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Q. Who is Mr. Smarty Plants?

A: There are those who suspect Wildflower Center volunteers are the culpable and capable culprits. Yet, others think staff members play some, albeit small, role. You can torture us with your plant questions, but we will never reveal the Green Guru's secret identity.

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Mechanism for Cenizo bush blooming before rain
October 04, 2006
Why does cenizo (aka barometer bush) bloom before it rains?
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Drought resistant plants or flowering shrubs with pink flowers
September 15, 2006
I need a hardy, drought resistant flower or flowering shrub for my renter, who likes pink flowers. She doesn't remember to water and most likely won't do any weeding. Area is Corinth, TX.
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Identification of Tacoma stans or Yellow Bells
September 05, 2006
We have seen a plant along the freeway here in Round Rock...beautiful greens leaves and the most amazing yellow flowers. Someone told us it was an esperanza plant and drought tolerate; however, I can...
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Replacement of barberry hedge with native, bird-friendly plants
August 30, 2006
I am looking to replace an existing barberry hedge with a deciduous hedge, using a plant that is native to the northeast. I am in zone 6. The site is sun/part sun with decent drainage. The mature si...
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Protecting hibiscus from cold in Eastern Washington State
July 28, 2006
I recently purchased a Hibiscus Brilliant Red. I planted it in an area of my garden that will give it full sun for most of the day. In the Pacific Northwest where I live (Eastern Washington) it can ge...
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Moisture as trigger for Cenizo bloom
July 17, 2006
Does the cenizo bloom because it has had water on its leaves and stems?
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Blooming of native swamp azalea in New York
July 04, 2006
I have a native swamp azalea, very healthy, but it has never bloomed. Do you know why or how I could get it to bloom?
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Pruning of Hamelia patens, Firebush
June 23, 2006
I have a Hamelia Patens (Fire Bush) it says it will grow to 12 feet high and 5-6 feet across. Can I keep pruning it to about 5 feet without damaging the shrub?
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Native Texas Hill Country nitrogen-fixing plants
June 07, 2006
Please help me find a listing of native (TX Hill Country) nitrogen-fixing plants.
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Hill Country natives for a hedge
June 01, 2006
Can you recommend a "hedge type" bush to use in lieu of a fence along the road in the San Antonio region? My whole back yard is planted with Hill Country natives and I would prefer to keep the the...
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Native holly (ilex) for Austin area
May 28, 2006
Hi--my brother and his family live in Austin, TX--their german shepard "Holly" just died (she was 13)--I was throwing around the idea of sending them a holly plant of some sort to have in honor of H...
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Natural location of Ceanothus impressus in California
May 21, 2006
Where is Ceanothus impressus 'victoria' native? I need as specific as you can. Thanks much.
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Locating Rosa rugosa for Massachusetts
May 09, 2006
There is a shrub that grows out on the Cape especially at the beach. I have always called it Beach Rose and I have heard other people call it a Beach Plum. However, the most recent picture of a Beac...
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Western Azalea (Rhododendron occidentale) for Southern California
May 04, 2006
Are there any fragrant varieties of azalea that will grow in Southern California? There are some wonderful native azaleas I found in North Carolina, such as the r. alabamense and r. atlanticum. I h...
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Failure of fragrance in Sweet Shrub (Calycanthus floridus) in Illinois
April 30, 2006
I have a sweet shrub bush that I took from the root of another one. Every year it blooms but never has even a smidgen of fragrance. The bush it came from was very fragrant. Should I do something to th...
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Native plants with little sun and northern exposure for New York
April 26, 2006
I live in a co-op and want to fix up the backyard. The backyard area has a west area to plant with a northern exposure and little sun and I am looking to plant something to cover the area. I would lik...
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Native, non-invasive plants for Canaan Valley, WV
April 23, 2006
I recently purchased a home on an acre of land in the middle of Canaan Valley, WV. The front yard is flat and sunny, the back is on a ridge and is a little forest with a creek at the bottom. The tre...
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Xeriscaping in clay on a slope in Fort Worth
April 06, 2006
Xeriscaping in clay (Fort Worth) on a slope -- Please offer suggestions and publications. Thanks
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Native plants suitable for rock garden in New York
March 26, 2006
I'd like to start a rock garden. The area is very rocky, the soil is shallow and it's partially shaded. I'd like mostly perennials that flower from spring to fall. I hope to make some purchases fr...
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Evergreen fast-growing native shrubs for privacy shield in Baytown, TX
March 07, 2006
A gas well is going in across the road. We need a fast growing native tall shrub to line our property next to the road. It needs to maintain its leaves in the winter also. We hope to cut down on th...
