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Glossary of commonly used botanical terms and their definitions. Use the search bar below to look up a botanical term.

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15 Random Botanical Terms

Oblique - Leaf shows asymmetry at the base.

Deciduous - Having leaves that all fall off at the end of the growing season, or at least wither up and become lifeless.

Caudate - Tapering gradually into a long taillike tip

Acuminate - Gradually tapering to a point.

Peltate - Leaf shape that is round or rounded with the petiole attachment on the abaxial leaf surface and not on a leaf edge.

Biennial - A plant that takes two years to complete the flowering cycle. Typically it grows vegetatively the first year and flowers and fruits during the second year before dying.

Fruit - The seed-bearing part of a plant.

Capitulescence - The inflorescence of a capitulum-bearing plant as in many species in Asteraceae.

Pappus - The calyx modifications found on many species of Asteraceae (Sunflower Family), commonly appearing as hairs, bristles, or scales, and usually persisting on the fruit.

Special Value to Honey Bees - Identified by beekeepers and pollination biologists as an important pollen or nectar source (honey plant) for honey bees.

Simple - Not divided into parts, e.g., a leaf with the blade in one piece.

Leafless - Without leaves.

Grass/Grass-like - Having narrow leaves, usually arising from the base of the plant.

Anemophilous - Wind pollinated.

Berry - A fleshy, indehiscent fruit with few to many seeds.