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Provides Nesting Materials/Structure for Native Bees

Plants that native bees nest beneath, within, or harvest parts from to construct their nests. This information was provided by the Pollinator Program at The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Andropogon gerardiiBig Bluestem
Tall Bluestem
Andropogon glomeratusBushy Bluestem
Brushy Bluestem
Andropogon halliiSand Bluestem
Andropogon ternariusSplitbeard Bluestem
Split Bluestem
Andropogon virginicusBroomsedge
Broomsedge Bluestem
Yellowsedge Bluestem
Whiskey Grass
Popotillo Pajon
Artemisia californicaCoastal Sagebrush
California Sagebrush
Artemisia campestrisField Sagewort
Artemisia canaSilver Sagebrush
Coaltown Sagebrush
Dwarf Sagebrush
Hoary Sagebrush
Silvery Sagebrush
Artemisia campestris ssp. borealisField Sagewort
Northern Wormwood
Artemisia campestris ssp. caudataField Sagewort
Artemisia douglasianaDouglas' Sagewort
Douglas Mugwort
Artemisia dracunculusTarragon
Artemisia filifoliaSand Sagebrush
Silver Sagebrush
Silvery Wormwood
Sand Sage
Artemisia frigidaPrairie Sagewort
Prairie Sagebrush
Fringed Sage
Pasture Sage
Artemisia ludovicianaLouisiana Artemisia
Louisiana Sage
White Sage
Prairie Sage
Silver Sage
White Sagebrush
Louisiana Wormwood
Silver Wormwood
Louisiana Sagewort
Gray Sagewort
Cudweed Sagewort
Mugwort Wormwood
Artemisia novaBlack Sagebrush
Artemisia palmeriSan Diego Sagewort
San Diego Sagebrush
Aristida purpureaPurple Threeawn
Purple 3-awn
Purple Three-awn
Red Threeawn
Aristida purpurea var. longisetaRed Three-awn
Fendler Three-awn
Purple Threeawn
Aristida purpurea var. nealleyiBlue Threeawn
Aristida purpurea var. purpureaPurple Threeawn
Red Threeawn
Artemisia pycnocephalaBeach Sagebrush
Beach Wormwood
Sand Hill Sage
Artemisia stellerianaOldwoman
Dusty Miller
Artemisia tilesii ssp. elatiorTilesius' Wormwood
Aleutian Mugwort
Artemisia tridentataBig Sagebrush
Great Basin Sagebrush
Bouteloua curtipendulaSideoats Grama
Bouteloua hirsutaHairy Grama
Bromus kalmiiArctic Brome
Prairie Brome
Wild Chess
Cercis canadensisEastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis var. canadensisEastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis var. mexicanaMexican Redbud
Cercis canadensis var. texensisTexas Redbud
Cercis orbiculataCalifornia Redbud
Western Redbud
Arizona Redbud
Pata De Vaca
Chilopsis linearisDesert Willow
Flowering Willow
Willow-leaved Catalpa
Willowleaf Catalpa
Bow Willow
Flor De Mimbre
Cirsium arizonicumArizona Thistle
Cirsium brevistylumClustered Thistle
Indian Thistle
Short-style Thistle
Cirsium canescensPrairie Thistle
Cirsium cymosumPeregrine Thistle
Cirsium discolorField Thistle
Cirsium drummondiiDwarf Thistle
Cirsium eduleEdible Thistle
Cirsium engelmanniiEngelmann's Thistle
Cirsium flodmaniiFlodman's Thistle
Cirsium foliosumElk Thistle
Cirsium hilliiHill's Thistle
Hollow-rooted Thistle
Prairie Thistle
Cirsium horridulumBristle Thistle
Yellow Thistle
Horrid Thistle
Purple Thistle
Spiny Thistle
Bull Thistle
Cirsium mohavenseMojave Thistle
Cirsium muticumSwamp Thistle
Cirsium neomexicanumNew Mexico Thistle
Utah Thistle
Cirsium occidentaleCobwebby Thistle
