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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Spartina alternifloraSaltmarsh Cordgrass
Saltwater Cordgrass
Salt Cordgrass
Smooth Cordgrass
Spiraea albaWhite Meadowsweet
Spiraea alba var. latifoliaWhite Meadowsweet
Sparganium americanumAmerican Bur-reed
Sparganium androcladumBranched Bur-reed
Sparganium angustifoliumNarrowleaf Bur-reed
Spartina ×caespitosaCordgrass
Mixed Cordgrass
Spergularia canadensisCanadian Sandspurry
Spergularia canadensis var. canadensisCanadian Sandspurry
Spiranthes cernuaNodding Ladies'-tresses
Nodding Lady's Tresses
Sporobolus clandestinusRough Dropseed
Sporobolus compositusComposite Dropseed
Tall Dropseed
Sporobolus contractusNarrow-spike Dropseed
Spike Dropseed
Sporobolus compositus var. compositusComposite Dropseed
Tall Dropseed
Sporobolus cryptandrusSand Dropseed
Spartina cynosuroidesBig Cordgrass
Sparganium emersumEuropean Bur-reed
European Bur Reed
Sparganium eurycarpumBroadfruit Bur-reed
Giant Bur-reed
Great Bur-reed
Sparganium fluctuansFloating Bur-reed
Sporobolus heterolepisPrairie Dropseed
Sphenopholis intermediaSlender Wedgescale
Spiranthes ×intermediaLadies'-tresses
Lady's Tresses
Spiranthes laceraNorthern Slender Ladies'-tresses
Slender Ladies'-tresses
Slender Lady's Tresses
Spiranthes lacera var. gracilisSouthern Slender Ladies'-tresses
Slender Ladies'-tresses
Slender Lady's Tresses
Spiranthes lacera var. laceraNorthern Slender Ladies'-tresses
Slender Lady's Tresses
Spiranthes lucidaShining Ladies'-tresses
Shining Lady's Tresses
Sparganium natansSmall Bur-reed
Sporobolus neglectusPuffsheath Dropseed
Small Dropseed
Sphenopholis nitidaShiny Wedgegrass
Shiny Wedgescale
Sphenopholis obtusataPrairie Wedgescale
Spiranthes ochroleucaYellow Nodding Ladies'-tresses
Yellow Nodding Lady's Tresses
Spartina patensSaltmeadow Cordgrass
Salt-meadow Cordgrass
Marsh-hay Cordgrass
Spartina pectinataPrairie Cordgrass
Freshwater Cordgrass
Sphenopholis pensylvanicaSwamp Oats
Swamp Wedgegrass
Swamp Wedgescale
Spiranthes romanzoffianaHooded Ladies'-tresses
Hooded Lady's Tresses
Spergularia salinaSalt Sandspurry
Spiraea tomentosaSteeplebush
Spiranthes tuberosaLittle Ladies'-tresses
Little Lady's Tresses
Sporobolus vaginiflorusPoverty Dropseed
Sporobolus vaginiflorus var. vaginiflorusPoverty Dropseed
Spiranthes vernalisSpring Ladies'-tresses
Spring Lady's Tresses
Stellaria alsineBog Chickweed
Streptopus amplexifoliusClaspleaf Twistedstalk
Claspleaf Twisted-stalk
White Mandarin
Streptopus amplexifolius var. amplexifoliusClaspleaf Twistedstalk
Stellaria borealisBoreal Starwort
Stellaria borealis ssp. borealisBoreal Starwort
Strophostyles helvolaTrailing Fuzzybean
Trailing Wild Bean
Streptopus lanceolatusTwistedstalk
Rosy Twisted-stalk
Streptopus lanceolatus var. lanceolatusTwistedstalk
Streptopus lanceolatus var. roseusTwistedstalk
Rosy Twistedstalk
Strophostyles leiospermaSlickseed Fuzzybean
Stellaria longifoliaLongleaf Starwort
Stellaria longifolia var. longifoliaLongleaf Starwort
Stachys palustrisMarsh Hedgenettle
Stuckenia pectinataSago Pondweed
Stachys pilosaHairy Hedgenettle
Stachys pilosa var. arenicolaSand Hedgenettle
Sandyland Hairy Hedgenettle
Hairy Hedgenettle
Stachys pilosa var. pilosaHairy Hedgenettle
Stachys tenuifoliaSmooth Hedgenettle
Slender Betony
Staphylea trifoliaAmerican Bladdernut
Suaeda calceoliformisPursh Seepweed
Suaeda linearisAnnual Seepweed
Suaeda maritimaHerbaceous Seepweed
Symphoricarpos albusCommon Snowberry
Symphyotrichum x amethystinum Amethyst Aster
Symphyotrichum cordifoliumBroad-leaved Aster
Common Blue Wood Aster
Heartleaf Aster
Symphyotrichum dumosumRice Button Aster
White Bushy Aster
Symphyotrichum dumosum var. dumosumBushy Aster
Rice Button Aster
Symphyotrichum dumosum var. strictiorRice Button Aster
Symphyotrichum ericoidesWhite Heath Aster
Heath Aster
Symphyotrichum ericoides var. ericoidesWhite Heath Aster
Heath Aster
White Aster
White Prairie Aster
Symplocarpus foetidusSkunk Cabbage
Symphyotrichum ×gravesiiAster
Symphyotrichum laeveSmooth Blue Aster
Symphyotrichum lateriflorumCalico Aster
Symphyotrichum lanceolatumWhitepanicle Aster
Panicled Aster
Lanceleaf Aster
Symphyotrichum lateriflorum var. angustifoliumCalico Aster
Symphyotrichum lateriflorum var. horizontaleCalico Aster
Symphyotrichum laeve var. laeveSmooth Blue Aster
Smooth Aster
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum ssp. lanceolatum var. lanceolatumWhite Panicle Aster
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum ssp. lanceolatum var. latifoliumWhite Panicle Aster
Symphyotrichum lanceolatum ssp. lanceolatumWhite Panicle Aster
Panicled Aster
Symphyotrichum lateriflorum var. lateriflorumCalico Aster
Symphyotrichum lowrieanumLowrie's Blue Wood Aster
Symphyotrichum novae-angliaeNew England Aster
New England American-aster
Symphyotrichum novi-belgiiNew York Aster
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii var. elodesNew York Aster
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii var. novi-belgiiNew York Aster
Symphyotrichum novi-belgii var. villicauleHairy New York Aster
Symphoricarpos orbiculatusCoralberry
Indian Currant
Symphyotrichum patensLate Purple Aster
Symphyotrichum patens var. patensSpreading Aster
Late Purple Aster
Spread-leaf Aster
Sky-drop Aster
Symphyotrichum phlogifoliumThin-leaf Late Purple Aster
Thinleaf Late Purple Aster
Symphyotrichum pilosum var. pringleiAster de Pringle
Pringle's Aster
Symphyotrichum pilosum var. pilosumHairy White Oldfield Aster
Frost Aster
Symphyotrichum praealtumWillowleaf Aster
Symphyotrichum prenanthoidesCrookedstem Aster
Crooked-stem Aster
Symphyotrichum praealtum var. angustiorWillowleaf Aster
Symphyotrichum praealtum var. praealtumTall Aster
Willowleaf Aster
Symphyotrichum puniceumPurplestem Aster
Purple-stemmed Aster
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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2,288 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Height (in feet)
 0-1  1-3  3-6  6-12
 12-36  36-72  72-100
 More than 100

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention