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Horsemint (Monarda citriodora) blooms at Hatton Spring Prairie, another name for Houston resident Jaime González’s front yard; he posts interpretive signage and encourages neighbors to learn about thearea’s historic land use. Living Space - Native habitat gardens provide for birds, pollinators and people
Gulf coast toad, Bufo nebulifer Familiar Frogs and a Quotidian Toad - Meet four common members of the order Anura
Cave crickets Central Texas The Cricket Connection - Native plants and crickets are essential to healthy cave ecosystems
An unsuspecting ant roves the back of a plains sunflower (Helianthus petiolaris) while a crab spider lurks just beyond the petals. PHOTO Chris Helzer Here There Be Dangers - How flowers set the table for certain creatures
Eastern spotted whiptail, aspidoscelis gularis ILLUSTRATION Samantha N. Peters Lounging Lizards - A quick guide to three common Central Texas lizards
ILLUSTRATION Samantha N. Peters Natural Partners - Texas native plants and their animal compadres
Comal Headwaters RENDERING Lake|Flato Architects Open Swim - Endangered species of the Comal get a habitat makeover
McAllen Mayor Jim Darling plants lantana with a young girl. PHOTO Quinta Mazatlan A String of Pearls - Little pieces of urban monarch habitat add up to a lot
Mexican free-tailed bats in flight near Braken Cave. PHOTO Adam Barbe A Cave Called Home - Bats belong in Texas Hill Country
Only a hawkmoth’s lengthy proboscis can reach the nectar jimsonweed has to offer. PHOTO Kiley Riffell Photography/Henry Art Gallery Business Is Blooming - All about nectar — nature's sweetest sales pitch
Blue Dasher (Pachydiplax longipennis) on horsetail (Equisetum hyemale) Dragons and Damsels - A handy guide to telling these lacy-winged fliers apart
Ocelot at night The Dispossessed - For ocelots in Texas, native shrubland is the stuff dreams are made of
Macheros Mexico A Vast Domain - A sacred butterfly connects land and people across a border
Monarch vs queen Monarch vs. Queen - A few tips for discerning between the look-alike caterpillars and adults of monarchs and queens


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