Dr. Hans Landel

Dr. Hans Landel

Conservation Ecologist

Dr. Landel has over a decade of experience in field research, including studies of endangered wildlife species. He joined the Wildflower Center in 2015 and oversees the Center’s work combating invasive species, which includes managing the Texas Invasives website — a central repository of information about invasive plants and other pests statewide.

He develops and administers workshops to teach Texans how to identify and track invasive species that affect state landscapes, produces online educational materials and the monthly iWire invasives newsletter, and collaborates with organizations interested in invasives, including the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas A&M Forest Service and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Landel previously spent more than 20 years teaching college courses ranging from basic biology and wildlife management to natural history, marine biology and fieldwork. He received a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of California – Davis and a doctorate in biology from Purdue University. He has also volunteered on habitat restoration and rehabilitation projects and given educational presentations with local environmental groups in the Seattle, Washington, area. He is presently a member of the Travis Audubon Society.

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Birding, hiking, backpacking, photography, travel


Indian blanket, giant sequoia, Venus flytrap, little bluestem, Carolina jessamine, rain lilyhuckleberries


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