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Q. Who is Mr. Smarty Plants?

A: There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits. Yet, others think staff members play some, albeit small, role. You can torture us with your plant questions, but we will never reveal the Green Guru's secret identity.

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Ask Mr. Smarty Plants is a free service provided by the staff and volunteers at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

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Urushiol Oil Persistance?
September 09, 2015
I'm trekking into poison ivy infested areas for work every other day. I make sure to wear long pants, long sleeves, boots, and long socks over my pants. I walk into my office to drop off supplies and...
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Is Convolvulus equitans poisonous?
August 22, 2015
Hello, Can you tell me if convolvulus equitans is poisonous? If so, can you tell me how poisonous and which parts are poisonous? I am considering putting this in my backyard but I have a dog and an...
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Vine with big flowers or fruits
August 12, 2015
I need a vine that will take over a 8ft wide x 12 ft high lattice. It will be the center piece of the front of the house. It will be In sun almost constantly throughout the day. I'd like something wi...
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Identification of vining shrub near Fort Worth
August 07, 2015
Please let me know what this plant might be. Saw it one county west of Ft. Worth, in a wooded area, and I've never seen this in this region before. The form is a vining shrub. Leaves are heart-sh...
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Controlling Cocculus carolinus vines
August 04, 2015
I live in Oklahoma City and want to rid my yard and flowerbeds of Cocculus Carolinus vines, I already have a infestation, I cant count the number of vines that were already established before I found ...
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Looking for an evergreen vine to grow on trellis as a privacy screen
July 11, 2015
Hello, I'm looking for an evergreen vine to grow on a free standing trellis. It is used as a screen on our back porch, so ideally we would not like to use anything that flowers due to the insects ...
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Does Virginia creeper cause a rash?
July 09, 2015
Does Virginia creeper cause a rash to everyone or those who are only allergic as in an allergy like a peanut allergy? Is it something that should be avoided like poison ivy? And does the sap stick to ...
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Red, puffy growths on Concord grape vine
July 07, 2015
I have a growth on my grapevine that is red and puffy almost looks like it is full of water. It is a Concord grapevine. I have images I can send to you! It is on the stems.
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Safe to plant Wisteria frutescens near a foundation?
July 01, 2015
I am interested in planting a Wisteria frutescens 'Nivea'. It will be next to a house foundation wall. Could you tell me what type of root system it has? Would it be a root that would dama...
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Discouraging Poison Ivy
June 27, 2015
Is there a fern that discourages poison ivy from growing?
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Vine with 5 pointed deep lobed leaves and small white flowers
June 21, 2015
I recently happened upon a very peculiar vine. It has 5 pointed very deep lobed leaves, that are semi hairy on both the top and bottom with small white flowers that emerge from the same part of the st...
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Invasive vine with yellow flowers in Austin
June 21, 2015
What is the invasive vine in Austin that has wire like stems and small leaves. It just blossomed huge yellow flowers this spring. It climbs cliff, trees, bldgs., etc.
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Identity of fleshy three-leaved vine in Central Texas
June 20, 2015
I have a 3 leaved evergreen vine, that I assume is a central Texas native, growing in my yard in a non irrigated mostly shady spot. It has a strong odor when touched and looks and feels like a succule...
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Will Crossvine damage stucco walls?
June 17, 2015
The Crossvine I planted about a month ago is doing well. It is growing up a stucco wall and its little tendrils are sticking to (or into?) the stucco. Is this going to grow into the stucco and damage ...
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Native vine for a privacy fence in Austin, TX.
June 16, 2015
I have a vacant lot in Greenshores that has two 6' iron fences. Neighbor planted some sort of vine that grows up and along fence for privacy, white flowers when in bloom, I assume its Jasmine? On ne...
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Flowering shrubs and vines for San Angelo, Texas
May 28, 2015
Hello What would be the best flowering shrubs and vines to plant here in dry San Angelo?
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How to propagate Scarlet leatherflower (Clematis texensis)
May 25, 2015
How do you collect seeds for the scarlet leatherflower? I saw your answer on how to grow from seeds but I'm not sure how to collect the seeds. Also is it possible to grow the scarlet leatherflower...
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Plant for Erosion Control on Wooded Slope in MD
May 19, 2015
We are looking for a plant to help with erosion control on a wooded slope next to our drive. The roots of several of the trees are exposed like a shelf, so I think it's a fairly severe problem. We ar...
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Identity of vining plants in yard in Texas
May 08, 2015
I have vining plants in my back-yard, here when I bought the house, that, from what I have been able to find on-line, look like poison sumac, however, I know they are not. Leaf shape, color, and appe...
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Vines for a backyard pergola not toxic to dogs and cats
April 26, 2015
We have just built a pergola in out backyard and are wanting a vine to grow up and around the posts. We have 3 dogs and also have a cat that loves to go outside. We are really looking for something th...
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Passiflora and Leucophyllum together in Texas
April 23, 2015
I've got a Passiflora incarnata that has self-propagated around a cenizo sage. My question is, will the passionflower vine choke out or otherwise damage the cenizo? Do I need to cut back the vine? ...
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Plants for a children's playground
April 20, 2015
We have extensive native gardens on our 2 acre property, but my children want a garden of their own with plants they can hide under and that are good for imaginative play. Are there any native plants...
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Evergreen groundcovers for NE NC
April 20, 2015
Can you please provide a list of evergreen native groundcovers for Northeastern NC?
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Identification of ivy-like plant with large purplish leaves.
March 27, 2015
Can you ID this ivy-like growing plant with a big purplish elephant ear type leaf and a big green stem pouch?
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Vine for Chain Link Fence in Virginia
March 25, 2015
I am from Great Falls, Virginia. I would like to know what the best vine is to grow on aluminum fences to cover them up quickly but also doesn't damage expensive fences in a long term?
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