The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is committed to developing a premier resource for images of North American native plants through continued growth of the Native Plant Image Gallery. You can help us achieve our mission to inspire the conservation of native plants by becoming an image contributor.

How To Contribute

We welcome contributions of high-quality images to the Native Plant Image Gallery. Please contact the Plant Information Program Coordinator for complete information on how to contribute images.

Providing Data

The image gallery is a database-driven web application. In order to maintain the functionality of the website and for scientific relevance, all images must be accompanied by descriptive information. At a minimum, each image must be associated with a file name, photo date, location information, USDA Symbol and scientific name. The Wildflower Center provides an image data spreadsheet listing all the fields in the database for the convenience of those wishing to contribute their image collections.


If you are thinking about contributing images to the gallery, please keep the following image requirements in mind. Images should be the highest resolution possible. There is no need to enhance or reformat your images before submitting them. In general, the images just as they come out of the camera are best. If you’re taking pictures for the purpose of submission to the Native Plant Image Gallery, it is best to adjust your camera’s image quality to its highest setting. Do not reduce the resolution of your images to reduce the file size. We can help you with transferring large files. Before publishing contributor images, the Wildflower Center must have a signed Image Contributor Form on file.

Biographical Statement

We offer our contributing photographers the opportunity to include a short biographical statement describing how and why they became native plant photographers. We have found that the bios enhance the experience of exploring the Image Gallery and help visitors to understand what motivated our contributors to shoot wildflowers. The biographical statements usually range in length from two or three sentences up to a couple paragraphs.

Required Documents

The following documents are required for all individuals making image contributions to the Plant Image Gallery: