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Glossary of commonly used botanical terms and their definitions. Use the search bar below to look up a botanical term.

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15 Random Botanical Terms

Cyme - A usually flattish inflorescence in which the central or terminal flower matures first.

Herb - A plant species lacking woody tissue when mature.

Pubescent - Said of stems or leaves with soft hairs.

Actinomorphic - Refers to flowers that can be divided into equal halves along any axis (radially symmetric).

Panicle - A branched raceme; a raceme of racemes.

Compound - A leaf divided into two or more leaflets.

Truncate - Ending abruptly, e.g., a leaf blade squared at the base.

Pinnately Compound - Leaves with leaflets opposite each other on each side of the midrib. They may be oddly pinnate, ending with a leaflet at the tip, or evenly pinnate, with no leaflet at the end. These leaflets may be twice compound (Bipinnate), like the leaves on sensitive briars (Mimosa spp.).

Involucel - A bract or bracts subtending an individual flower in a compound inflorescence.

Follicle - Dry, dehiscent fruit.

Hermaphrodite - Bisexual, having both male and female parts in the same flower.

Tubercle - A more or less pyramidal knob rising from the stem surface of a cactus and having an areole on or near its summit.

Decumbent - Lying on the ground but having an ascending tip.

Stolon - A horizontal above ground stem.

Taproot - A single main root that grows vertically into the ground.