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Sunday - August 11, 2013

From: Ekron, KY
Region: Mid-Atlantic
Topic: Plant Identification, Vines
Title: Identity of vine growing in Kentucky.
Answered by: Nan Hampton


I have a vine I can't identify. The leaf is heart shaped and the vine is fuzzy. The blooms is just now starting to bloom. They are small red and some white in it. The bloom sort of remind you of a carnation bud. It's not a solid one bud. It is approximately 7 feet tall and wrapped around the light pole. I hope you can help me. Thank you.


You can search for your vine by doing a COMBINATION SEARCH in our Native Plant Database.  Choose "Kentucky" from Select State or Province, "Vine" from Habit (general appearance) and  "White","Pink" and "Red" (all three) from Bloom Color.  You should try the search yourself to be sure I haven't missed your vine, but here are some possibilities I found:

Apios americana (Groundnut)

Mikania scandens (Climbing hempvine)

Polygonum arifolium (Halberdleaf tearthumb)  Here are photos and more information from Connecticut Wildflowers.

Strophostyles helvola (Amberique-bean)  Here are more photos and information from Native & Naturalized Plants of the Carolinas & Georgia.

Strophostyles umbellata (Pink fuzzybean)  Here are more photos and information from Southeastern Flora.

All the above plants are native to North America (north of Mexico).  I can think of another vine with heart-shaped, somewhat fuzzy leaves and pinkish or reddish flowers that is NOT native to North America, but to Mexico and Central America.  It is Antigonon leptopus (Coral vine or Queen's wreath).  I think it would probably grow for a season in Kentucky but I don't believe it would overwinter.  Its USDA Plant Hardiness Zones are 8-10 and Kentucky is in Zones 6-7a.

If none of the vines above are your vine and you have (or can take) photos of it, please visit our Plant Identification page to find links to several plant identification forums that will accept photos of plants for identification.  Be sure to read the "Important Notes" for submitting images near the bottom of the page.


From the Image Gallery

Climbing hempvine
Mikania scandens

Climbing hempvine
Mikania scandens

Strophostyles helvola

Strophostyles helvola

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