Roadrunner Trail

The Roadrunner Trail connects the Texas Arboretum with the Hill Country Trails, expanding the overall network of trails and options for exploring the Center’s natural areas. This trail was named for frequent roadrunner sightings; other wildlife abound, from lizards and deer to butterflies and beetles. Wind your way through open fields and view a variety of native shrubs, trees, cacti and wildflowers. This trail is wheelchair accessible, and the Texas Arboretum end terminates near a water station and restroom.


What You’ll See on This Trail

  • A variety of grasses, cacti, wildflowers, trees and shrubs throughout the year
  • Wildlife, from roadrunners to pollinators
  • Scenic, open spaces and beautiful natural backdrops, perfect for photo opportunities
  • Wildflowers

Between the Texas Arboretum and the Hill Country Trails


.16 mile



Discover the Native Plants of North America