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Butterflies and Moths of North America

Butterflies and Moths of North America is a searchable database of verified butterfly and moth records in the United States and Mexico. This site includes dynamic distribution maps, photographs, species accounts, and species checklists for each county in the U.S. and each state in Mexico.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Passiflora foetidaCorona De Cristo
Fetid Passionflower
Passiflora incarnataMaypop
Purple Passionflower
Purple Passion Vine
Apricot Vine
Passiflora luteaYellow Passionflower
Yellow Passion Vine
Yellow Passion-flower
Panicum obtusumVine Mesquite
Parthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia Creeper
Passiflora tenuilobaBird Wing Passionflower
Birdwing Passionflower
Slender-lobe Passionflower
Spread Lobe Passionflower
Panicum virgatumSwitchgrass
Wand Panic Grass
Persea borboniaRedbay
Red Bay
Sweet Bay
Silk Bay
Red Bay Persea
Laurel Tree
Penstemon cobaeaPrairie Penstemon
Prairie Beardtongue
Foxglove Penstemon
Foxglove Beardtongue
False Foxglove
Large-flowered Penstemon
Large-flowered Beardtongue
Cobaea Penstemon
Cobaea Beardtongue
Wild Foxglove
Penstemon hirsutusHairy Penstemon
Hairy Beardtongue
Peritoma serrulataRocky Mountain Bee-plant
Bee Spiderflower
Navajo Spinach
Pink Cleome
Toothed Spiderflower
Phalaris arundinaceaReed Canary Grass
Phragmites australisCommon Reed
Phyla nodifloraTexas Frogfruit
Turkey Tangle Fogfruit
Pinus contortaLodgepole Pine
Beach Pine
Pino De San Pedro Martir
Pinus contorta var. latifoliaLodgepole Pine
Tall Lodgepole Pine
Rocky Mountain Lodgepole Pine
Picea glaucaWhite Spruce
Picea marianaBlack Spruce
Spruce Fir
Pinus monophyllaSingleleaf Pinyon
Single-leaf Pinyon
One-leaved Pinyon
Piscidia piscipulaFlorida Fish-poison Tree
Florida Fishpoison Tree
Pinus ponderosaPonderosa Pine
Western Yellow Pine
Pino Blanco
Pinus resinosaRed Pine
Norway Pine
Canadian Pine
Pinus rigidaPitch Pine
Torch Pine
Pinus taedaLoblolly Pine
Oldfield Pine
Bull Pine
Rosemary Pine
Pinus virginianaVirginia Pine
Jersey Pine
Scrub Pine
Populus balsamiferaBalsam Poplar
Bam Tree
Polygonum bistortoidesAmerican Bistort
Western Bistort
Potentilla canadensisDwarf Cinquefoil
Populus deltoidesEastern Cottonwood
Carolina Poplar
Necklace Poplar
Populus deltoides ssp. deltoidesEastern Cottonwood
Southern Cottonwood
Carolina Poplar
Eastern Poplar
Necklace Poplar
Poa glauca ssp. glaucaGlaucous Bluegrass
Upland Bluegrass
Upland Blue Grass
Populus grandidentataBigtooth Aspen
Big-tooth Aspen
Long-toothed Aspen
Poa pratensisKentucky Bluegrass
Polytaenia texanaTexas Prairie Parsley
Texas Parsley
Populus tremuloidesQuaking Aspen
Golden Aspen
Trembling Aspen
Mountain Aspen
Trembling Poplar
Alamo Blanco
Polygonum viviparumAlpine Bistort
Prunus emarginataBitter Cherry
Prosopis glandulosaHoney Mesquite
Glandular Mesquite
Prunus havardiiHavard's Plum
Prunus pensylvanicaPin Cherry
Fire Cherry
Wild Red Cherry
Bird Cherry
Pigeon Cherry
Prunus serotinaBlack Cherry
Wild Black Cherry
Rum Cherry
Prunus serotina var. serotinaEastern Black Cherry
Black Cherry
Prunus virginianaChokecherry
Common Chokecherry
Choke Cherry
Prunus virginiana var. virginianaChokecherry
Pseudotsuga menziesiiDouglas Fir
Blue Douglas Fir
Pseudotsuga menziesii var. menziesiiCoast Douglas Fir
Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium ssp. obtusifoliumBlunt-leaf Rabbit-tobacco
Rabbit Tobacco
Sweet Everlasting
Fragrant Cudweed
Ptelea trifoliataWafer Ash
Common Hoptree
