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Oregon Native Plant Nursery

Propagates native Oregon and West Coast ornamental herbaceous perennials, bulbs and selected shrubs from wild-collected seed. The nursery specializes in providing complete growing information for in-stock plants representing prairie, woodland, alpine, and coastal habitats, as well as the Willamette Valley, Columbia River Gorge, the Cascades, Southwestern Oregon and Northern California (Siskiyou Mtns.) and Sierra Mtns. regions. All plants offered are selected from California, Northwestern and Great Basin Flora. We specialize in plants for all light exposures, soil types and drainage. And, we promote and guide the development of xeric(dry) gardening, without or with limited irrigation, and gardens. Plant List Available. Visits to the Nursery are by appointment only.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Erythronium revolutumBog fawn-lily
Mahogany fawn-lily
Mahogany fawnlily
Eriogonum thymoidesThymeleaf buckwheat
Eriogonum umbellatumSulphur-flower buckwheat
Sulphur-flower wild buckwheat
Sulphur buckwheat
Sulphur flower
Eurybia radulinaRough-leaf wood-aster
Roughleaf aster
Fritillaria affinis var. affinisChecker lily
Chocolate lily
Mission bells
Rice-grain missionbells
Fritillaria recurvaScarlet fritillary
Scarlet missionbells
Geranium viscosissimumSticky purple geranium
Sticky wild geranium
Hastingsia albaWhite rushlily
Hymenoxys hoopesiiOrange sneezeweed
Hydrophyllum tenuipesPacific waterleaf
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

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102 Results:   10 25  50  100 per page