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The National Native Plant Bibliography was compiled to make it easier to find floras, field guides, and other native plant publications appropriate for your area. Use the search bar below to locate a specific reference.

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Sample Selections

Maine Wildflowers in Vision and Verse
by: Edwards, J.
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Flora of Steens Mountain
by: Mansfield, D.H.
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The Cactus Family
by: Anderson, E.F.
Notes: If you want to learn alot about our spiny friends, than look no further than this book. It will teach you more than you could ever imagine about cactus.
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Native Treasures: Gardening with the Plants of California
by: Smith, M. N.
Notes: Nevin Smith has spent his life growing plants and exploring the wild California landscape. A highly respected horticulturalist and practitioner who is also a gifted writer, Smith shares his years of e...
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Texas Wildflowers
by: Reynolds, Richard
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Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide for Gardening and Conservation
by: Leopold, D. J.
Notes: From Amazon.com If you've always wanted to garden with native plants, this book is for you. With entries for nearly 700 species of native trees, shrubs, vines, ferns, grasses, and wildflowers from th...
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