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Q. Who is Mr. Smarty Plants?

A: There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits. Yet, others think staff members play some, albeit small, role. You can torture us with your plant questions, but we will never reveal the Green Guru's secret identity.

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Eliminating yuccas from yard in Woodinville, WA
August 21, 2008
My plant areas are being overrun by Yucca plants. They are also growing and destroying my asphalt driveway. How can I get rid of some of them permanently?
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Bugs on yucca plant in New Jersey
August 06, 2008
I noticed small bugs ALL OVER 4 established yucca plants all near each other. They may look like Halticotoma valida but I'm not positive. There is no brown on the leaves except for the large amount...
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Is Sedum recommended for a greenroof project in Houston
July 23, 2008
Would you recommend using Sedum for a green roof project in Houston, Texas? Will the humidity effect the sedum? If sedum would be a poor choice, what would you recommend for Houston?
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Texas natives to plant in July and August
July 23, 2008
My husband and I have a disaster of a lawn that we were planning to develop slowly, over time, with a sustainable design we contracted from a landscape designer. However, we are having to move out of...
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Large agave (century plant) flower stalk
June 17, 2008
HI.I live in Blythe, Ca. and have a GIANT of an agave in my back yard. It is now over 40'high and is blooming. I first noticed the stock growing at Easter when it was about 12' high. It is now t...
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What to do with bloom stalk on yucca
June 08, 2008
Six years ago, I dug up two small narrow-leaf yuccas from a deer lease outside of Junction, Texas. I planted them in a raised bed in my yard and the smaller of the two survived and grew. To my surpris...
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Landscaping on South Padre Island
June 07, 2008
I'm in charge of landscaping at my beachfront condo in South Padre Island and find the wind, salt air, and heat challenging for growing almost anything. We would like to incorporate native plants, b...
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Leaves turning black on Agave americana
June 06, 2008
Dear Mr. Smarty Plants- We have a ~5-year-old agave americana that began to have leaves turn yellow (to black in some areas) just this past spring (2008). A neighbor's tree had started to overhang t...
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Trimming back Agave havardiana
June 05, 2008
Hi.. thanks for all the great information on Agaves. We have a number of Agave Havardiana (blue) that love where we planted them. Several have gotten HUGE. So much so that they are starting to ge...
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Mystery cactus in Williamson County, Texas
May 27, 2008
We have a cactus plant on our place that I have not seen anywhere else in central Texas. The flowers are bright yellow with wine-red centers, but very sparse--only one flower blooms at a time. The p...
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Bloom on non-native Agave attenuata
May 13, 2008
I have an Agave Attenuata that has grown a long and unsightly stem.Is there a way to cut the plant portion off and re-root the plant without killing the petal portion?
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Plants for pool area in Florida
May 09, 2008
My husband and I have a pool with 4 planters and are looking for plants that we can put into our screened in pool area. We live in Central Florida and looking for ideas of plants that are slow growin...
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Natural fibers for lashing bamboo in weaving
May 07, 2008
I live in Austin and am looking for plants I can use for weaving fibers, e.g. lashing bamboo for a small project. What plants and parts do you recommend? What resources do you recommend for informatio...
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Information about ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis)
May 06, 2008
I recently planted some Carpobrotus edulis, Ice plant, and wanted to know if I can mulch or put stones around the entire garden and plants. They are a ground cover plant.
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Possibly non-native succulent identification
March 27, 2008
My mother has a plant that grows on a stalk, 2.5' tall, leaves are about 4-5" on the mature plant. The leaves are scalloped on the edges and seeds grown in the scallops & fall off and make new plan...
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Native plants for highlights in a cactus garden
March 12, 2008
Hi, I'm looking for some groundcover (succulents or herbs), shrubs, and other perennials to plant along with the cactuses (20 or so) I got from the CDRI plant sale in Fort Davis. The most important ...
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Succulents for 9150 feet in New Mexico
March 04, 2008
What succulents could grow in Angel Fire, New Mexico, at an altitude of 9150 a northwestern windy exposure in rocky-ish soil? Are there any that are perennials? Thank you.
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Worms found in Agave used in tequila
February 06, 2008
Hi, I am a writer and have been trying to find some referenced information regarding the moth larvae/'worms' associated with Agave and some mezcal beverages - specifically, Hypopta agavis, Aegiale ...
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Possibility of growing Buckleys yucca in South Carolina
February 03, 2008
I live in Lexington, SC. I am wondering if I can grow Buckley's yucca (yucca constricta) here and if so, where can I purchase the seeds or plants? I am from Texas and we are trying to create a "we...
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Plants that are deer resistant for high desert climate in Utah
January 23, 2008
We are building in a high desert climate in Dammeron Valley, Utah. We want plants that are both deer resistant and require little watering. Can you advise which plants (shrubs, flowers, cacti) that ...
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Dying cactus plants
December 16, 2007
Two large cactus plants on the grounds of our condominium complex have begun to turn yellow and appear to be dying. A "staple" of our landscaping, this is the first year that they have developed th...
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Removal of mature agaves
November 20, 2007
Hello- we live in Austin, TX and have a bed of different varieties of agave. They are near the walkway to our house, and are so out of control they pose a hazard to our guests walking up to the house...
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Identification of green succulent plant with red tubular flowers
October 08, 2007
Hi there, i have this plant which is green,leaves are succulent, and these red tubular little flowers about an inch long grow rampantly all summer. i wanna know what it is called as i take cuttings a...
