Great Hall

Begin your explorations of the Wildflower Center and the world of native plants in the stunning Great Hall, where volunteers regularly display what’s currently in season with helpful labels — perfect for those of us who can’t help but ask, “What’s the beautiful, interesting, wondrous plant I’m looking at?”

Structurally speaking, the Great Hall is one of the most impressive structures at the Wildflower Center. Its high ceilings, stone walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden floors provide a warm and acoustically pleasing venue for banquets, parties, meetings, concerts, art showings, weddings and receptions.

It also features our Legacy Theater, where guests can have a seat and watch a short film on Mrs. Johnson; this mini-museum also displays a Norman Rockwell portrait of the Environmental First Lady as well as her well-worn field guide and gardening gloves.

The Great Hall faces the Center’s central Courtyard on one side and overlooks the bucolic Savanna Meadow on the other, making it a perfect bridge between a large outdoor gathering space and the natural splendor the Center grounds.


Central Complex



Seated capacity of 150
Standing capacity of 300



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