The Central Gardens are part of the Wildflower Center’s original core, having been here since the current location opened in 1995. These sustainable gardens display many of the 650 species of native plants growing throughout the Center, using them to a variety of ends — from providing nectar for pollinators to creating riots of color — in gardens that conserve water and support wildlife.

What You’ll Find:

  • Gardens of different styles created to inspire home gardeners
  • The pollinator habitat garden and insectary
  • Water features supporting aquatic plants and wildlife


Let our home inspiration gardens guide your native style, whatever it may be

Naturalistic Garden

Naturalistic Garden

Mimic the wild styling of nature with this plan
Contemporary Garden

Contemporary Garden

A garden with more modern style featuring steel
Naturalistic Garden

Formal Garden

Native plants can work for the minimalists out there too
Naturalistic Garden

Mixed Border Garden

Create a cottage garden perfect for Central Texas


The Wildflower Center is a national leader in the sustainable construction, installation and maintenance of its landscapes and buildings. We are committed to creating beautiful gardens and landscapes that are also ecologically functional and conserve resources.

So, the Center is more than “just a pretty place.” We showcase the beauty of native plants, but equally important, one of our goals is to create landscapes that provide environmental benefits. In fact, the we led the development of the SITES® landscape rating system in collaboration with the U.S. Botanic Garden and the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Some notable sustainable features:

  • 100% native plant gardens
  • 65,000-gallon rainwater harvesting system
  • Efficient, "smart," low flow landscape irrigation system
  • Use of local materials, harvested on site and nearby
  • Solar arrays for power generation


Click on the areas below to view the gardens and spaces before you arrive

Central Complex

Central Complex

Iconic buildings nestled among gardens welcome visitors and evoke a sense of place

Theme Gardens at sunrise

Central Gardens

Our original core gardens display native plants from across Texas in a variety of styles

Family garden watering hole

Family Garden

Connecting families with nature through interactive features

Texas Arboretum trees

Texas Arboretum

A classic arboretum featuring a diversity of Texas trees

Restoration Trail

Savanna Meadow

Take a hike and learn about karst landscapes and the Edwards Aquifer

Hill Country Trails

Seventy acres devoted to land management research