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Bloom stalks on agave plants
September 26, 2007
Hi, We have Agave plants in our garden for years. But in the past few weeks, we noticed a giant asparagus looking thing growing out in the middle of the plants. We don't know what it is, but every d...
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New agave plants, offshoots of parent plant, transplanting
September 16, 2007
I have different varieties of Agaves that are sending off new plants from the mother. Some have 1-2 and some have 6-7 plants. Is there a proper method for removing (cutting them a certain way) for t...
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Trimmng and fertilizing yucca
September 07, 2007
Should I cut the stalks of the Yucca that have already bloomed or wait until they dry? How often should I fertilize?
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Century plant dying after bloom
August 12, 2007
My century plant is so tall that it is up to the top of the telephone pole top lines that carry our streets electric. I was wanting to know if you knew if I cut the stock off would it save the plant ...
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Identification of
July 23, 2007
I'm trying to identify a plant and I'm having trouble doing so. The plant was called moss by my mother,but it looks like a succulent. It grows on the ground and looks like small vines with pink stem...
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Propagation of Agave americana by seed
July 11, 2007
Dear Mr Smarty Pants, My Century Plant is fulfilling its one wish and blooming flowers from its massive stalk. Although I am very sad to see it go, it is certainly a sight to behold. This plant, ...
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Crown rot in Agave americana
June 13, 2007
My Century Plant's leaves get soft toward the base and eventually fall over and I have to cut them off. What causes this?
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Care for century plant
June 06, 2007
What is the best way to care for a Century Plant? We were given one as a gift and don't know what to do with it.
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Care of Spanish Dagger (Yucca treculeana) after blooming
May 27, 2007
I live in Austin and have a 5 ft spanish dagger in my backyard. Now that it has bloomed and the flowers have withered in May, should I cut off the center stalk or will it bloom again from the same st...
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Ravaged by snails
May 23, 2007
Our Prickly Pear Cactus is being completely ravaged by snails. Is there something in my yard that could be attracting them? Is there something I can do to keep them off the plant? Also is is safe to...
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Semelparous: plant that dies after reproduces. Agave and bamboo.
May 15, 2007
There is a term for a plant who lives its life (usually more than 2 years) sends up a spectacular flowering structure, and then dies. what is that term? a certain plant that falls into that category...
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Root depth of opuntia
May 15, 2007
What can you tell me about the depth of roots of the opuntia? Does it vary with different varieties or is there formula to estimate the depth according to the mature size or to the culture - garden ...
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20 years to bloom
May 02, 2007
My girlfriend and i have come up with an interesting question, we were wondering if there is a plant in existance that takes over 20 years to bloom, and how many different kinds (if any) there are? We...
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Eliminating prickly pear
March 24, 2007
What is best practice for eliminating 100+ acres of dense prickly pear?
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Soil for Agave americana
March 20, 2007
Can you give me some information on soil admendments for growing Agave (Century Plant)? I kept it in a pot during the winter and now I am ready to plant it in my beds
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Selenicereus anthonyanus, Rickrack or Fishbone Cactus
February 28, 2007
A friend of mine gave me a plant he said was a rick rack plant. I have tried to research it on line with no luck and I don't know the scientific name...any help?
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Boundary plants to control cats
June 06, 2006
Is there a plant especially ANNOYING to cats that I could plant along my fence line to keep him away from the street beyond? It would have to be hardy enough for hot temps & full sun. Thanks!
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Native plants for full sun and low maintenance
May 13, 2006
I have volunteered to plant flowers/bushes around a sign at my church. I want to plant indigenous plants so the maintenance is low but I also want attractive plants. The soil is clay and the locatio...
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Century plant dying after bloom
April 06, 2006
Help!! I want to save my Century Plant from dying. I have already lost one and I don't want to lose this one. Can cutting the stalk before it gets too big save this beautiful plant? Please, pleas...
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Projected longevity of Opuntia fragilis (Fragile Prickly Pear)
November 25, 2005
How long does Opuntia fragilis live? Thank you.
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Plants to accompany cactus and agave
October 09, 2005
What plants would look well with cactus and agave to soften the look of spikiness? Also, a homeowner in our association wants the association to plant a pyracantha at the corner of the street to preve...
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Landscaping with native plants in Austin
October 06, 2005
I'm expanding a flower bed in front of my house and would like to keep it all natives. 1) How do I find out what type of soil I should add? (I live near Hyde Park, Austin and haven't had a soil te...
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Monocarpic plants for Indiana
October 06, 2005
We were in Hawaii this summer and became acquainted with the Silversword. This plant (according to what we were told) blooms only once in it's lifetime (of 50-70 years). Are you aware of any other pl...
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Smarty Plants on bio-security
June 11, 2005
Hello, My friend and I are summer interns at the Bryan Mound Strategic Petroleum Reserve Site in Freeport, Texas. Our jobs as the interns is to find a plant that is friendly to the animals around our...
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Tropical-looking landscape in Austin, TX
March 24, 2005
I'd like to have a tropical-looking landscape in my front yard. What plants would you recommend for Austin, Texas? I would prefer plants that can stay outside year-round, but will take suggestions on...
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How do cacti stay in ground
February 25, 2005
How do cacti stay in ground? I know that flowers stay in the ground by their roots but what about cacti?
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Native perennial winter plants for Waco, TX
November 03, 2004
I live in the Waco area, and would like to know winter plants that I could use that would come back each year, flowering or otherwise.
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