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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Carya glabraPignut Hickory
Sweet Pignut Hickory
Coast Pignut Hickory
Sweet Pignut
Smoothbark Hickory
Broom Hickory
Red Hickory
Swamp Hickory
Switch Hickory
Switchbud Hickory
Carex godfreyiGodfrey's Sedge
Carex gracillimaGraceful Sedge
Carex granularisLimestone Meadow Sedge
Carex grayiGray's Sedge
Carex gracilescensSlender Looseflower Sedge
Callitriche hermaphroditicaNorthern Water-starwort
Callitriche heterophyllaTwo-headed Water-starwort
Callitriche heterophylla ssp. heterophyllaTwo-headed Water-starwort
Varied-leaved Water-starwort
Diverse-leaved Water-starwort
Carex hirsutellaFuzzy Wuzzy Sedge
Hairy-leaved Sedge
Carex hitchcockianaHitchcock's Sedge
Carex hyalinolepisShoreline Sedge
Carya illinoinensisPecan
Carex impressinerviaRavine Sedge
Impressed-nerve Sedge
Carex intumescensGreater Bladder Sedge
Carex jamesiiJames' Sedge
Carex jooriiCypress Swamp Sedge
Castilleja kralianaCahaba Indian Paintbrush
Carex kralianaKral's Sedge
Carex laevivaginataSmoothsheath Sedge
Carex laxiculmisSpreading Sedge
Creeping Sedge
Carex laxifloraBroad Looseflower Sedge
Cakile lanceolataCoastal Searocket
Carya laciniosaShellbark Hickory
Carex laxiculmis var. laxiculmisSpreading Sedge
Carex laxiflora var. laxifloraBroad Looseflower Sedge
Cakile lanceolata ssp. pseudoconstrictaCoastal Sea Rocket
Coastal Searocket
Carex laxiflora var. serrulataBroad Loose-flower Sedge
Broad Looseflower Sedge
Carex leptaleaBristlystalked Sedge
Flaccid Sedge
Carex leavenworthiiLeavenworth's Sedge
Carex leptalea ssp. harperiBristly-stalk Sedge
Harper's Sedge
Carex longiiLong's Sedge
Carex louisianicaLouisiana Sedge
Carex lonchocarpaSouthern Long Sedge
Carex lupulinaHop Sedge
Carex luridaShallow Sedge
Sallow Sedge
Lurid Sedge
Calycocarpum lyoniiCupseed
Calystegia macouniiMacoun's False Bindweed
Hedge Bindweed
Carex meadiiMead's Sedge
Carex mitchellianaMitchell's Sedge
Carex microdontaLittletooth Sedge
Carex molestaTroublesome Sedge
Calopogon multiflorusManyflower Grasspink
Carex muehlenbergiiMuhlenberg's Sedge
Carex muehlenbergii var. enervisMuhlenberg's Sedge
Carex muehlenbergii var. muehlenbergiiMuhlenberg's Sedge
Carya myristiciformisNutmeg Hickory
Swamp Hickory
Bitter Water Hickory
Bitter Hickory
Castanea ŚneglectaChestnut
Neglected Chestnut
Carex nigromarginataBlack Edge Sedge
Carex normalisGreater Straw Sedge
Carphephorus odoratissimusVanillaleaf
Vanilla Plant
Carex oligocarpaRichwoods Sedge
Sparse-fruited Sedge
Carya ovataShagbark Hickory
Carolina Hickory
Scalybark Hickory
Upland Hickory
Shellbark Hickory
Carya ovalisPignut Hickory
Red Hickory
Carex oxylepisSharp-scale Sedge
Sharpscale Sedge
Carex oxylepis var. oxylepisSharp-scale Sedge
Sharpscale Sedge
Cardamine parvifloraSand Bittercress
Callirhoe papaverWoodland Poppymallow
Woodland Poppy-mallow
Woodland Poppy Mallow
Carya pallidaSand Hickory
Calopogon pallidusPale Grass-pink
Carphephorus paniculatusHairy Chaffhead
Cardamine parviflora var. arenicolaSand Bittercress
Callitriche peploidesMatted Water-starwort
Cardamine pensylvanicaPennsylvania Bittercress
Carex pedunculataLongstalk Sedge
Callitriche pedunculosaNuttall's Water-starwort
Carex pensylvanicaPennsylvania Sedge
Carex pigraTar-heel Sedge
Tarheel Sedge
Carex pictaBoott's Sedge
Carex planispicataFlat-spiked Sedge
Carex plantagineaPlantainleaf Sedge
Plantain-leaf Sedge
Carex platyphyllaBroadleaf Sedge
Carex prasinaDrooping Sedge
Carphephorus pseudoliatrisBristleleaf Chaffhead
Carex purpuriferaPurple Sedge
Castanea pumilaAllegheny Chinquapin
Allegheny Chinkapin
Castanea pumila var. ozarkensisOzark Chinquapin
Castanea pumila var. pumilaChinquapin
Allegheny Chinquapin
American Chinquapin
Dwarf Chestnut
Cayaponia quinquelobaFivelobe Cucumber
Five-lobe Cucumber
Campsis radicansTrumpet Creeper
Trumpet Vine
Common Trumpet Creeper
Cow Vine
Foxglove Vine
Devil's Shoestring
Carex radiataEastern Star Sedge
Carex reniformisKidneyshape Sedge
Carex reznicekiiReznicek's Sedge
Carex retroflexaReflexed Sedge
Callisia roseaPiedmont Roseling
Carex roseaRosy Sedge
Canavalia roseaBaybean
Seaside Jackbean
Coastal Jackbean
Mackenzie Bean
Carex scopariaBroom Sedge
Carex scabrataEastern Rough Sedge
Camassia scilloidesAtlantic Camas
Wild Hyacinth
Carex scoparia var. scopariaBroom Sedge
Calystegia sepiumHedge False Bindweed
Hedge Bindweed
Calystegia sepium ssp. americanaHedge False Bindweed
Calystegia sepium ssp. limnophilaHedge False Bindweed
Marsh Morning Glory
Marsh Morning-glory
Calystegia silvaticaShortstalk False Bindweed
Calystegia silvatica ssp. fraternifloraShortstalk False Bindweed
Carex socialisLow Woodland Sedge
Calystegia spithamaeaLow False Bindweed
Erect Bindweed
Carex sparganioidesBur-reed Sedge
Catalpa speciosaNorthern Catalpa
Catalpa Tree
Cigar Tree
Indian Bean
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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3,823 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention