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Q. Who is Mr. Smarty Plants?

A: There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits. Yet, others think staff members play some, albeit small, role. You can torture us with your plant questions, but we will never reveal the Green Guru's secret identity.

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How to get Poison Ivy?
November 22, 2015
I know this is a silly question but we have a lot of poison ivy in the area and I know that birds eat the seeds and berries, can you get poison ivy from bird poop or track it in the house? From shoes ...
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Food Allergy to Beautyberry or Persimmon?
October 22, 2015
I think I might have a food allergy to Beautyberry or American Persimmon, eaten Saturday at the North Carolina Great Dismal park. These were the only strange foods recently, though I've had persimmo...
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What is the plant called wingspan?
September 21, 2014
I have a lot of environmental allergies and saw a positive result for "wingspan" yet I cannot find ANY information online about that particular plant. I was told it's "tumbleweed" by the medical ...
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Pfluegerville Screening Hedge
May 25, 2014
We live just north of Austin in a subdivision built on farm land so we have relatively flat land with good soil. We just put in a pool and are needing a privacy hedge along our 66 ft back fence. We ...
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Source for Ashe Juniper seeds from Blanco Co., TX
March 10, 2014
I'm trying to find Ashe Juniper seeds to plant in bare areas of my property in central Texas. I understand they grow well in rockier soil and have many other benefits for native animal species. Unfo...
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Natural privacy hedge for Kyle Texas
January 06, 2014
I am looking to make a natural privacy screen in the Kyle Texas area. I am being pointed towards Leyland Cypress by some and told to shy away from this tree by others. I found Green Giant Arborvitae a...
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Injury from non-native Canary Palm from Torrance CA
October 18, 2013
I got stuck in the eye a yr ago by a Phoenix canariensis. It went through my retina and through the integral chamber and put a stamp on my lense. There was no room for any more err without causing bli...
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Native Trees for Pflugerville TX
September 28, 2013
I'm looking for suggestions on native, drought tolerant conifers that can be located in a Pflugerville landscape under overhead electric lines. Open to Arizona Cypress, but concerned about the height...
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Springbeauty in New Jersey and Dog Allergies
May 11, 2013
Is Claytonia virginica in New Jersey and could my dog be allergic to it?
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Skin allergies; is Juniper the culprit in Simi Valley, CA?
July 21, 2012
My husband and I have had terrible skin allergy problems this spring (for me it's been 3 years) and think it may be the juniper bushes outside our bedroom and kitchen windows. Is there a fast growin...
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Source of Allergies in Austin, TX
June 19, 2012
Hi, Mr. Smarty Plants. I live in Northwest Austin and I've been suffering from allergies since moving to Austin. The allergies seem to occur at least once a year for at least a month or two. Beg...
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Sap from agave causing reactions from Edgewater FL
April 06, 2012
Not only was I stuck with the century plant thorns and needle like ends when I was digging up its pups, but I also broke the carrot-like root of a few when I was transplanting and got the white sap on...
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Non-poisonous, non-allergenic plants for privacy fence
March 15, 2012
I'm looking to put in some plants to create a privacy fence against one side of my property. I'd like a mix of plants that grow well together in order to create a diverse look. I need something ever...
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Reducing Allergens in Yards and Gardens
January 31, 2012
What are some allergen-free native plants to Central Texas that thrive in the soil and can survive in the weather?
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Trees and shrubs turning brown in Dripping Springs TX
October 31, 2011
Due to the extended drought - a number of trees and shrubs in our Dripping Springs area property have turned brown. Specifically: Live Oak; Agarita; Ash Juniper; Cedar Elm. Is this a dormant stag...
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Allergy-causing plant in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area
March 17, 2011
Do you know what is growing (or floating in the air) in the DFW metroplex now, but not growing or floating the rest of the year? I have a 3 year old that has gotten extremely itchy this time of the ...
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Dogs developing allergic skin problems in Waco TX
February 24, 2011
We have 2 West Highland White terriers..since we moved 2 yrs. ago, they have developed TERRIBLE skin problems at our new home, about 5 miles from our old home, in Waco. What contact plants, shrub...
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Pollenless Cedar Elms for Georgetown, Texas
September 28, 2010
I am considering planting the Cedar Elm tree at my home in Georgetown, Texas. I was under the impression that only the female of the species produces the irritating pollen. Is this true?
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How far east to avoid Ashe juniper pollen from Austin?
September 04, 2010
How far East of San Antonio and Austin do I have to go to avoid the pollen of Juniperus Ashei? Is Bastrop county safe? I'd be happy if it were gone 90% of the winter days - will the wind keep it aw...
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Evergreen drought-tolerant screening plant for shade
May 13, 2010
I am renting my place and looking for a screening, green all year, native plant or shrub. I plan to grow it in large planters along my street and to create privacy in my back yard. It has to be a non...
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Screening plant for wall in Florida
February 26, 2010
Hi Mr. Smarty Pants, I live near Tampa, FL and I want to put a line of privacy plants/hedges along a brick wall. The wall is 6' high with openings in the top 3' of the wall. The length of the w...
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Skin irritation caused by hydrangea in Monroe GA
July 06, 2009
Can Queen Anne Lace hydrangea cause a skin irritation such as poison ivy or oak? I picked up a branch that had broken off to discard and the following day I have a place on my arm about six inches lon...
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Shrub for shade in Rockford IL
April 29, 2009
I live in Rockford, IL and would like to know what kind of bush to plant in pretty much, full shade. I would prefer to stay away from evergreens due to allergies. Thanks.
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Non-allergenic landscape in Fairfield, CT
April 18, 2009
I live in Fairfield, CT and need to have a non-allergenic landscape. Can you please list plants, ground covers, and trees/shrubs that would be beautiful, and help in this critical situation? The lan...
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What do cedars do to cause cedar fever?
February 20, 2009
What do the native cedars in Fate Tx do in the winter that causes allergies to get really bad that they have named it cedar fever
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Getting rid of giant ragweed in Austin
October 25, 2008
How can I get rid of a large field of giant ragweed? Part of the site is a steep slope, which is difficult to mow. I want to encourage native grasses but they are crowded out by the ragweed.
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Avoiding cedar elm because of allergens
August 18, 2008
Hi. Cedar elm, Ulmus crassifolia, seems like a wonderful, tough, drought tolerant native tree. I'd like to plant several to shade buildings. I'm being discouraged from doing so because Cedar elm ...
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Selection of trees for new home
June 30, 2008
We are moving to Roanoke, Texas(Denton County) into a new home. Our home will have 3 trees which we can choose. They are Texas Ash, Live Oak, Sweetgum, Silver Leak maple, Cedar Elm and Bradford Pear...
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Tea made from timothy grass
June 20, 2008
My mom and I have been drinking tea made from Timothy grass seed for many years, 40 at least. It is delicious, and refreshing. My question is can you see any harm in drinking tea made from the seeds o...
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Native substitute for traditional Christmas tree
December 01, 2007
Could you give some recommendations for a substitute of the traditional Christmas tree used during the holiday season? The low light/humidity conditions in the home is a challenge under any circumsta...
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Eastern red cedar for indoor Christmas tree
November 06, 2007
I would love to have a live b&b or container tree for a Christmas tree, then plant it in the ground after Christmas. Would a Eastern Cedar survive if I brought it inside for a couple of weeks before p...
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Fast growing, tall evergreens for privacy in Buda, Texas
June 09, 2007
I need to plant fast growing tall evergreens along a western 6 ft privacy fence. The function is privacy, and sound deadening. Our western privacy fence is along a 2 way noisy highway. Please advise a...
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