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Saturday - September 20, 2014

From: San Antonio, TX
Region: Southwest
Topic: Seeds and Seeding, Wildflowers
Title: When is best time to plant seeds of Texas Nightshade in San Antonio, TX?
Answered by: Jimmy Mills


I need to know the time to plant seeds of Texas Nightshade. Can I plant them now ( August ), or wait till fall or spring?


The Texas Nightshade Solanum triquetrum (Texas nightshade) is  Texas native in the family Solanaceae.  From its profile page, we see that it is a perennial and can flower in each month of the year. So it would seem that there are seeds in the environment year round. The plant is similar to the Silverleaf Nightshade Solanum elaeagnifolium (Silverleaf nightshade). This link from Dave’s Garden  suggests that the seeds should be planted in the Spring after the last frost.  I think that I would follow this advice.

Here is a link to an informative  article by Jim Conrod  that appeared in the December 15, 2013, Newsletter from the Frio Canyon Nature Education Center.  Note the reference to possible toxicity.



From the Image Gallery

Texas nightshade
Solanum triquetrum

Silverleaf nightshade
Solanum elaeagnifolium

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