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Tuesday - November 03, 2015

From: New York, NY
Region: Northeast
Topic: Planting, Trees
Title: A good Amelanchier (Serviceberry) for Brooklyn, NY.
Answered by: Guy Thompson


I am looking to purchase an Amelanchier to plant in Brooklyn this month. Would you know which variety works best in a small garden and also is it too late to plant. Mainly, I am looking for someone who sells it and am having trouble with that.


This website provides a description of the Amelanchier species that grow in New York state, including those suitable for Long Island.  It gives details of the size and appearance of the different species.  Amelanchier canadensis (Canadian serviceberry) and Amelanchier laevis (Allegheny serviceberry) are recommended.   I see that the Greenbelt Native Plant Center has Amelanchier canadensis (Canadian serviceberry) and Amelanchier laevis (Allegheny serviceberry).  You might find that some nurseries stock hybrids, such as Autumn Sunset, Cumulus and White Pillar.

I suggest that you wait until spring to plant your chosen tree. You might be able to get a free Amelanchier canadensis (Canadian serviceberry) from the NYC Parks Dept.  Container-grown trees should be safe to plant anytime, but harsh winter weather could cause damage.  In case you need them, tips on tree planting can be found on our website.



From the Image Gallery

Canadian serviceberry
Amelanchier canadensis

Allegheny serviceberry
Amelanchier laevis

Common serviceberry
Amelanchier arborea

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