Hop Tree
Quercus agrifoliaCalifornia Live Oak
Coast Live Oak
Encino Verde
Quercus arizonicaArizona White Oak
Arizona Oak
Quercus chrysolepisCanyon Live Oak
Quercus emoryiEmory Oak
Black Oak
Holly Oak
Apache Oak
Desert Live Oak
Western Black Oak
Roble Negro
Quercus fusiformisEscarpment Live Oak
Plateau Live Oak
Hill Country Live Oak
Texas Live Oak
Scrub Live Oak
Plateau Oak
Encino Molino
Quercus gambeliiGambel Oak
Rocky Mountain White Oak
Utah White Oak
Quercus ilicifoliaBear Oak
Scrub Oak
Quercus muehlenbergiiChinkapin Oak
Chinquapin Oak
Chestnut Oak
Yellow Chestnut Oak
Rock Chestnut Oak
Yellow Oak
Rock Oak
Quercus palustrisPin Oak
Swamp Spanish Oak
Quercus rubraNorthern Red Oak
Quercus rubra var. ambiguaNorthern Red Oak
Quercus virginianaCoastal Live Oak
Southern Live Oak
Virginia Live Oak
Live Oak
Rhamnus alnifoliaAlderleaf Buckthorn
Rhus aromaticaFragrant Sumac
Aromatic Sumac
Lemon Sumac
Polecat Bush
Rhododendron canadenseRhodora
Rhamnus croceaHolly-leaf Buckthorn
Redberry Buckthorn
Rhus lanceolataPrairie Flameleaf Sumac
Flameleaf Sumac
Prairie Sumac
Lance-leaf Sumac
Lance-leaved Sumac
Texas Sumac
Tree Sumac
Limestone Sumac
Prairie Shining Sumac
Rhizophora mangleRed Mangrove
Rhododendron occidentaleWestern Azalea
Robinia neomexicanaNew Mexico Locust
Southwestern Locust
Rosa nutkanaNootka Rose
Ruellia drummondianaDrummond's Ruellia
Drummond's Wild Petunia
Rudbeckia hirtaBlack-eyed Susan
Common Black-eyed Susan
Brown-eyed Susan
Blackeyed Susan
Rudbeckia hirta var. pulcherrimaBlack-eyed Susan
Blackeyed Susan
Brown-eyed Susan
Pinewoods Coneflower
Ruellia nudifloraViolet Ruellia
Common Wild Petunia
Violet Wild Petunia
Wild Petunia
Hierba De La Calentura
Rubus parviflorusWestern Thimbleberry
Sassafras albidumSassafras
White Sassafras
Ague Tree
Cinnamon Wood
Mitten Tree
Smelling Stick
Salix amygdaloidesPeachleaf Willow
Peach-leaf Willow
Almond-leaf Willow
Almond Willow
Peach Willow
Southwestern Peach Willow
Wright Willow
Wright Peachleaf Willow
Salix arcticaArctic Willow
Salix bebbianaBebb Willow
Gray Willow
Long-beaked Willow
Saxifraga bronchialisYellowdot Saxifrage
Yellow-spot Saxifrage
Matted Saxifrage
Salix discolorPussy Willow
Glaucous Willow
Salix eriocephalaMissouri River Willow
Missouri Willow
Stiff Willow
Salix exiguaCoyote Willow
Narrow-leaf Willow
Narrowleaf Willow
Sandbar Willow
Salix humilisPrairie Willow
Salix lucidaShining Willow
Salix nigraBlack Willow
Gulf Black Willow
Swamp Willow
Salix reticulataNetleaf Willow
Sapindus saponariaWingleaf Soapberry
Wild China Tree
Sapindus saponaria var. drummondiiWestern Soapberry
Wild China Tree
Wild Chinaberry
Indian Soap Plant
Salix sericeaSilky Willow
Scirpus cyperinusWoolgrass
Cottongrass Bulrush
Marsh Bulrush
Teddybear Paws
Schizachne purpurascensFalse Melic
Purple Oatgrass
Schizachnã© Pourprã©
Schizachyrium scopariumLittle Bluestem
Popotillo Azul
Senegalia berlandieriGuajillo
Berlandier Acacia
Berlandier's Acacia
Round-flowered Catclaw
Roundflower Catclaw
Mimosa Catclaw
Thornless Catclaw
Senna hebecarpaAmerican Senna
Wild Senna
Senna lindheimerianaLindheimer's Senna
Velvet Leaf Senna
Velvetleaf Senna
Velvet-leaf Wild Sensitive-plant
Puppy-dog Ears
Serenoa repensSaw Palmetto
Sida rhombifoliaCuban Jute
Sorghastrum nutansIndiangrass
Yellow Indiangrass
Indian Grass
Spartina alternifloraSaltmarsh Cordgrass
Saltwater Cordgrass
Salt Cordgrass
Smooth Cordgrass
Spiraea albaWhite Meadowsweet
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

351 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention