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NPIN: Recommended Native Plant Species

Special Collections

Welcome to the Special Collections section of the Native Plant Information Network. Here is where we post lists of native plants recommended for various purposes. Once you have selected a collection, you can browse the collection or search within it using the combination search.

National Collections

Threatened & Endangered Species - Plants in our database that have Threatened or Endangered status with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
2013 National Wetland Plant List - Wetland status ratings from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Butterflies and Moths of North America - Plants that are valuable to moths and butterflies.
Native Plant Network - Propagation protocols from the Native Plant Network.
Deer Resistant - Native plants that deer tend to avoid.
Chesapeake Bay - Native Plants for wildlife and conservation landscaping in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Regional Pollinator Plant Lists

California Pollinator Plant List.

Value to Beneficial Insects

Special Value to Native Bees - Attracts large numbers of native bees.
Special Value to Bumble Bees - Attracts large numbers of bumble bees.
Special Value to Honey Bees - Important pollen or nectar sources (honey plant) for honey bees.
Provides Nesting Materials/Structure for Native Bees - Plants that native bees nest beneath, within, or harvest parts from to construct their nests.
Supports Conservation Biological Control - Plants that attracts predatory or parasitoid insects that prey upon pest insects.

This information was provided by the Pollinator Program at The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation.

Regional Wildflowers

These wildflower collections were made possible by a grant from the Garden Writers Foundation of the Garden Writers Association of America.
Wildflowers of Central Texas | Eastern Woodlands | Pacific Northwest | Rocky Mountains | Southwestern Desert | Tallgrass Prairie

Wildflower Center: Texas Arboretum

Arboretum Plants - Master List of Arboretum Taxa.
Oak Collection - 53 native oak species comprise the Oak Collection.
Specimen Tree Collection - A special collection of large and iconic trees like pecan, American elm and sycamore.
Trees for Utility Lines - Low-growing trees that can be planted near power lines.
Xeric Collection - South Texas Trees and shrubs for hot, dry, rocky areas.

Wildflower Center: Conservation Collections

List of species in the Wildflower Center Seed Bank.
List of Texas species that were collected for the Millennium Seed Bank Project (MSBP).
List of species in the Wildflower Center Herbarium.

Wildflower Center: Plant Sales

Spring Sale
Fall Sale
Winter Tree Fest

Seed Sources

Native Seed Network - Commercial seed sources for native plants.
Native American Seed - Texas species available from Native American Seed.
American Meadows - Wildflower seed mixes for the Northeast | Southeast | Midwest | Northwest | Southwest | West

Just for Texans

National Butterfly Center - Butterfly plants for south Texas.
Texas Wildscapes - Plant List from the Texas Wildscapes CD-ROM (TPWD).
Great Small Trees for Houston
- Fourteen trees selected by The Garden Club of Houston to bring variety and charm to the Houston landscape.
Remarkable Riparian - A field guide to riparian plants within the Nueces River Basin of Texas.
Lady Bird Legacy Wildflower Mix - Mix by the Wildflower Center and Native American Seed.
Texas Wildflowers - Texas Wildflowers by Campbell and Lynn Loughmiller.
Cut-Flower Suitable Species - Native Texas plants that work well in cut-flower arrangements.
Millennium Seed Bank - List of species from the Millennium Seed Bank project.
UT Austin Native Tree Species - List of native tree species at the University of Texas at Austin.
Harry T. Cliffe Bexar Regional Herbarium - Digitized herbarium specimens from the Harry T. Cliffe Bexar Regional Herbarium. View Plants.

By Texas Ecoregion: Pineywoods | Gulf Marshes and Prairies | Post Oak Savannah | Blackland Prairies | Cross Timbers and Prairies | South Texas Plains | Edwards Plateau | Rolling Plains | High Plains | Trans-Pecos

Just for Central Texans

Milkweed Species for Central Texas - Ten asclepiads native to Central Texas.
Hill Country Horticulture - Native plants for the Central Texas Hill Country.
Sun Garden Plants for Central Texas - Native plants that work well in a full sun garden.
Pond Plants for Central Texas - Native plants that work well in water gardens.
Dry Shade Plants for Central Texas - Native plants that work well in dry shade.
Woodland Plants for Central Texas - Native plants that work well in woodlands.
Wetland Plants for Central Texas - Native plants for that work well in riparian areas.
Hummingbird Plants for Central Texas - Native plants that attract hummingbirds.
Container Garden Plants for Central Texas - Native plants for container gardens.
Edible Plants for Central Texas - Native plants for human consumption.
Drought Resistant Plants for Central Texas - Native plants that perform well during drought.

Landscape Restoration

Riparian Restoration Plants for Central Texas - Woody and herbaceous species for restoring riparian areas