Hall of Texas Heroes

History comes alive in the Hall of Texas Heroes, where descendants of some of the state’s most famous oak trees grow.

Many trees — and oaks in particular — can live hundreds of years, so the dramas of human life tend to unfold beneath their branches, from weddings and politicking to battles and peacemaking. This collection of oaks, which is planted in two concentric circles, provides a tangible, living connection to some of the historic events, people and places of Texas.

The trees themselves are the result of several years of acorn collecting and propagation by Wildflower Center staff and volunteers. Visit the Texas Arboretum to see them in person and learn more about these trees’ noteworthy forebears.

The Collection’s Forebears

Oaks in the Hall of Texas Heroes were grown from the historic trees listed below.

Outer Circle

Baptist Oak
Battle Oaks
Burnt Oak
Cabinet Oak
Cart War Oak
Church Oak
Deaf Smith Oak
Founders’ Oak
Goose Island Oak
Heart O’ Texas Oak
Indian Marker Tree
Seiders Oaks
Wiemers Oak

Inner Circle

Auction Oaks
Century Tree
Choctaw Robinson Oak
Runaway Scrape Oak
Fleming Oak
Kissing Oak
Kyle Auction Oak
Log Cabin Oaks
Matrimonial Oak
Old Evergreen Tree
Panna Maria Oaks
Ranger Oaks
Rio Frio Landmark Oak
Trader’s Oak
Turner Oak

  • Planted 2016 – 2017

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