Arboretum Trail

Arboretum Trail will take visitors on a tour through the towering oaks of the Texas Arboretum, winding through open fields and even featuring a shady grove where swings invite passersby to sit a while and take in nature’s soothing sights and sounds. The deeper soils of this area allow for the growth of a large number of tree species, including Texas Oaks and other woody species. A shorter walk can turn around after looping through the Hall of Texas Heroes, but the complete trail offers plenty of wildflowers, open spaces, benches and swings for resting, and water fountains. This trail is wheelchair accessible.

What You’ll See on This Trail

  • A diversity of Texas Trees, including a collection of oak species
  • The Hall of Texas Heroes, a collection of live oaks descended from famous trees
  • Swings (singles, doubles, and even toddler-friendly options) in the Cathedral of Oaks
  • Several scenic, open spaces and beautiful natural backdrops, perfect for photo opportunities
  • Benches and picnic tables

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Texas Arboretum


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