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Q. Who is Mr. Smarty Plants?

A: There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits. Yet, others think staff members play some, albeit small, role. You can torture us with your plant questions, but we will never reveal the Green Guru's secret identity.

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Controlling pumpkin vine in British Columbia
July 15, 2008
I have never grown pumpkins before but decided to try one plant this year. It seems to be taking over my small garden space. Can I prune it back? I only want one or two pumpkins for my grandchildre...
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Vines for side of home
July 14, 2008
Can you suggest a native vine for Central Maryland? The intent is for the vine to grow up the southern face of a vinyl sided home to make the home more attractive but also to provide some reduction o...
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Plants to cover rock wall in Pennsylvania
July 10, 2008
Please recommend plants that I could use to plant on the (full sun) slightly sloped ground space above a 3 foot high, 20 foot long unattractive stone wall that would grow over and down to cover the wa...
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Identification of prickly vine in north Texas
July 07, 2008
While trimming the shrubs around my suburban house I noticed (and my legs were torn up by!) a vine-like plant with small green serrated leaves and millions of small, very sharp thorns. I search Invasi...
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Invasive vines in azaleas in South Carolina
July 07, 2008
I have saw briars and wild jasmine, and cow itch vine that has invaded my azaleas, and would like your input on how to get rid of them without completely destroying my azaleas. Thanks
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Plants for wall with afternoon sun in Oregon
July 03, 2008
Portland, Or. We have a stacked cement wall about 30 feet long that receives afternoon sun from the west. we would like to plant something edible along that wall that can tolerate afternoon sun. G...
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Regenerating old cross-vines in Richardson, TX
June 26, 2008
I have been asked to landscape a memorial garden at church. The garden is small and has a 10x 15-foot brick wall around the back in a c-shape in full sun. Planted on the wall are several very overgro...
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Non-blooming wisteria in Oklahoma
June 24, 2008
I have a wisteria bush that doesn't bloom. It's two years old. What should I do?
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Vine for a trellis in Illinois
June 21, 2008
I live in Nortrhern Illinois and am trying to keep my garden as native as possible. I would like to grow something on a trellis in part sun. It looks like a regional clematis is a possibility, but d...
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California native vine
June 21, 2008
Hello, I am looking for a california native vine that can "cover" a wrought iron fence. I would like a vine that does not require too much care and can handle a fair amount of sun exposure.
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Non-native Hyacinth Bean vine dying
June 17, 2008
I live in Missouri and have tried to grow hyacinth bean. Mine drop leaves (after some yellow appears on on them)and the vine turns yellow, then withers to brown. Other places near me grow them beautif...
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Identifying vine in Alabama
June 16, 2008
I have a vine growing on my fence and I need help identifying it. The leaves are a large and medium green oval shaped and along the vine there are clusters of tiny(really tiny) flowers.They are a pale...
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Native plants for hanging baskets in Abilene
June 10, 2008
I live in the DRY West Texas heat in Abilene. I'd like to put some hanging plants along my back fence. Preferably something that would attract butterflies. We have a pool in our back yard and almost ...
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A Pipevine poisonous to Pipevine Swallowtails
May 30, 2008
I have heard that a specific Pipevine is poisonous to the larva of Pipevine Swallowtails. Is this true? If so, what is the poisonous species of Pipevine, and what other types can I plant that will not...
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Evergreen vine for New York
May 27, 2008
I live on long island. I live on a corner piece of property and we have a 4 foot picket fence. We have some deciduous bushes planted along the fence, but would like a little more privacy because we ...
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Fast growing, evergreen vine for deck
May 14, 2008
Hi, I hope you might help me select the most appropriate flowering vine for my situation. I am looking for a fast growing, mostly evergreen, and long blooming flowering vine for a large container (pro...
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Identification of vine with white flower and \
May 02, 2008
I have a vine intruding from my neighbors yard that has small white blooms on them (similar to morning glories) and on the stem of the flower below the bloom, a "tiny watermelon" is growing..... It ...
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Native vines to cover limestone walls in Austin
April 28, 2008
We are moving into a house in Austin that has three tiered 5'- 6' retaining walls in the back yard. They are huge and somewhat of an eye sore. We have some cool landscaping ideas to make the most ...
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Virginia creeper in trees
April 26, 2008
Can Virginia creeper be allowed to climb on trees--specifically Texas ash and live oak--or will it damage them if allowed to attach itself? We are thinking of using it as erosion control in a greenbe...
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Identification of a vine with thorns and blue berries.
April 22, 2008
> Hello, > We have acreage in Butler County, PA. I recently discovered a vine that I can't identify. It's has many small spines all over the stem, then very large and stiff thorns. It has dark gr...
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Red blister-like bumps on grapevine
April 17, 2008
I have just discovered red blister like bumps on a grapevine. It is on the leaves as well as the stems. What could this be? Will it harm only the grapevine or other plants as well? Thank you.
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Protection from native invasive trumpet vines
April 17, 2008
Mr. SP: I have invaders! Trumpet vines from a neighbor's yard, two doors away have taken over and are eating my garage and trying to steal all the sun from my clematis vines. How do I get rid of...
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Identification of vine with red flower
April 14, 2008
I have a "vine" that flowers. When it "blooms", it begins with a reddish/yellowish/orange ball about the side of a dime. The ball bursts open and a small red bloom emerges. It looks like a carn...
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Few blooms on native Bignonia capriolata (cross-vine)
March 25, 2008
I have an 8-year-old crossvine that has grown and bloomed beautifully until this year. During the winter it lost all of its lower leaves. What leaves were left had brownish-red splotches on them. It h...
