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Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains

The distribution of vegetation in the Rocky Mountains correlates directly to elevational changes, which influence the temperature and availability of moisture. Different plant communities characterize each zone (such as foothill, montane, subalpine, and alpine) from the base of a mountain to the top, and each zone may contain several types of plant communities. More than 5,000 plant species occur in the Rocky Mountains. The wildflowers begin to bloom in early spring, as soon as the snow starts to melt. The peak bloom season is mid-summer. This collection highlights some of the most common wildflowers found in the Rocky Mountains.

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scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery
Delphinium barbeyiSubalpine larkspur
Dodecatheon pulchellumDarkthroat shooting star
Few-flower shooting star
Western shooting star
Erysimum capitatumPrairie rocket
Sand-dune wallflower
Sanddune wallflower
Western wallflower
Gaillardia aristataCommon gaillardia
Great blanketflower
Brown-eyed susan
Gentiana calycosaRainier pleated gentian
Ipomopsis aggregataScarlet gilia
Scarlet standing-cypress
Lewisia redivivaBitter root
Oregon bitter-root
Linum lewisiiWild blue flax
Prairie flax
Lewis flax
Lupinus sericeusSilky lupine
Mertensia ciliataMountain bluebells
Tall fringe bluebells
Tall fringed bluebells
scientific namecommon name(s)image gallery

35 Results:   10 25  50  100 per page