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Texas Arboretum

The 16-acre Mollie Steves Zachry Texas Arboretum is a classic arboretum featuring a diversity of Texas trees. A 1.07-mile looping path meanders through meadows of native grasses and wildflowers and connects visitors with groupings of trees. Major features include a collection of Texas oak species (Texas has the greatest diversity of oaks in the U.S.), the Hall of Texas Heroes (a collection of live oaks descended from famous oak trees across Texas) and the swings in the Cathedral Oaks. Opened in 2011, the arboretum is a "lifetime project" that serves as a resource for tree identification, field trips, outdoor classes and tree-related events.

The Texas Arboretum The Texas Arboretum

Arboretum (arboreta, pl.) - a place where trees or shrubs are cultivated for their educational and scientific interest.

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The Xeric Collection The Xeric Collection

Trees for hot, dry, rocky, inhospitable places.

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Hall of Texas Heroes Hall of Texas Heroes

Where Texas' past comes alive through the propagation of historically significant trees.

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Specimen Trees Specimen Trees

Large and beautiful iconic trees like pecan, American elm and American sycamore form the Specimen Tree Collection.

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Trees for Utility Lines Trees for Utility Lines

Plant the Right Tree in the Right Place.

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Oak Wilt Oak Wilt

What Happened Here? Oak wilt devastates central Texas.

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Texas Oak Collection Texas Oak Collection

By the Numbers. Oaks (Quercus spp.) are without doubt one of the most important groups of plants the northern hemisphere.

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