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Native vine to cover chain link fence in Massachusetts
March 21, 2008
I have a chain link fence I don't want to bother taking down, any suggestions on a clinging vine that will rapidly attach itself to the links and eventually cover it with a green "blanket"? thanks
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Native plants for memorial garden in Michigan
March 04, 2008
I want to start a memorial garden for my daughter. I live in northern Michigan and the area has very tall white pines we have pruned them up about 15' so the area does get partial sun. Which plants w...
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Possibility of using vinegar solutions for weed control
February 29, 2008
What is your suggestion about the control of weeds - do you consider vinegar solutions environmentally friendly?
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Plants to trail down wall in South Carolina
February 07, 2008
Good day, I am putting in a stacked mortarless concrete block retaining wall which will rise to the forest floor along a cut bank - about 4 feet high. Each course steps back about one inch from th...
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Care for cultivar of native Bignonia capreolata
February 05, 2008
I planted Dragon Lady Cross Vines at the end of the fall last year. When would be the best time to trim them. I live in the Dallas area. They look kind of beat up right now and I thought if I trimmed...
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Promoting bloom of crossvine
January 05, 2008
I planted a crossvine a couple of years ago and it has grown quite well, climbing well up the Mesquite tree it was planted under. However, it has never bloomed. I was really looking forward to those...
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Identification of vine with translucent red berries in Tennessee.
November 30, 2007
During the month of November I have seem in Nashville, TN a vine which appears to be native or a handed-down plant growing behind a restaurant site on a chain link fence. It was loaded with cluster...
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Information about the wormvine orchid, Vanilla barbellata
November 27, 2007
Hi My name is Santiago I'm from Puerto Rico and discover this Vanilla orchid in the forest, this orchid is V. barbellata var. alba? You have some information of how identify the V. barbe...
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How to get rid of invasive vine
November 14, 2007
We moved into our very old (300+ year house) several years ago and I am slowly getting round to cleaning up and replanting flower beds. When I cleared the space to grow clematis along a fence in the b...
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Culture of a potato vine
November 11, 2007
This spring I was given a potato to grow. The lady called it a potato vine. Do you know anything about this vine?
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Non-blossoming trumpet vine
November 05, 2007
About 9 years ago I started a trumpet vine, from seeds that I got from plants that were invading an empty home. I saw how invasive it was. It had worked its way into the windows and front porch and ...
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Trumpet vine care
October 31, 2007
I planted a trumpet vine in the early summer of this year. It grew about 3-4 ft. and seemed healthy. It is now Oct. 25th, and I just noticed that all the leaves seem to have shrivelled up and gone b...
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Care and fruiting time of pumpkins
October 06, 2007
This is my first year growing pumpkin. I have a good vine with flowers now & then, but I still don't see a little pumpkin forming. What am I doing wrong?
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American Bittersweet in east Texas
September 24, 2007
Does American Bittersweet vine grow in east Texas? It grows wild in Indiana and want to find it in our new location, Longview, Texas
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Plant identification request for a vine
September 19, 2007
I would like to identify a wild vine that I have just discovered in our bush. It has leaves similar in shape to a maple leaf,approx.4"wide, has white flower spikes, and some kind of a fruit or pod t...
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Control of out-of-bounds Virginia creeper
September 16, 2007
Our Virginia creeper (Woodbine) has outgrown its planned location this past summer. What is the best way to prune ivy stems for next years controlled growth?
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Green wall panel for Dallas
August 21, 2007
We are working on a green wall panel for a hotel near SMU--I see your list of recommended species for green roofs, & wondered if you have any ideas for vertical applications. Probably will have someth...
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Care of Passiflora incarnata or Passiflora coccinea
July 04, 2007
Hi- I have two passionflowers, one red, one purple. I live in upstate NY. They grow very well up onto trellises, however, they have stopped producing flowers. Both are planted in pots (fairly large)...
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Recognizing poison ivy
June 20, 2007
I am having a difficult time identifying poison ivy. It seems so many plants look like poison ivy can you help me I don't want to kill everything but on the same hand I don't want to itch. Thanks f...
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Control of grapevines in trees
June 15, 2007
Grapevines have overtaken some of the trees on our property in Central Texas. What is the best way to get rid of the grapevines and (hopefully) save the trees?
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Native, non-invasive vines for wall cover in California
June 14, 2007
I live on the Central Coast in California. I have a stucco garage wall, which receives full sun, and faces West. I would like to plant a climbing vine to cover the wall, and was considering a clim...
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Parthenocissus quinquefolia as replacement for Asiatic jasmine
June 14, 2007
The deer have stripped the Asiatic jasmine groundcover under my clusters of live oak trees in Southwest Austin. This year the bare areas of ground are covered in Virginia creeper seedlings. I have b...
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Identification of Matelea reticulata
June 08, 2007
I recently saw blooming in an Austin park a small white-green flower ( 3/4 ") with a center that looked like a small pearl. Any idea what it is. I can't find it in my flower book, It was on a waist...
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Identification of possible Hairy Cluster Vine or Clematis
May 28, 2007
I found a small twining vine with purple to lavender, tubular flowers hanging on one side of the stem. The leaves are very narrow and alternate about 3/4"-1" long. I found them on the side of the ...
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How to produce ivy with large, green leaves
May 25, 2007
How can I keep an Ivy green? When it was purchased it was green and had BIG leaves. How can I get the leaves to grow big again and get it green?
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Slow flowering wisteria
May 09, 2007
We have a young wisteria growing on the side of the house. It began to flower this year for the first time. Whereas my neighbors' wisterias all bloomed in February, ours has only begun to bloom in mi...
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