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Toxic Plants Dangerous to Humans and Animals

Author(s): Bruneton, J.

Year: 2000

Publisher: Secaucus, N.J. : Lavoisier,

ISBN: 1898298629

Subject: Poisonous Plants

Comments: From Physicians, pharmacists and veterinarians who deal with accidental plant ingestions on a daily basis are largely ill-prepared to manage such cases. Reliable information is therefore scarce. "Toxic Plants" seeks to meet this need. Part 1 lists the common causes of plant induced incidents and accidents in humans. The risks are described, in particular those inherent to herbal drugs. Plant identification and medical treatment are discussed , as well as the specifics of animal poisoning, paying special attention to pets. Part 2 is a detailed discussion of the plant species, most frequently implicated. It includes the circumstances of the intoxication, symptoms, proposed treatment, toxic doses, and also elements of diagnosis, toxin identification and toxic mechanisms. This book contains more than 1300 literature references and the most recent statistics. Four dozen botanical families are classified alphabetically with over 350 plant species including 100 plant monographs and numerous illustrations. This highly educational tool gives a complete picture of the toxic potential of higher plants.

Last Updated: 2007-01-01

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