Little House

The Little House is a charming one-room structure on the southwest corner of our Central Courtyard. Designed as a special place just for children, its kid-sized features begin with the door. Children and families are welcome to come on in and help themselves to reading materials, puzzles, art supplies and nature-themed activities.

Little chairs and tables — some painted with flowers, butterflies and ladybugs — welcome lingering and learning. Wee ones can explore nature displays, browse the “Book Nook” or try their hands at drawing (masterpieces may be hung in transparent pockets for display or taken home for further enjoyment).

Cedar elms and kidneywood provide shade in the open-air courtyard, where large pots of sand and pebbles accompanied by small shovels and screens encourage digging and sifting; meanwhile, nearby picnic tables encourage parents to have a seat and relax. In the cozy children’s garden, bright blossoms of big red sage, Texas star and pink evening primrose bloom among the native grasses.

Inside and out, the Little House is place for children to learn about the shapes, smells, textures and colors of nature through play and exploration.



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