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Low cost, low maintenance, water tolerants native plants for New Jersey
February 25, 2006
I am planning a bed around my deck which will include shrubs and flowers. I am looking for plants that require a lot of water due to the wet soil conditions and poor drainage in my yard. Do you have...
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Use of cenizo (Leucophyllum frutescens) for tea
February 20, 2006
Back in the 50's when I spent the summers with my grandmother south of Hondo, Texas, she use to pick leaves from the cenizo (purple sage) bushes, dry them and then brew them for tea. I asked one of m...
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Inadvisability of introducing American Beautyberry to Michigan
November 25, 2005
I recently brought back to Michigan from Florida 2 young beauty berry plants. I currently have them in a pot inside my home. They are growing quite well, and show a hearty appearance. What are th...
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Hearty, bushy native plants for windowboxes in Abilene, TX
October 08, 2005
I live in Abilene, Tx and am a horrible gardener. I would love to have window boxes with some sort of hearty bushy plant. Any suggestions, I'm at a total loss...? Thanks!
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Monocarpic plants for Indiana
October 06, 2005
We were in Hawaii this summer and became acquainted with the Silversword. This plant (according to what we were told) blooms only once in it's lifetime (of 50-70 years). Are you aware of any other pl...
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Landscaping with native plants in Austin
October 06, 2005
I'm expanding a flower bed in front of my house and would like to keep it all natives. 1) How do I find out what type of soil I should add? (I live near Hyde Park, Austin and haven't had a soil te...
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Smarty Plants on lantana in Dallas
September 14, 2005
For several years, the lantana plants in my backyard in Dallas grew and bloomed all Summer and Fall until the first real cold snap. I've loved having a native plant that didn't need constant care a...
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Texas Sage in Indiana
September 14, 2005
I was living in Texas and now I have moved to Indiana. I would love to have some Texas Sage here. is it possible?
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Apartment Landscaping
September 13, 2005
I live in an apartment and have a small patch filled with rocks and an ugly plant I don't know the name of. I want to take out the existing plants and put something else in. It has to be hearty,low m...
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Controlling scale insects on hollies
July 10, 2005
I have a number of holly shrubs at the side of my house. Recently I noticed that they have tiny white spots on them. I looked at several native Texas gardening books, but can't find what I need to t...
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Suggestions for Texas native plants for memorial
June 30, 2005
A dear friend of ours has passed and we would like some ideas of a native Texas plant we could plant in memory of her. It will be grown in the hill region near Houston. Thank you.
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Smarty Plants on bio-security
June 11, 2005
Hello, My friend and I are summer interns at the Bryan Mound Strategic Petroleum Reserve Site in Freeport, Texas. Our jobs as the interns is to find a plant that is friendly to the animals around our...
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Smarty Plants on mockoranges
May 25, 2005
I live in Colorado where it is common to have 1 or 2 late frosts. I planted 4 littleleaf mockoranges (Philadelphus Microphyllus) 2 years ago and they are pretty much in full sun most of the day. I h...
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Smarty Plants on arborvitaes
March 28, 2005
Hello, I live in Allentown, PA and have a 7-foot arborvitae shrub in my backyard, planted in the corner of the yard where a wood fence intersects with the brick wall of the garage. I have had ma...
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Texas native plants for cemetery site
February 09, 2005
I am trying to landscape my mothers gravesite located in far East Texas (just outside of Nacogdoches) and I am looking for some evergreen bushes or any other decorative plants for that area. I am thi...
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Late winter pruning of native Texas Sage
January 27, 2005
I have several Texas Sage bushes that have started to get very woody and have growth only on the top. This seems to have led to a definite listing to one side. Should I trim these to the ground or...
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Possibility of growing oak-leaf hydrangea in Comal County, TX
January 08, 2005
In the last issue of the magazine, there was an item about the oak leaf hydrangea which stated the plant's habitat is east of the Mississippi River. Can it be grown in Comal County? Any special nee...
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Native perennial winter plants for Waco, TX
November 03, 2004
I live in the Waco area, and would like to know winter plants that I could use that would come back each year, flowering or otherwise.
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Low growing native shrubs to go next to a rock pool deck
July 29, 2004
I have a pool surrounded by a rock deck, & want to plant some low-growing shrubs next to the deck. However, I want to ensure the root system of the plant isn't invasive enough to crack the rock deck ...
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Age at which native agarita produces berries
July 28, 2004
At what age does agarita produce berries? Is this plant self pollinating?
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Survivability of plants after freeze
December 08, 2003
I have many beautiful plants that froze. Some were Lantana, Hummingbird Bush, Candlestick Trees, Esperanza, Some flowers, and Marigolds. I love all of my plants and flowers and I want them to grow bac...
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