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You Came Through

You came through for the Wildflower Center

Contributions Total $86,766

You did it! Your speedy and generous support helped us fill a substantial hole in our budget. Our urgent fundraising campaign is now over. More than 600 of you responded by contributing $86,766 in donations large and small. That was an incredible response, and we are so grateful.

We didn't quite reach our goal of $100,000, but thanks to your donations, the Wildflower Center can continue to provide its current programs with no substantial reductions in our services.

The Wildflower Center is an organized research unit of The University of Texas at Austin, but as agreed when we became part of the university in 2006, we must cover our own costs, from the salaries of our gardeners to our utility bills to our maintenance costs. We have successfully done that until this year.

We so appreciate your warm response. We know that during these times it isn't easy to pull out the credit card or the checkbook. Thank you for being there when we needed you.

Your generosity means so much to me and all of us here at the Wildflower Center.

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Susan K. Rieff, Executive Director

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