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The Importance of Genetics

There are concerns about introducing species into a region where they were not previously growing. If you are not familiar with these concerns, please read the Importance of Genetics.

Selecting a Suitable Supplier

It is important that anyone contacting suppliers in this directory understand that it is their own responsibility to ensure that they are getting a reliable and quality product. For help choosing a supplier, please read Selecting a Suitable Supplier.

Seed Definitions

It is helpful to become familiar with seed terms when ordering seed to assist you in making informed decisions. Please review seed terms by visiting the page on Seed Definitions.


National Suppliers Directory

This directory has been compiled to make it easier to find businesses that sell native plants or seeds and provide professional landscape or consulting services. Use the search options below to find help for your native plant needs or click here to add your business to the directory. Associates are providers of native plant services who offer Wildflower Center members a discount on merchandise or services. To qualify, at least 50% of an Associate's projects or inventory must use native plants.

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Based on your location search, these Suppliers are closest from nearest to farthest.


NameLocation% NativeAssociate
Utility Research GardenAustin, TX25  
Landscape MafiaAustin, TX75 Yes 
Barton Springs NurseryAustin, TX50  
Pots & Plants Garden CenterAustin, TX50  
Chisos GardensAustin, TX Yes 
Emerald Garden NurseryAUSTIN, Texas50 Yes 

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Seed Companies

NameLocation% NativeAssociate
A Touch O' Green Landscape & Gardens LLCAustin, TX75 Yes 
Allbright Middletown Lago Vista, TX75 Yes 
Wildseed FarmsFredericksburg, TX75  
Douglass King Co., Inc.San Antonio, TX50  
Native American SeedJunction, TX100 Yes 

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Landscape Professionals

NameLocation% NativeAssociate
Native GardensAustin, TX  
dwg.Austin, Texas100  
Big Red Sun AustinAustin, Texas75  
Native Cottage GardensAustin, TX75 Yes 
breaux design groupaustin, tx100 Yes 
Carola GardensAustin, TX  

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Environmental Consultants

NameLocation% NativeAssociate
Native Cottage GardensAustin, TX75 Yes 
breaux design groupaustin, tx100 Yes 
Horizon Environmental Services, IncAustin, TX100  
David Michael, LLCaustin, Texas100  
Landscape MafiaAustin, TX75 Yes 
Ecotopes - Native to AustinAustin, TX100 Yes 

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