Dick Davis

Dick Davis

Land Steward

In October of 2001, Dick Davis spent his first day of employment at the Wildflower Center working on a prescribed burn, and decided that he was probably going to like working there. He now spends the majority of his time in habitat management of the natural areas at the Center and is one of the principal investigators of ongoing floristic research in the Restoration Research Area. He also works on offsite research and consulting projects, including vegetation surveys for several national parks and monuments.

He has a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University and a widely varied resume, including work in surfboard rentals and nursery sales (both wholesale and retail) and as a stained and etched glass artisan, a sculptor’s assistant, a florist, a chimney sweep, and a native plant propagator. Prior to joining the Center, he spent a decade at environmental consulting firms, working in 13 states performing vegetation and habitat descriptions, bird and wildlife studies, endangered species surveys, wetland delineations, and right-of-way routing studies.

Dick is married to Robin Schneider, the executive director of Texas Campaign for the Environment, an environmental nonprofit. They enjoy cooking, international travel, visiting friends around the world, and attending the varied music, film, and artistic performances around Austin. They have an interest in the world’s cultures, music, and food and have hosted several high school foreign exchange students from Africa and Asia, and have maintained ties with these students and their families through the years.


Gardening, travel, nature study, music and film


Texas madrone, saguaro, baobab, jack in the pulpit, pitcher plant


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