link to the Images” for instructions.

Request Images

High resolution copies of most images contained within the Image Gallery are available upon request. Please use the Image Request Form. Depending upon use, licensing or other fees may apply.