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Blooming golden groundsel, by Bruce Leander Wildflower Warmup - The visual chaos of wildflower season is almost here. Gear up by looking for early spots of color, budding trees and eager-beaver bloomers.
Violet Crown Trail Connect the Plots - The 30-mile Violet Crown Trail will connect the city to its nature, with a planned route through the Wildflower Center.
Participants from the Wildflower Center and the National Park Service paddle to Lake Bayou in Big Thicket National Preserve in search of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and giant and common salvinia (Salvinia spp.) — all invasive species. Photo: Hans Landel Parks and Resuscitation - The National Park Service's battle against invasive plant species is going mobile and high-tech, and the staff at the Wildflower Center is helping to lead the charge.
A restored stream runs through the Bluestem Park prairie among native grasses, trees and wildflowers. Photo: Joanna Wojtkowiak. The Proof is in the Prairie - Getting people outdoors was a key concept behind the Center's prairie restoration at Bluestem Park in Fort Worth, Texas.


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