Cirsium ochrocentrumYellowspine Thistle
Cirsium occidentale var. candidissimumSnowy Thistle
Cirsium occidentale var. occidentaleCobwebby Thistle
Cirsium peckiiSteen Mountain Thistle
Ghost Thistle
Cirsium pitcheriSand Dune Thistle
Cirsium pumilumPasture Thistle
Cirsium scariosumMeadow Thistle
Cirsium texanumTexas Thistle
Cirsium turneriCliff Thistle
Cirsium undulatumWavyleaf Thistle
Plumed Thistle
Cirsium wheeleriWheeler's Thistle
Dichanthelium oligosanthes var. oligosanthesHeller's Rosette Grass
Eragrostis intermediaPlains Lovegrass
Plains Love Grass
Eragrostis trichodesSand Lovegrass
Sand Love Grass
Hesperostipa sparteaPorcupinegrass
Porcupine Grass
Koeleria macranthaPrairie Junegrass
Prairie Koeler's Grass
Muhlenbergia rigensDeergrass
Meadow Muhly
Deer Muhly
Prosopis glandulosaHoney Mesquite
Glandular Mesquite
Prosopis glandulosa var. glandulosaHoney Mesquite
Prosopis glandulosa var. torreyanaWestern Honey Mesquite
Torrey Mesquite
Western Mesquite
Prosopis pubescensScrewbean Mesquite
American Screwbean
Screwpod Mesquite
Twisted Bean
Fremont Screwbean
Prosopis velutinaVelvet Mesquite
Rhus aromaticaFragrant Sumac
Aromatic Sumac
Lemon Sumac
Polecat Bush
Rhus aromatica var. serotinaFragrant Sumac
Rhus copallinumWinged Sumac
Shining Sumac
Flameleaf Sumac
Mountain Sumac
Dwarf Sumac
Wing-rib Sumac
Black Sumac
Upland Sumac
Rhus glabraSmooth Sumac
Rhus integrifoliaLemonade Sumac
Rhus lanceolataPrairie Flameleaf Sumac
Flameleaf Sumac
Prairie Sumac
Lance-leaf Sumac
Lance-leaved Sumac
Texas Sumac
Tree Sumac
Limestone Sumac
Prairie Shining Sumac
Rhus microphyllaLittleleaf Sumac
Desert Sumac
Rhus ovataSugar Sumac
Rhus trilobataSkunkbush
Skunkbush Sumac
Fragrant Sumac
Aromatic Sumac
Scented Sumac
Ill-scented Sumac
Rhus trilobata var. pilosissimaDowny Fragrant Sumac
Downy Aromatic Sumac
Pubescent Skunkbush Sumac
Rhus trilobata var. trilobataSkunkbush Sumac
Rhus typhinaStaghorn Sumac
Velvet Sumac
Rhus virensEvergreen Sumac
Tobacco Sumac
Rhus virens var. choriophyllaMearn Sumac
Evergreen Sumac
Rosa acicularisPrickly Rose
Wild Rose
Rosa acicularis ssp. sayiPrickly Rose
Rosa arkansanaPrairie Rose
Arkansas Rose
Rosa arkansana var. suffultaPrairie Rose
Sunshine Rose
Rosa blandaSmooth Rose
Early Wild Rose
Rosa blanda var. blandaSmooth Rose
Rosa blanda var. glabraSmooth Rose
Rosa californicaCalifornia Wildrose
California Rose
Rosa carolinaCarolina Rose
Pasture Rose
Rosa carolina var. carolinaCarolina Rose
Rosa foliolosaWhite Prairie Rose
Leafy Rose
Rosa gymnocarpaDwarf Rose
Rosa nitidaShining Rose
Rosa nutkanaNootka Rose
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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190 Results:   10  25  50 100 per page

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General Appearance


Light requirement
 Sun - 6 or more hrs
 Part shade - 2 to 6 hrs
 Shade - 2 hrs or less

Soil moisture
 Dry - no signs of moisture
 Moist - looks & feels damp
 Wet - saturated

Bloom Time
 Jan  Feb  Mar
 Apr  May  Jun
 Jul  Aug  Sep
 Oct  Nov  Dec
Bloom Color
 White  Red  Pink
 Orange  Yellow  Green
 Blue  Purple  Violet
 Brown  Black

Leaf Arrangement

Leaf Retention