TLLC Child Development Center

In 2018, Wildflower Center Ecologist Michelle Bertelsen and Landscape Architect Adam Barbe crafted a concept package for a new, nature-focused playscape at Triumphant Love Lutheran Church’s Child Development Center. Bertelsen says the “play nodes” are designed to facilitate open-ended, cooperative nature play while also offering isolated (but visible) areas for children who need a peaceful refuge.

Nature is subtly enhanced with a focus on sensory experiences and priority given to natural materials over plastic. Bertelsen calls it a “light touch” — in other words, it’s “designed to look not designed.” Native plants play a large part in the North Austin preschool’s landscape plan, from butterfly-magnet Gregg’s mistflower (Conoclinium greggii) to low-maintenance native grasses and shade-loving Turk’s cap (Malvaviscus arboreus).

Once constructed, TLLC attendees will get to explore a dry creek, walk on stump pathways and gather in small outdoor classrooms.


Sprouts (Nature Play for Preschoolers) at the Wildflower Center
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