Michelle Addington and Laura Hobby Beckworth

School of Architecture Dean Michelle Addington and Laura Hobby Beckworth at a Wildflower Center Advisory Council meeting.


The Wildflower Center’s Advisory Council is a special group of supporters that helps the Center further its mission and goals.


2018 – 2019 Advisory Council Members

Michelle Addington
Tara Armistead
Carole Bailey
Joseph Batson
Laura Beckworth
Amy Bishop
Ruthie Burrus
Jeanie Carter (Vice Chair)
Chris Caudill
Cari Clark
Germaine Curry
Carolyn Curtis
Catherine “Kit” Detering
Gregory Fenves
Tyrrell Flawn
Kathryn Fuller
Regan Gammon
Bianca Garcia
Jeffrey Howell
Luci Baines Johnson

Dawn Jones
Carole Jordan
Karen Kennard
Sarah Westkaepmer Lake
Karen Lundquist
Thomas “Tom” Mays
Patrick Newman
Ellen Petersen
Jennifer Robb
Celina Romero (Secretary)
Luke Schneider
Peter Selig
Wendy Serrell
Brian Shivers (Chair)
Alex Tschursin
Mary Wallace
Marilyn Weber
Jeanie Wyatt
David Yeomans

More Information

New members are recommended by the Advisory Council’s Nominating Committee and appointed by the president of The University of Texas at Austin to three-year terms. The Advisory Council meets twice a year in the spring and fall.

If you would like to learn more about our Advisory Council, please contact Kathy Hernandez at 512.232.0118.