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Glossary of commonly used botanical terms and their definitions. Use the search bar below to look up a botanical term.

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15 Random Botanical Terms

Peltate - Leaf shape that is round or rounded with the petiole attachment on the abaxial leaf surface and not on a leaf edge.

Vine - Plants that climb by twining, tendrils, or clinging.

Pith - The spongy tissue in the center of a stem.

Perfect - A flower with both male and female reproductive organs; bisexual, hermaphroditic or monoclinous.

Bristly - Having stiff, rigid, rather thick hairs on the surface of stems or leaves.

Opposite - Said of leaves originating in pairs at a node, with the members of each pair opposite each other on the stem.

Lanceolate - Having the shape of a spear-head or lance.

Laciniate - Fringed or having edges irregularly and finely slashed.

Elliptic - Shaped like an ellipse, resembling a flattened circle.

Venation - The arrangement of veins within a leaf.

Two lipped flower - A flower that has an upper and a lower division, as in Labiatae (Mint Family).

Midrib - The main or central rib or vein of a leaf.

Beard - A tuft or line of hairs, as on certain petals.

Catkin - A spikelike flower cluster that bears scaly bracts and petalless, unisexual flowers.

Crenate - Having rounded teeth along the margin.