Lynda’s Library

Open during most normal hours of operation, Lynda’s Library is a place for wee visitors to take a break from nature play and enjoy a good read. Named in honor of Lynda Johnson Robb (daughter of Lady Bird and Lyndon Baines Johnson), this gazebolike structure is located in the Luci and Ian Family Garden and provides shaded seating and a lending library of children’s books.

How It Works

  • Bring One. Bring a book and leave it for others to enjoy. Books for children about nature, gardening, plants and Texas are preferred.*
  • Take One. Enjoy the book here or borrow it for your home.
  • Give One. New books are welcome. Please consider purchasing one in the Gift Store and donating it to Lynda’s Library.

* The Wildflower Centers reserves the right to remove books.

About the Library

Lynda’s Library was given in honor of Lynda Johnson Robb for her 70th birthday by Luci Baines Johnson (her sister) and Ian Turpin. Robb has long been a proponent of children’s literacy: She became a founding member of Reading Is Fundamental, the nation’s largest nonprofit dedicated to children’s literacy, in 1968 and served as chair of its board from 1996 to 2001. According to Robb, her mother told her, “Do something that makes your heart sing”; she found that cause in helping children learn to read.

The unique structure, which unfurls like a flower blooming and features benches made from locally harvested native wood, was designed by architect Tony Guzman, who also fabricated and donated the library’s skylight. The structure was fabricated and built by the wood- and metal-working shops at The University of Texas at Austin. Roofing was donated by Port Enterprises Ltd.


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