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The National Native Plant Bibliography was compiled to make it easier to find floras, field guides, and other native plant publications appropriate for your area. Use the search bar below to locate a specific reference.

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Sample Selections

National Wildflower Research Center's Wildflower Handbook: A Resource for Native Plant Landscapes
by: Anderson, E. S.; Gillespie, A. P.
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A Flora of Wyoming, Part VI, Subclass II. Dicotyledoneae, 34, Polygonaceae; 35. Chenopodiaceae; 36. Amaranthaceae; 37. Nyctaginaceae
by: Porter, C. L.
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The Lawn: a History of an American Obsession
by: Virginia Scott Jenkins
Notes: From Virginia Scott Jenkins shows that this uniquely American landscape form is not a native one: indigenous New World grasses were munched into extinction by the colonists' Old World live...
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